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Best Way to Train in Rocket League - Rocket League Training Packs, Maps & Tips 2022

7/26/2022 12:16:55 PM

To be clear all of the training mechanisms will help you find the best ways to train in Rocket League and learn the skill faster. Which one is the best training method for you? Follow us to go over the Rocket League free playing training, training packs, and workshop maps. 

rocket league training guide 2022

Best Way to Train in Rocket League - Rocket League Training Packs, Maps & Tips 2022

Whether you are going to grind for SSL or just want to be a freestyler, knowing about these tips and information from SpookLuke may help you get the best training in Rocket League. 

Rocket League Free Play Training

Why do lots of Rocket League pros only use free play? If you are trying to learn a mechanic, you are trying to pick up something new, the fastest way to do it is not free play, instead what free play is best for is really maximizing the speed of your current mechanics, it's not the best way to learn new ones. Free play is the space where you work on honing in your mechanics and increasing the speed on stuff you already know, free play is where you want to go to train things like recoveries, consistency, shooting, and more awkward situations that aren't related to like a specific car control or like a specific mechanic. Free play does focus on hitting the ball consistently with power, getting good reads on the ball, and trying to hit it as fast as possible, even if you have to sacrifice a little bit of consistency to recover quicker, don't go into free play and practice very specific slow mechanics. Going into free play and working on air roll or going into free play and working on things like air dribbling.

Rocket League Training Packs

The second training method is especially important for lower-ranked players, even if you're below Champion. The great thing about training packs is just the volume and consistency that you can get in if you're a lower-ranked player, and you need to learn a mechanic from scratch, you just have no idea how to get into, a training pack is probably the best way to start out. For example, if you're trying to learn speed flips or wall play, basic mechanics maybe like simple aero shots, backboard saves and very specific scenarios, training packs should absolutely be your number one place to go. Training packs are really easy to develop bad habits if you only train mechanics in training packs, it's really easy to get into the habit of like pre-jumping shots way too early or even floating and going slow so that you could hit the perfect angle on a shot.

What it always comes down to is mimicking game scenarios and actually challenging yourself, if the shot gets really repetitive and you're spending far more time in training packs than you should be, it can get really easy to just go into autopilot. As you get better, the recommendation is you phase out training packs and really focus on free-play scenarios as much as you can, that's kind of what you see most pros doing.

Rocket League Workshop Maps

The third best way to train in Rocket League is workshop maps. Workshop maps have completely revolutionized the way you're able to train in Rocket League since they dropped, the reason workshop maps are so good is that the scenarios they create can be so specific and so challenging that they really just can't even compare to in-game scenarios.

For example, when it comes to flying through rings map, a workshop map is something that will force you to make sure you're adjusting your Rocket League car properly and you have good car control, and there's no real way to cheat it like in a free play or in training packs. On the other hand, workshop maps are usually really detailed and really hard and what that does is challenges you and forces you to learn. Where do workshop maps fit in? They should be best for training the long-term mechanics that take a lot of repetition, little intervals over time that will compound into ultimately really good car control. The first things are going to be air roll and power slide and dribbling, that's what workshop maps are really irreplaceable, for rings maps like Lethamyr's rings and Speed Jump: Rings 3 are some popular options for aerial car control. Whether you're lower ranked or higher ranked literally everybody, it's possible to start workshop maps too soon, some people overutilize or just like spending too much time and don't really get much out of it, workshop maps, on the other hand, they're built it is really hard to go wrong training. A workshop map like if you train rings for 30 days straight, you will get better whereas if you do free play for 30 days. 

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