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ACNH Festivale Event 2022 Guide - Animal Crossing Festivale Items, Pavé Rewards, Dates & How to Get Feathers

1/1/2022 4:06:25 PM

Festivale is an event introduced in the previous Animal Crossing series and returned to New Horizons in 2021. When it comes to the ACNH February update, the Festivale event is still what we are going to celebrate. Now, here is a guide for ACNH Festivale 2022, featuring the release date, Festivale items (furniture & costumes), Pavé prizes, and tips for how to get rainbow feathers. 

acnh festivale 2022

ACNH Festivale 2022 Dates - When Will Animal Crossing Festivale Start in 2022

Festivale is a Sprint event that usually takes place in February or March depending on the year, it is always two days before Ash Wednesday. So, we can expect ACNH Festivale 2022 drops on February 28, 2022, starts at 5 AM and running until 5 AM the next day for 24 hours. 

What to Do During Animal Crossing New Horizons Festivale?

On the day of Animal Crossing New Horizons Festivale, if you start up the game, you’ll be greeted by Isabelle who will inform you the day is Festivale. And the confetti is falling from the sky and there are feathers in the air, Pavé will visit your island and host the event. Players can unlock all of the Festivale items and collect feathers. 

1. You'll want to head to the Resident Services plaza where you can have a chat with Pavé who is the host of Festivale.

2. Pavé will ask you to give him three of the same color of the feather, which you can catch with your net when you see them floating around your island.

3. If you give Pavé the correct three feathers or a single Rainbow Feather, he’ll give you a random reward from Festivale series.

4. Exchange feathers with Pavé nine times, he will ask you to bring him three Rainbow Feathers. If you complete it, he will give you the Festivale Float.

5. Trade with other players to get feathers in a specific color. 

How to get rainbow feathers during ACNH Festivale?

Pavé wants the rainbow-colored feathers, which are even rarer to find. The rainbow feather can help you get the ultimate and exclusive Festivale prize from Pavé, and you can find the rainbow feathers in the air floating around, they are a lot rarer to find around your island than the other feathers, but you can actually craft yourself. Pavé will give you the DIY recipe to craft these and you'll need one of each color to make them. You can get these feathers by roaming around your island and looking for them floating in the air, you'll need to use your net to capture them, so make sure you have it at hand ready for capture.

ACNH Festivale 2022 Items & Pavé Rewards - How to Get Festivale Items in Animal Crossing

The Festivale series introduced last year will be available again during the whole month of February, players can buy the furniture set from Nook’s Cranny and costumes from Able Sisters using Animal Crossing New Horizons bell. The rewards from Pavé is another important method of obtaining these ACNH Festivale furniture items. 

ACNH Festivale Furniture & Decorations 

Festivale Float

Festivale Stall (rainbow, purple, red, green, blue)

Festivale Stage (rainbow, purple, red, green, blue)

Festivale Parasol (rainbow, purple, red, green, blue)

Festivale Lamp (rainbow, purple, red, green, blue)

Festivale Garland (rainbow, purple, red, green, blue)

Festivale Flag (rainbow, purple, red, green, blue)

Festivale Drum (rainbow, purple, red, green, blue)

Festivale Confetti machine (rainbow, purple, red, green, blue)

Festivale Balloon lamp (rainbow, purple, red, green, blue)

ACNH Festivale Clothes & Costumes

Festivale Accessory (red, purple, green, blue)

Festivale Tank dress (red, purple, green, blue)

Festivale Costume (red, purple, green, blue)

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