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Best Rocket League Sideswipe Mechanics - Top 10 Rocket League Mechanics 2022 to Learn in Sideswipe

1/12/2022 2:55:08 PM

Lots of things are different between Sideswipe and the regular Rocket League, including the mechanics. How to play better and rank up faster? Check out the top 10 Rocket League mechanics 2022 to learn in Sideswipe and they can help you hit Grand Champion faster. 

rocket league sideswipe mechanics

Best Rocket League Sideswipe Mechanics - Top 10 Rocket League Mechanics to Learn in Sideswipe

There is a ton of mechanics in Rocket League that you can apply on the ball to score goals, such as basics, progression mechanics, higher level mechanics, and showoff mechanics. When you want to rank up to the highest level, Grand Champion, what are the best mechanics should you learn? Now we’ve found the 10 best Rocket League Sideswipe mechanics with breakdown by SideStriped. 

1. Purple Shot

The first mechanic on the list is Purple Shot. To perform the purple shot, get all four wheels on the ball and then jump as soon as all four wheels touch the ball, that's all you have to do in the air. This is important because it aids in recovery, particularly in 1v1 situations. When you hit a purple shot, your car goes backward, enabling you to remain on the backside of the field immediately after the shot. This is an excellent recovery method that enables you to follow up the shot later.  

2. Wavedash

Wavedash from regular Rocket League, what is it used for in Sideswipe, when you're challenging the ball, it's quite simple to just flip into the ball, but the issue is the ball stays flat in the ground and never chips upward, a Wavedash allows you to chip the ball upwards while still getting your flip back. Now you can also chip the ball just by driving into it, the benefit of the Wavedash is that it fools your opponent before you hit the chip shot, allowing you to chip the ball over his head while still making a fairly great shot. 

3. Gold Shot 

Gold Shot is similar to the Purple Shot except the difference is that you're gonna hit it with the butt of your car rather than all four wheels. Thus, the rear of your automobile will make contact and you will do a backflip immediately upon touching it; this is all that is required to perform a gold shot. It's something of a musty flick, but all you have to do is strike it with the rear of your vehicle and then backflip. The gold shot, maybe even more than the purple shot, assists you in recovering but in a forward direction, rather than backward, as the purple shot does, so you strike the ground quicker and can recover. The gold shot is a sophisticated mechanic that every Grand Champion can do. 

4. Purple Flick

It's the best technique to gain height on the ball from the ground; you're going to air roll and press A very quickly after all four wheels are on the ball; after air rolling on the ground, you're going to leap and press A, which will send the ball soaring skyward. If you're on the controller, air roll by pressing LB; if you're on touch, air roll by double-tapping the left joystick; those are the two ways to air roll; once you've done that, you can execute a purple flick, which will allow you to flick the ball over your opponents and score some incredible shots. 

5. Ceiling Stall

How does Ceiling Stall work? You go up to the ceiling, you're going to press A repeatedly to hang on the ceiling and save all of your boosts, now this is incredibly important in 2v2s, when you're trying to keep pressure on your opponents in 2v2, when you're challenging, you can stay on the ceiling, keep all of your boosts and still make a challenge on the ball. 

6. Ceiling Pinch

Take it to the ceiling, and the trick is to strike the ball on the side rather than the center. Ceiling Pinch is different in Sideswipe than it is in regular Rocket League; you do not want to strike it in the center since it will just die. Ceiling pinches are quite important for clearing the ball or shooting on the net even from a cross-map. Once you are really proficient at them, you can use them as a weapon nearly anywhere on the field.  

7. Manual Flick

The objective is to maintain control of your flip while gaining power on the ball. While you won't receive much power if you just conduct a musty, it is a viable choice if you're short on space. Perform a complete 360 with your automobile to get the finest Manual Flick possible; this is a must-learn mechanic since there aren't many methods to store in sideswipe because of the restricted 2D area. Manual Flick is critical for deceiving your opponents and reclaiming your flip. 

8. Flip Reset

If you used your flip, you got a reset very nice, but that is too slow, what you really need to be doing is actively obtaining flip resets while flipping into the ball, rather than letting the ball come to you. This is one of the most efficient methods for shooting successfully and fooling your opponents. Simply practicing it and adjusting the spacing on your own may take some time, particularly from various angles in the air, but if you've mastered it and can chain numerous resets together, you'll be able to score on your opponent. 

9. Boost Reset

With a boost reset you never have to worry about being too low on boost, because you're going to get some when you are on top of the ball. You can use a boost reset outside of the ground and in the air, that is how you save boost in the air and really fake out your opponents who think you're low on boost. Get on top of the ball in the air and then get your boost reset and finish the ball. 

10. Ground Pinch

Ground Pinch is very hard to master with a lot of power, but that doesn't mean it is not useful. The ground pinch is just as useful when used correctly, it keeps the ball low and underneath your opponents a lot of times, if you hit the ball just at the ground, it will bounce up which is easy for your opponents to read.

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