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Elden Ring Fallingstar Beast Guide - Patterns, Weaknesses & Tips Of Full Grown Fallingstar Beast

7/23/2022 11:50:58 AM

Everyone has been talking about Fallingstar Beast is a super hard boss to kill in Elden Ring. Since it moves so quickly and does such damage, Fallingstar Beast is a difficult opponent. How do you dodge the Fallingstar Beast Elden Ring? In this Elden Ring Falling Starbeast guide, we are going to show you how to defeat the full grown falling star beast of Mount Gelmir.


Elden Ring Fallingstar Beast Guide - Patterns, Weaknesses & Tips Of Full Grown Fallingstar Beast

A Fallingstar Beast that has matured, enhancing its deadly strikes. The boss has a wide range of attacks, most of them having to do with its body. Gravity magic may be used to send out beams of dark energy, or it can rush ahead and utilize its tail to strike. This boss can be found at the very top of Mount Gelmir. The ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite Site of Grace can be accessed by a spirit spring or a ladder on the mountainside.


Elden Ring Falling Starbeast Mechanics and Patterns

However when it reaches about 50% health. The boss will start employing gravity magic to great effect. So that's when things get very interesting and very frustrating. When you notice any purple glowing happening to the boss, gravity magic is coming. When the boss jumps up and starts balling up in the air, that is your cue to get closer to the boss and then roll into it as it's flying back towards you. If you are not close enough to when the boss falls, you will take damage even if you roll, because the boss is going to roll into you. So you have to be careful that the boss can swipe its head around. It can do that up to three times with the third or any of the final ones being a rock throw.

Sometimes the boss can summon gravity spikes through himself and if you are caught under the boss, it's difficult to get out of that without taking damage. When the boss starts doing a bull rush, it'll generally do it three times. Although it can cut it short, so you have to be on the lookout for that. But when the bull rush ends in phase one, it will do a rock throw. If you chased it down, just be careful because you can end up getting hit by those rocks. 

In phase two that actually is a really good opportunity to deal a lot of damage to the boss. If you're far enough away from that jump roll, you can actually roll to the side and you should be able to avoid the damage. It's not a very clean roll that the boss does, he sort of like lumbers to the side of it. So it's hard to get that clean. 

The tail attacks are surprisingly difficult to avoid sometimes because it is a delayed attack and the tail appears to grow out of the boss whenever it's about to use it. So it gets very long and anticipating when that growth is going to stop can be quite difficult. 

The rock throw is another thing that you found kind of frustrating. There were times when you rolled through it, but you would still get hit on the tail end by something and just take full damage anyway. 

You really got to be careful when the boss starts clicking its pincers and glowing purple. You will notice some purple electricity at your feet. When that happens you want to roll because the spike is going to come up. Then after the third one usually but he can cut it short. After that third one, a big gravity field is going to appear around you, and then you need to run out of it and avoid it. But sometimes you can't get out of it quick enough. However, you can roll through the gravity spikes that come up it's just very difficult.

When phase two began the boss had this big doctor strange moment from the end game where he lifts all the rocks up and then slams them back down. So that's an interesting one to avoid. It's not too bad but we don't recommend attempting to deal damage to the boss while it's going on. Because you will get picked up as well. 

That ability where it shoots those beams. It will generally do that after a phase a three-wave bull rush in phase two. So when it's doing the ball rushing phase two, you want to keep a very close eye on the boss. As soon as you see it's starting to charge purple, you want to run into the boss, run to its right side, your left. Then you can get a bunch of hits in. It's sort of like what you do against dragons in this Elden Ring when they're doing their horizontal side-to-side breath, same general strategy.


Lost Ark Fallingstar Beast Tips

Those are basically all the abilities of the Elden Ring Falling Starbeast fight. When you are doing three wave boss rush, if you do get hit by it, chances are the boss will not use its big electricity. So you do you have to be careful about that. While this is going on, you want to stay on the outside of it. Because the rocks when they slam down will deal a bunch of damage. The boss also has a grab that has a very similar tale to this three-wave shock wave. When the boss starts cocking its head to the side and clicking its pincers repeatedly, it's going to do a grab. This grab is very devastating and it can actually end up throwing you off the mountain if you are far enough. 

For a very specific reason, the terrain in this little area here is very consistent. There are not a lot of jagged rocks to get stuck on. Just behind the boss there are hard rocks just jutting out of the surface, you can very easily get stuck on those and you can't exactly roll through them to avoid attacks. But in this area here with this little grass patch. this is where to keep the boss because the terrain is consistent. If you were to fight him in the middle, it's very rocky, it's very uneven and you can't always tell what's going on and the boss can get a lot of elevation on you if you're not careful. 

When you made it out of that mirror dimension and you were able to run in and try to get some damage. But at this point, you just trying to be as safe as possible and really only dealing damage. As soon as that third three-wave shock starts, look for where the electricity ends, but it's a little tough sometimes. So don't feel bad if you get caught up. Just regroups and you'll be okay. The boss still has its front slam and its backslam, it just doesn't use them very often. Especially because you are trying to bait out the bull rush ability at this point. Because that is the biggest opportunity for you to deal damage to the boss. 

The boss's head is its weak point. You can deal basically double damage if you can hit it in the white part of its head. But the opportunities to do that are so few. Where it clicked its pincers and then rushed towards you that is the grab. And that's the one you got to look out for. But after a while, this boss will go down eventually.


How To Cheese Fallingstar Beast In Elden Ring

The first thing you will need to do is use the spirit spring jump by the Grave Scythe to catapult into the boss arena. But the beast will see you, but fear not. As you land on the edge of the crater, follow the edge around and crouch your way behind the beast. So he stays oblivious. We will now use the poison miss to take him out. We will only take one or two costs to apply the poison effect. When it does, we will take 1456 worth of damage off him. Once the poison damage indicator disappears. Just cast the poison again. If he doesn’t poison him straight away, wait for the mist to go away before casting it for a second time. If you continuously cast it over and over, it doesn’t help speed it up or cause more damage. You are just wasting your fp won’t have enough floss to kill.

To cast the poison mist, you will need a sacred seal as it’s an incantation. You can buy one with Elden Ring runes, the finger seal, the round table hill from the Twin Maiden Husks. You can find the poison missed incantation in Weeping Peninsula. It’s a reward for killing a teardrop scarab near the Castle Mourne Rampart.


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