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Path of Exile Leveling Guide 3.18 - 5 Best Tips To Level Up Character Fast In POE

6/22/2022 4:08:25 PM

In Path of Exile, there is a wide variety of things that can make this leveling experience substantially faster and substantially easier and there might be some basic tips and tricks that we can give you. In this POE 3.18 sentinel leveling guide, we talk about how to level significantly faster on your second, third, or any other character. 


Path of Exile Leveling Guide 3.18 - 5 Best Tips To Level Up Character Fast In POE

If you are an absolutely brand new player, you might be able to get some tips and tricks from this Path of Exile 3.18 leveling guide that might help you out but if you are really brand new, we don't suggest that you watch this guide. Because the best way that you can initially experience this game is by actually trying to experience it. The best thing you need to do is go grab a build guide and try to follow the skills and just kind of move your way through the game, figuring things out searching and looking for things. For everyone else who is wanting to level substantially faster on a second, third, or fourth character, we are going over quite a few leveling tips and tricks in Path of Exile 3.18 Sentinel.



The first one is going to be the actual way that you need to be thinking about while playing the game and leveling a character. One thing that almost everyone who has a slow campaign time gets wrong is they simply make the cardinal sin of not moving enough. One of the worst things that you can possibly do if you're trying to maintain speed and trying to get through the campaign faster is just sit in town and think about stuff trying to look for crazy gear that you maybe want to swap out or whatever just start moving. The things that you need to do while you're moving your character through the zones, you should just be going out into the zone. If you're on your second character in your hideout, you should have access to every single gem that you need at any given time. Lilly Roth is now in our hideout and you can purchase whatever gems you want from her every single one at level 2 as soon as you hit town, as soon as you're able to go to your hideout.


Gearing Up

Before you even begin to leave town, before you even worry about that you've probably already chosen the build that you're going to do make sure that you get the path of building up, make sure that you get all of the information that you need for that build. Basically where you're headed towards where you're going on the passive tree maybe put it up on another monitor or whatever you can to get it somewhere else. If you're playing a second character we do recommend that you get a set of leveling gear. Invest a little bit of money and just get a good set of leveling gear that you can use for a wide variety of characters. Just gather some basic leveling gear that will work for pretty much any character.


Vendor Recipes

There are two particular recipes that are very important especially while leveling. The first one that we're going to talk about is going to be the wand recipe. There is an alternative wand recipe but this isn't something that you'll be able to do super easy early on that is going to be like a quality gem with the kind of plus the spell gems that you're looking for. Initially what you're mainly going to be looking for is the recipe that gives you added damage to spells. If we go to the vendor, what you'll notice is that if you take an iron ring as well as any of the random color rings, it will provide you with a resistance ring. If we put all of these, we will get both a sapphire topaz and ruby ring. These are relatively important for what we're looking to do. Each one of these resistances is going to correlate with a specific kind of added damage that will happen with the wand. Also, the rarity of those items determines how high of a level modifier they are and what level they require.


There is another recipe that you can use for weapons. This weapon recipe is for physical damage weapons and it will carry you through the vast majority of the campaign. You just keep using this on new weapons as you find them. The recipe is going to be any white weapon that you're wanting to use, a blacksmith's whetstone, and then a rustic sash. Depending on the quality of the rustic sash once again, depends on the quality of the modifier that you get. You always want to use a yellow rustic sash if you can and this will provide you a percentage fizz mod on the weapon. You can rotate through different weapons and different belts. You can try redoing it if you don’t like that. You can craft like attack speed or added physical damage on these weapons as well while you're leveling. Just be aware of the eye level of the craft because it's going to dictate what level of requirement that weapon has. This can carry you through most of the game.


Buying Gems

Before you even leave town, grab all of those leveling gems right at the gate. Go to your hideout, talk to Lilly Roth just buy all of the gems with POE currencies and have them here in your stash. So that you don't need to go searching for gems and trying to like to rack your brain for what you're supposed to be using. Just grab all of them and start tossing them into your gear as you start leveling up. Do make sure that you are leveling your later skills maybe if you use a leveling ability and you swap into a later game ability, make sure you're leveling it up. That's a pretty big one for things like righteous fire and stuff like that. If you don't level your righteous and you have a lower level righteous fire, it's not going to be as good.



As you move through the acts, the one and most important thing that you're doing are just trying to get through the acts, get through the zones, move through them as quickly as you can get the enemies killed, and move on. Movement is the name of the game. You should be avoiding all of these side quests and all of these side zones at all costs. Don't do any kind of skill point quest that requires you to do a bunch of backtracking. Just skip it and come back to it later. There are a few skill point quests that are good to do just as you're running through. because you might as well while you're there anyway.



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