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PoE 3.18 Map Sustain Guide - How to Sustain T16 Maps in Path of Exile Sentinel League

6/7/2022 5:49:00 PM

In this PoE 3.18 map sustain guide, we’ll talk about how to sustain T16 maps that you favorite in Path of Exile Sentinel League, you can sell them fast for POE currency profits.

PoE 3.18 Map Sustain Guide

PoE 3.18 Map Sustain Guide - How to Sustain T16 Maps in Path of Exile Sentinel League

In Path of Exile 3.18 League, we have an absolutely burgeoning map buying and selling markets, especially around good layouts and favorite maps, here are some methods from Grimro to sustain those POE 3.18 Sentinel maps.

Use sextants

First and foremost, you are going to have to use sextants, which is similar to Eldritch Implicits, which is going to give you a ton more monsters in your map, whether it’s just the basic ones, like additional packs of monsters that convert when killed. Make sure you get as many monsters in your map as possible, that’s just basically a more multiplier and your chances of dropping a map, which is really good, that’s what you are going to do at least roll your sections with that, and you are going to be getting way more maps, prioritize the one that gives you monsters or enhances your current mapping strategy. 

Get into advanced maps

Getting into even more advanced stuff, even though you can actually select different layouts of maps, each one has a different chance of giving you better or worse sustain. For example, some of the most popular maps for Sentinel as well as Eldritch farming like City Square, have incredibly low natural mob counts, there are like no monsters in there, and they're tiny compared to something like an Underground Sea. Different maps have different amounts of monsters, and thus are easier or harder to sustain. Picking a map with a minimum amount of monsters is much easier to sustain, but if you take all the steps necessary, you can sustain them all the same.  

Singular Focus keystone

There are two keystones that people recommend, the node keystone approach. Singular Focus is insane, if you are trying to sustain your favorite map, it’s almost mandatory to get. This is going to essentially make the found maps a 200% more chance to be favored maps. What this does is it’s going to cost you all your guardian maps effectively, you’ll get still a few of them, but not too many, it’s going to cost you all your unique maps and synthesize maps, but in return, it will give you only favorite maps. The advantage of it is you lose that on the equity of buying those and selling those unique maps, but you will become a map selling fanatic, so between someone who is using Singular Focus and not using it, that’s where the first big divide actually it comes from. Having that is going to essentially turn you into a map seller and you're going to more than make it up for all of the losses that you accrued from, the keystone it's absolutely crazy and it's definitely worth your time. If you are not sustaining your favorite map after doing everything you’ve known, you can try to take Singular Focus. 

When it comes to the alternatives, there has been a few Shadow Shaping strategies, but it is going to make your map sustain much harder, it is absolutely way easier to sustain POE maps using Singular Focus. 

League mechanics

The mechanics can have a massive impact on whether you are sustaining or not, most people are doing sentinel at least, if you are not doing that, you should be, because it does empower monsters adding additional quantity to them, which is going to increase your chance at maps as well. 

Elder Scarabs

If you are doing sentinel but still not sustaining, you are trying to get more maps, or you are trying to juice up that, the next step is going to be scarabs, you can get the double effect if you are using Elder Scarabs, they give you an additional influence type, this is going to give you tons more monsters, it’s got also monsters of high rarity, unique, rare and magic mobs have a much higher chance to drop T16 maps. So it can spawn a massive amount of unique Null Portals in your maps, which is going to seriously turbo charge your map sustain. 

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