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ACNH Brewster Update October - More Animal Crossing Roost Update Details Revealed

10/14/2021 9:52:28 AM

We've just seen a new preview of the Roost and Animal Crossing New Horizons which reveals more about the building and even shows off brewster for the very first time now. This preview has come from a very specific Nintendo live stream for the Animal Crossing Direct which is in just two days. Next, we are going over all the details you need to know about this ACNH Brewster update, and more.



ACNH Brewster Update October - More Animal Crossing Roost Update Details Revealed

Animal Crossing Brewster preview is coming from the Nintendo UK live stream. So obviously they set up a live stream for the Animal Crossing Direct days in advance and they have images to show off the direct whilst people wait. There is an image of the Animal Crossing Direct logo in the middle and then a preview of the Roost in the background, but this image has actually never been seen before and has not been shown off anywhere else. It gives us our very first look ever at Brewster in Animal Crossing New Horizons as well as the area where he'll actually be working.


One thing that's really funny is he actually looks really small. He's kind of hunched over whilst he's working and the little sort of counter almost looks like a bar. Maybe he will serve different types of drinks, we really don't know yet, so we can only speculate. The Animal Crossing direct is only in two days, so all will be revealed very soon. But yes this is our first proper look at the Rooster Animal Crossing New Horizons. However, it's really confusing why only the Nintendo UK live stream showed this off.


There’s one more thing that needs to be noted, you can actually see a door behind him which seems to lead somewhere. Probably this is just like the other doors we've seen in Nook's Cranny in the Abel sisters and resident services where it won't actually lead anywhere. It's alluding to where he sleeps which makes a lot of sense, or maybe it's his stock room where he keeps the coffee beans. However, if we do actually work for Brewster which is pretty likely in this game, maybe we will actually go back there to get ready for when we serve coffee. 


The direct does mention, we will see the Roost and more. For those, you expect to see the Roost hopefully that will ease some of your worries. It's not just about the Roost, there will be more reveals we don't exactly know what yet. But it's 20 minutes worth of content, also it's important to remember that this is a direct dedication to an update for Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you need cheap ACNH items and bells, goldkk.com is always your reliable online store!



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