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Secret Spots And Hidden Areas In Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH 2.0 Update

1/7/2022 3:59:29 PM

One thing that a lot of Animal Crossing New Horizons don't know about is the many different little secret spots that you can find throughout the game. In fact, quite a few of these have only just appeared in the game since the 2.0 version. These spots can really help give you a different perspective on island life. Therefore, it’s worth highlighting special locations and hidden spots in ACNH 2.0 update.


Happy Home Paradise

1. There are three different spots that you can find on the happy home paradise archipelago. The first three special spots that we can find can only be found in the happy paradise archipelago for the DLC. The first one happens to be in the far left corner of the map. It's a little stone stool that you can sit on and it'll give you a really nice view of the ocean. Pretty much all of these special spots will give you a special perspective and view that you can't usually get in Animal Crossing New Horizons which makes them super unique and interesting. Especially since there are so few of them in the entire game.


2. The next one highlights this feature even better, if you head to the right side of the cliff you'll find another stone stall. If you sit on this one, you'll get a really cool view of the entire beach and the villages that you can find there. This one is particularly nice because you can also sit here during the special DJ kk event. Meaning you get a really really nice view of the entire thing happening. And again you simply cannot get this sort of perspective any other way.


3. Another one is actually on the piece of driftwood that you can sit on. Sometimes you'll get special cutscenes with Waddell. You can sit here anytime you like and get a nice different view of the beach.  

The Roost

Another one that was introduced since the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update happens to be a very special one that you can only really see when you're playing with friends. This involves you grabbing an Animal Crossing item coffee with your friends in the Roost. When you do, you get a very special scene and a view of the Roost that you can only see by doing this. You can't just sit in this one freely like you could with the other ones and get a nice view. 



There are also a whole bunch of these different special spots in the museum as well. These have been in the Animal Crossing New Horizons since the very start. And honestly, all of them are really fantastic and you may not have even spotted them all. A really good way of spotting a special spot in Animal Crossing New Horizon especially in the museum is to see if there's a patch of ground that looks different. There's some circle on the floor or some interesting seat that you could sit on. The museum is honestly full of these and in all of the different exhibits, you'll be able to find a special spot where you can get a really unique view of the place. In the fossil exhibit where you can see the meteorite in the sky. This is a very on-the-nose reference to the fact that the dinosaurs were knocked out by a meteor. 



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