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Path of Exile 3.19 Arc Lightning Build - POE 3.19 Best Endgame Build

9/2/2022 5:10:51 PM

Arc Lightning is an iconic spell in Path of Exile that provides great clearing speed and single target damage, so it is a great option for making a league starter build with little investment. At the Path of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra League, follow us to get into the best POE 3.19 Arc Lightning Build that is also powerful enough for the endgame. 

Path of Exile 3.19 Arc Lightning Build - POE 3.19 Best Endgame Build

Below we’ll take a look at the Phoenix’s POE 3.19 Arc Lightning build with details, featuring ascendancy, passive trees & nodes, items, gems, and jewels. 


Starting with ascendancy, we are a Hierophant mainly due to mana support. You can get more damage by going with a different ascendancy like Elementalist, but this one is perfect for when you are scaling mana, scaling mana is arguably the easiest thing you can do in the game.

- First, we begin with Conviction of Power, this node is the best leveling ascendancy in POE, not only does it increase both our maximum power and endurance charges count by one, but it also gives us access to four of them all the time, basically allowing us to be tanky and invest into crit early on. 

- Next, we go for Divine Guidance, this note gives us transfiguration of the mind, basically, it allows modifiers to maximum mana to affect global damage at 30 percent of their values, this node also increases our maximum mana, which we use both offensively and defensively in this build.

- Then go for Arcane Blessing, this node increases the effect of Arcane Surge on us by 50, this node is basically a 10% permanent damage boost alongside extra mana regen.

- Lastly, we have Illuminated Devotion, the 0.5% spell life leech makes for a great source of life recovery, we also get a 50% reduced effect of non-damaging ailments on you and a 30% increased area of effect while you have Arcane Surge.

Passive Tree

We focus on mana, life, spell, crit chance, and crit multi, lightning damage, and mana regen, we also take every single power charge node available to take on the passive tree, after that, we expand into two large Cluster Jewel setups, they are mainly to expand our socket arsenal, these add some powerful spell or lightning notables like Scintillating Idea, Thunderstruck, Widespread Destruction, Practiced Caster and Sap Psyche, or any other damage notables. 

For mastery choices, we get chaining non-projectile lightning skills that change one additional time, which unironically only works with arc, we also have increases and reductions to maximum mana, also applies to shock effect at 30 of their value, this one alone is more than enough to allow you to inflict the highest possible shock effect on everything you touch.

let's talk about items you might have noticed that we are stacking power charges in mana build well we are dual wielding to avoid batteries 

Best Items

- Weapon: Void Battery (Prophecy Wand). This item is overall broken for any self-cast build as long as you are stacking power charges, there is no reason to use a rare one in this game, as this one eclipses all of them in terms of damage potential, overall best in slot option for very little investment. 

- Helm: Crown of the Inward Eye (Prophet Crown). This unique helm is good for a variety of builds, but while not better than your well-crafted rare helm, you can use a cheaply crafted helm like Chimeric Star (Magistrate Crown) if you are on a budget, just combine the plus one maximum power charge redeemer mod with 50 increased mana via a POE currency item like Awakener's Orb then lock the prefixes and reforge crit for crit multi, it will give you the same exact damage but slightly less life. 

- Chest: Cloak of Defiance (Lacquered Garb). This unique chest gives us mind over matter for free, which saves us some passive points by not having to pat over it on the passive tree. It also provides us with one percent of our maximum mana regenerated every second, which is essential as GGG changed Arcane Surge a couple of leagues ago to no longer, provide us with flat mana regen. 

- Rings: Essence Worm (Unset Ring). This ring removes the reservation of any socketed gem and since we utilize our mana defensively, we can't really afford to allocate it. The second ring is any ring you can afford with plus one to maximum power charges, this can be either rare or unique, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend on this slot. 

- Amulet: Atziri's Foible (Paua Amulet). This one is the best in slot option for any mana stacking build, it provides us with lots of mana alongside a huge regeneration boost. 

- Belt: Corruption Leash (Stygian Vise). A rare belt with increased mana recovery rate life and mana, a good resistance roll, and increased lightning damage if possible. 

- Gloves: Hypnotic Caress (Soldier Gloves). We got life, mana, resistances and any damage mod.

- Boots: Anarchy Tread (Carnal Boots). A pair of boots with movement speed, life, mana, and good dexterity.



POE 3.19 Arc Lightning Build gem 1


POE 3.19 Arc Lightning Build gem 2


POE 3.19 Arc Lightning Build gem 3


POE 3.19 Arc Lightning Build gem 4


Watcher's Eye (Prismatic Jewel)

Militant Faith (Timeless Jewel)

Healthy Mind (Cobalt Jewel)

Clear Mind (Cobalt Jewel)

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