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Diablo 2 Resurrected Gamble Guide - Best Items To Gamble & How To Gamble Effectively?

1/14/2022 4:55:54 PM

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, an NPC offers you to gamble for items In each Act. At first glance, it may seem useless to gamble, but it is not and it is even a great way to get some items to improve the effectiveness of your character outside of exchanges with players. At times, we end up with a lot of money in the game, it's an opportunity to spend it. It is better, in fact, to lose it by gambling rather than by dying stupidly in a lag or against a zombie (it is that they hit hard sometimes).

How Does Item Gamble Work in Diablo II Resurrected?

When you open the gambling menu, 14 unidentified items appear. The price varies depending on your level. Thus, a headset will be more expensive if you are level 70 than 55. The proposed items are related to your level in an order of +4 levels and -5 levels. For example, an ancient armor is level 40, so you can gamble for it from level 35. 

All Items Can Get By Gambling at Each Level In D2R

At the level of the magic prefixes and suffixes that are available for gambling, the ratio changes and becomes +6 levels and -3 levels from the level of your character. Thus, a magic item with a level 90 prefix is available as soon as your character reaches level 84. The chance of getting it increases when you level up. 

The basic level of Diablo 2 Resurrected items is important in gambling. You won't see certain items in the gambling screen until you reach a certain level. Below is a list of the basic levels of the items. To find out if you can gamble for this or that item, remove 5 from the required level of the item. Example: You want to gamble on a level 32 item ----> you must be at least level 27.

Notes: Items not on this list are not available for gambling. Once you get to level 47: you can gamble for all items. By leveling up, you will get more powerful prefixes/suffixes and you will have a better chance of getting items of exceptional quality and elite. For more information about the level of items, see the table at the bottom of the page.

LevelItems To Gamble
1Amulet, Ring, Club, Short Sword, Short Bow, Cap, Quilted Armor, Buckler, Javelin, Katar
2Throwing Knife
3Hand Axe, Dagger, Leather Armor, Leather Gloves, Boots, Sash
4Spiked Club
5Scimitar, Spear, Bardiche, Hunter's Bow, Skull Cap, Hard Leather Armor, Small Shield
6Large Axe, Light Crossbow
7Axe, Throwing Axe, Heavy Gloves, Heavy Boots, Light Belt
8Mace, Sabre, Long Bow, Studded Leather
9Dirk, Trident, Wrist Blade
10Pilum, Two-Handed Sword
11Falchion, Crystal Sword, Voulge, Helm, Ring Mail, Large Shield, Spiked Shield
12Broad Axe, Composite Bow, Chain Gloves, Chain Boots, Hatchet Hands, Belt
Balanced Knife, Double Axe, Morning Star, Scale Mail, Claws
15Broad Sword, Scythe, Crossbow, Full Helm, Chain Mail, Kite Shield, Short Spear, Cestus
16Balanced Axe, Brandistock
17Battle Axe, Claymore, Kris
18Short Battle Bow, Breast Plate
19Military Pick, Flail, Mask, Bone Shield
20Long Sword, Spetum, Splint Mail, Light Gauntlet, Light Plated Boots, Heavy Belt
21Maul, Giant Sword, Poleaxe, Blade Talons
22Tower Shield, Bone Helm
23Great Axe, Blade, Longue Battle Bow, Great Helm, Glaive
24Bastard Sword, Pike, Heavy Crossbow, Plate Mail, Scissors Katar, Circlet
25War Axe, War Hammer
27Giant Axe, War Sword, Flamberge, Short War Bow, Gauntlets, Greaves, Plated Belt
28Field Plate
29Halberd, Crown, Throwing Spear
30Gothic Shield
31Long War Bow
32Great Maul, Gothic Plate
33Great Sword, Repeating Crossbow
34War Scythe
35Light Plate
37Full Plate Mail
40Ancient Armor

Items Cannot Get by Gambling

Here is the list of items you cannot find while gambling:

  • Javelins, bows and spears of the Amazons

  • Barbarian Helmets

  • Druid Chest

  • Necromancer Heads

  • Paladin Shields

  • Chopsticks

  • Scepters

  • Bpatons

  • Charms

  • Jewels

Diablo 2 Resurrected Item Gambling Odds

The items you receive can range from the most null to the rarest (it's often the most null): Magical, rare, set, unique items, and also works for Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder items. Sets and unique ones are extremely rare. The chance of getting a unique item is 1 in 2,000. In terms of sets, it's a little better: 1 in 1,000. For rare items, it's 1 in 10 chances. The quality level of the items also varies and you may come across normal, exceptional (1 chance out of 11) or elite (1 chance out of 30) items. You can thus, if you are really lucky, come across a single elite (good luck ...) or a single exceptional. Note that the item will still look like its normal version. It is only by buying it that it will take the appearance of an exceptional or elite item.

Chance To Gamble Exceptional / Elite Unique Items

It is possible to determine your chances of finding an exceptional or elite item. Here are the formulas:

  • Exceptional Upgrade: (Ilvl-qlvl)*0.9%+1%)

  • Elite Upgrade: (Ilvl-qlvl)*0.33%+1%)

Ilvl is the level of the item. Qlvl is the quality level. You will find more information in other sections of the site.

At the level of amulets and rare rings, you are sometimes even more likely to find them by gambling than by killing monsters.

How To Gamble Effectively in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

When you are looking for one or more items, the first thing to do is to go and see the design they have in a list of items. You will be able to make your choice more easily in the list offered by the NPC. 

1. Best Items To Gamble in Diablo 2 Resurrected


This is valid for most items except some unique and rings/amulets. Indeed, the gambling window will not show the unique appearances of certain items. Take for example the case of the Worm skull. The first image represents the item as it is and the second, the standard item (Bone Helm) which represents it in the gambles:

For rings/amulets, the design varies from one single to another. You can have 2 Stones of Jordan that will have a different design.


You should also know that gamble on Circlets (helmets that give the impression that people are not wearing one) are slightly different than for other items. These have a magic bonus that allows players to have an extra chance of getting magic prefix-suffixes of a higher level by gambling on these items. Thus, when you gamble on a circlet (the design is either that of a banner or that of a crown), you are more likely to get high-level prefix-suffixes.

Finally, note that only the first two Circlets designs appear in the gambling screen. However, it is possible to get the highest level circlets by gambling. As soon as you see a Crown, namely the second quality of circlets out of 4 possible, you can get better, namely a tiara or a Diadem.

2. Increase Chance of Getting Unique Items

If you are level 57 or higher, you will be able to gamble on all types of normal items. Below, you will be a little more limited. Be aware that you will not be able to access certain items until you reach a certain level with your character. Thus, an Archon Plate requires level 78. Generally speaking, the higher your level, the better. You will increase the type of item you can acquire but also your chances of getting unique items.

When you want to sell an item, it's better to use the traditional trade window rather than the gambling screen. Indeed, if you make the wrong item, you can always buy it back if you use the classic purchase window. The gambling window does not allow you to buy back an item sold. Do items that increase the chance of finding magic items work with bets? No.

3. Someone Already has the item I Want, Can I Gamble Anyway?

Here's a question many of you have asked yourself at least once. The info below was taken on the Chaos Sanctuary, before the release of Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. Nevertheless, we prefer to leave them anyway, just to let you know, it is indeed not impossible that it serves you, we have already heard so much stuff about gambling:

A single item that already exists in a game will, most of the time, not be generated again by the game. It is therefore advisable not to gamble hoping to get an item worn by you or another player in the game. This is only valid for unique items, not sets. So you can quite gamble on a set item, even if someone wears exactly the same.

Make sure no one in town has an item you want to gamble. Wait until no one is in town anymore.

If you want to gamble an item you already have, give yours to one player or another of your characters while you bet.

Not everything was really clear about the Chaos Sanctuary, so you have to be as logical as possible. It is so difficult to get certain items that it would be a shame to further decrease your chances of winning them by gambling. So I advise you to gamble on an item when you are sure that no one in the game has a copy, even if this person is outside the city. You can never be too careful.

4. When is The Best Time To Gamble?

The only thing that influences gambling is your level. The number of players in the game, the act you are in, and the difficulty level of the game do not influence your chances of finding a better item. So you can gamble alone, in normal mode in Act 1 and find a very nice item! Items that increase the chances of finding a magic item also don't influence gambling.

Since Lord of Destruction, you no longer have to leave the city and return to it for the gambling screen to be changed. Simply click on the seller again and you will be offered new items. With Diablo 2 Resurrected, a refresh button has been added. Simply click on it to generate a new list of items. 

5. Can Gambling Prices be Reduced?

Yes. With the Fortune Charm of Gheed or the runic word Ridge (Evocation in the original version of D2 - Tir Tal Amn) you can reduce prices at merchants and it also works with bets. If you gamble a lot, it's very interesting, and even more important as the price of bets increases as you level up.


Gambling is therefore a good way to spend your money and find good items. It's better to spend a few thousand gold coins on an item than to lose them by dying. Start with the cheapest items and the ones you need the most.

If the bets are really effective at times, know that for certain items, you risk losing a lot of money. This is especially true for armor costing 800,000 gold. Don't forget that you can also go to the Trading Post channel in order to trade items. Some players may be looking for an item that you have that you have no use for. And with luck, that player might have an item you've been looking for for a long time. Bets are therefore extremely effective, but they do not completely replace trading between players. The two complement each other, that's all.

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