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PoE 3.19 Nerfs & Buffs Predictions | Path of Exile 3.19 Expan Patch Notes & Blance Changes

7/26/2022 1:01:41 PM

With the 3.19 patch under the corner, it’s time to focus on new changes and gameplay we will see in the new league! So this guide, let’s make some predictions on the PoE 3.19 nerfs and buffs!

POE 3.19 Nerfs & Buffs Changes

PoE 3.19 Release Date & Timeline

Finally, we got the official announcement of the 3.18 expansion timeline from GGG:

  • August 11, 2022: PoE 3.19 Announcement Livestream

  • August 16, 2022: Sentinel League ends on PC and Mac

  • August 19, 2022: PoE 3.19 release on PC and Mac

  • August 24, 2022: PoE 3.19 release on Xbox and PS4/5

  • August 24, 2022: Sentinel League end on Xbox and PS4/5

PoE 3.19 Patch Notes

Character balance changes are often made for each major Path of Exile expansion, but GGG chose not to do so with the PoE Sentinel update (3.18). Nothing is being nerfed or buffed, players still have been experiencing the same build mechanics since the Siege of the Atlas. Therefore, we're eager to changes will be introduced in the 3.19 expansion. 

Thankfully, recently alongside the announcement of the Path of Exile 3.19 Timeline, GGG also revealed some details of the game’s next big update, which, in addition to talking about the end of the Sentinel League and a new league being added, also confirmed that the 3.19 season definitely contains planned changes to character balance. 

Here let’s take a preview of the details we already know about Path of Exile 3.19 so far:

  • All of your current Power Cores and Sentinels will be erased after the Sentinel League concludes in a few weeks, before the release of version 3.19.

  • lIn PoE 3.19, recombinators won't drop anymore, but the ones that are already available will still function in Standard and are harder to find as they are used up. GGG is attempting to find a means to revive them in the future with new capabilities.

  • Players will compete in a tournament to be the first to eliminate the new mega pinnacle bosses in the Hardcore Solo Self-Found Sentinel league. By creating an endgame exclusive item or divination card that will be included in Path of Exile's 3.19 expansion, winners will immortalize themselves for all time.

  • PoE 3.19's new challenge league, which is bigger than the sentinel league, and anticipated adjustments to character balance are also present.

POE 3.19 Challenge Systems

PoE 3.19 Nerfs and Buffs (Balance Changes) Predictions

Path of Exile 3.19 expansion will surely introduce some character balance changes, beyond this though, no more details about what’s going to get nerfed and changed are announced officially yet. But However, we can still make some speculations or expectations from the content of the game itself:

  • 1. Lower Weave Solution - They can hard cap the max rest so say Microsoft can never be able to go above 80, 85, 89 or they can do minus max resulting so that you are able to get to 90 max all rise, but it's going to come at a bigger investment.

  • 2. Melding of the Flesh - Honestly probably the strongest item in the game, they could increase the downside but then it's still insanely powerful right. Currently, it's minus 80 to minus 70, let's say they make it like minus 150 already fewer builds will be able to use it but it is still just as powerful once you're able to get it. And it will be massively in favor of builds using multiple purity or being able to stop at a purity of elements to help counteract the downside. 

  • 3. Aegis Aurora - Aegis has been in the game for a very long time and hasn't seen a huge amount of change but it hasn't been used as much as it is late in every patch, they're going to lower the single target on fire trap to some degree and the seismic trap will definitely be receiving some extensive damage nerves because of how good it's been for a very long time.

  • 4. They would also lower the armor you get from ages roar that might actually be a pretty solid way to nerfing it in a good way. 

  • 5. For Skeletons, maybe they'll lower the generic damage or increase the cast speed by making them have a slower longer time between the casts on the mate skeletons maybe that would be a way to fix their insanity, which will not just lower their DPS output but most importantly it will make them clear much worse if they shoot slower.

  • 6. Fix specific corpses being bugged and having much more hp than intended(used for DD mainly)

  • 7. EA goes back to 4% more damage per stack instead of 5% (still very strong, but nerfed and people will naturally go away from nerfed stuff)

  • 8. Seismic trap wave frequency gutted

  • 9. Nightblade halved in power or reworked in some way

  • 10. Spectres buffed

  • 11. They'll say they buffed melee but it's actually a nerf

  • 12. A full rework of the cluster jewel system. Right now for most builds they're either almost required, or they're too weak(from an HC perspective)

  • 13. In legacy league(or Perandus, can't remember exactly) a lot of uniques(like 100+) were reworked. I'd love to see them do that again as it really enabled a whole new meta

  • 14. Atlas invitation system streamlined (mainly the special invitations like the guardians, but we wouldn't be opposed to being able to witness bosses in maps we put Eldritch influence on)

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