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Path of Exile Weapons Guide - Spell Leveling Weapons Guide for Beginner

7/27/2022 11:09:20 AM

Path of Exile Leveling spells having a good time name a more iconic duo in the path of exile, part of the reason that spell leveling is so popular and so successful is a lot of your damage is based off the gem itself and its levels, thus your damage naturally scales as you progress through the act and even into early mapping.

Now you're not as gear aligned as you would be with a melee weapon, but this doesn't mean weapons are completely irrelevant, a good Path of Exile weapon early on can improve your experience.

Today talking about the various crafting methods that you can use, and the things you should look out for if you're trying to make a Path of Exile weapon, it's going to focus on a Path of Exile weapon that you'll use while leveling and maybe into some early maps.


Path of Exile Weapons  Guide - Spell Leveling Weapons Guide for Beginner 

Path of Exile Basic Weapons (Hit)

To start with, what is the basic weapon that you should get as soon as possible? 

If you're playing a hit-based spell or damage over time-based spell damage over a time-based spell is going to scale, the best off of gem levels whereas a hip-based spell is likely to scale well off of flat damage early on, so a simple way to do, this is the vendor recipe to make a flat spell damage Path of Exile weapon, you need a magic Path of Exile weapon, a rare wand will not do for this craft, then you'll also need an alteration orb and a ring, the ring can be any rarity, though get into more of that in a bit sapphire will give you flat cold to spells, ruby will give you flat fire, and topaz will give you flat lightning, it does need to be one of the elemental bases type rings.

Now the ring's rarity is important because a normal ring will give you a lower tier roll, this lower tier roll will be much better, if you say level 5 and not so good, if you're maybe level 30.

If you're playing a spell build, and you want to make a few of these, keep some alterations handy, look for a magic wand with your colours, and then grab some rings,  ideally you'll want normal magic and rare ring, the POE items level of the stuff involved doesn't matter unless you plan to craft it further, as soon as you can combine the ring with a first wand, this should ideally be something that you picked up off the ground early on, due to it having good sockets and links from there, as you're leveling keep an eye out for another wand and also a magic ring and a little later on keep an eye out for a rare ring by the point where you're using a rare ring. 

Path of Exile Basic Weapons (Dot)

If you're playing a non-hit spell, the best thing you can do is get a plus one wand and to get one of these, just grab something that is item level two, you can farm it in a low-level zone, like the mud flats or of course the coast very often, league mechanics is another good source of early Path of Exile weapons and shields that have plus one gem, the reason you want level two specifically is that's the lowest level where plus gems can roll.

It will greatly limit your pool from there, you'll just alt spam it a bit, and you should hit a plus one fairly frequently, though if you're farming this low-level stuff, there's a good chance a usable Path of Exile weapon will drop anyway, then if you happen to get lucky from an early syndicate throw some dot multi on otherwise just call it good maybe craft a little spell damage if your damage over time skill does benefit from that now.

Path of Exile Gem Wands 

Make something a little bit more advanced for part two, what if you need the plus one, and you're a bit higher level, maybe you've even done some maps, there is also a vendor recipe for plus one Path of Exile weapon, you can combine a white Path of Exile weapon that's on the bass type that you want a wand rune dagger or scepter with quality gems whose total quality equals 40 per cent, make sure that all of the gems share a tag with the affix, you're trying to roll, so for example, if you want plus one to the level of all physical skill gems, you can use any skill gems with a physical tag whose quality totals 40 or greater, once you vendor it, you'll get a wand with just the plus one from there.

You can do things like aug regal craft a mod or multi modded, if you're feeling spicy,  maybe even recombinate, if that stays in the game, but overall you should be good to go, and you should have a really solid starter Path of Exile weapon because this requires quality gems, you're probably not going to find it super early. This is more of an early mapping strategy rather than something that you use during the acts.

Path of Exile Starter Endgame Weapons 

Next up talking about some more endgame upgrades things that you'll do, once you're already in maps, the crafting caster weapons, regardless of if you're hit-based or damage over time, the next thing you can do is take the method that earlier about rolling an item level 2 wand, up to the next step by rolling it with the essence of woe, again. 

This only applies if your damage over time builds scales off of spell damage, you grab an item level 2 wand, and you use the essence of wow until you hit the plus 1 gem that you want, it's not all that hard to hit plus one gem, but it will take a little bit to hit both plus one gem and the spell damage roll of the specific element, so instead of just grabbing one wand.

Suggest grabbing five or six, as a lot of the time, you'll be able to sell the ones that rolled plus ones that you didn't use for an amount that covers all of your costs to roll the item, if you want to get spicy, you can even do something like prefixes can't be changed unveiled chaos in an attempt to get a good suffix to be aware,  though it's very likely to just hit junk.

Path of Exile Other sources 

Then finally as you're going into red maps where should you look for further upgrade sources, harvest and fossils are great ways to get extra attempts at a Path of Exile weapon.

This is especially the case if you're playing something like igniting or corrupting fever which doesn't benefit from spell damage, and therefore uses a Path of Exile weapon which is rather difficult to roll with any of the methods so far, but for most things, your best bet by far is going to be rog after all rock will offer plenty of caster weapons, and because he can upgrade mod tiers, there's a very good chance that you'll get a tier 1 flat damage plus one gem or maybe even plus one all spell skills.

If you're desperate, you could try to alt spam, but particularly recommend it, you're almost more likely to hit something that you don't want than something that you do, if you're using alt spamming, when you're looking to go from yellow to red maps at that point, you could just buy your Path of Exile weapon alternatively if you want to try making it for yourself.

Definitely go for rog, maybe throw some fossils that you get at a Path of Exile weapon base in the meantime, definitely throw a harvest to the weapon as well, just to use all of your resources, personally reforged caster more likely is pretty good.

If a cast speed Path of Exile weapon, but most of the time when playing a spell build, an upgrade that upgrade doesn't come from harvest inevitably, it comes from rog, so when you're doing your early expedition prioritize him and try to get as many resources as possible, of course, if recombinators stay in the path of exile, another option will just be to recombinate together two bases take something like fire damage and smash, it together with plus one fire gems, but no idea if they're going to stay or if they're going to be as accessible as they are in 318 but if you're planning to level a spellcaster build.

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