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Path Of Exile 3.6 Elemental Hit Totems Build Guide - Fast And Most Efficient Clearing Poe Synthesis Totem Build

4/29/2019 6:08:50 PM

in this guide, goldkk.com will provide a path of exile 3.6 elemental hit totems build guide with pros and cons, ascendancy class and pantheon, passive skill tree and leveling tips, gems and links, gear, flasks, and jewels, check the following contents to master the one of the fastest and efficient clearing build in poe synthesis league fast.


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path of exile 3.6 elemental hit totems build overview

the poe elemental hit totems build is one of the fastest and most efficient clearing builds with huge speed and dps, you will finish story mode in no time and through maps all the way to uber elder, and also kill the tough boss with a few key equipments. for playing more safely, you can choose the totem play style. it strikes a great balance between a full-blown archer build and the more defensive approach of totems gameplay.

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- easy to play.

- incredible fast clearing speed.

- great mobility.

- great boss killer.

- delve depth 300+.

- don't need 6-link.


- totem play style.

- evasion build.

path of exile 3.6 elemental hit totems build guide - ascendancy & pantheon

ascendancy class:

for totem playstyle, there is a single templar poe ascendancy class that provides useful tools and that is the hierophant, improves much on each aspect of the build. the used poe passives and order are as below:

pursuit of faith (grants you an additional totem) -> ritual of awakening (excellent quality of life passive, with it, you can summon two totems instead of one with each cast) ->conviction of power (provides a high chance to generate power charges each time you summon a totem or a totem kills an enemy, and a chance to gain an endurance charge each time you get a power charge)



for this poe synthesis elemental hit build, recommendation for the major god: soul of lunaris, once you gather all its powers, it is a great defensive pantheon which will further boost your chance to dodge and avoid attacks; for the minor god, the advice is soul of gruthkul., which grants an amount of physical damage reduction while also decreasing the attack speed of any enemy that hits you. a good alternative minor god is soul of shakari for poison immunity as well as some chaos resistance.


path of exile 3.6 elemental hit totems build guide - passive tree & leveling

act 1: you will get several significant passives that serve as a great starting base in this act, firstly, go for "sanctity" and "discipline and training" for a bunch of life to make sure you can survive the initial encounters, then switch to damage passives through taking retribution, holy dominion and divine fervour, to grant lots of dps and other attributes.

act 2: start off with a mix of offense and defense through precision and devotion passives, then start heading south and take constitution for a huge hp bonus. on the way, you should grab the first jewel socket. this act brings with it "deal with the bandits" quest and the best choice for the poe elemental hit totems build is to kill them all and get the two points.

act 3: finish off this act by grabbing sentinel notable passive for some really handy resistances and evasion, and also try to get a skirmish quiver as soon as possible, to grant an extra totem that boosts your dps by 50%. it has always been cheap and in abundance. 

act 4: start by taking a socket where you should put rain of splinters unique jewel, then taking another socket for the viridian jewel - combat focus, after that, grab avatar of fire keystone to convert part of the unused cold and lightning damage into fire. 

act 5 & act 6: investing in primal manifestation and totemic zeal wheels to greatly buff every aspect of your totems much, including damage, attack speed, life, and duration. then take poe finesse passive for a large damage boost through attack speed and accuracy as well as heart of oak for a large number of hit points (life).

act 7 & act 8: take herbalism for more life and better flask recovery, then go with piercing shots to improve clearing speed, and finish off with acrobatics keystone to grant 30% chance to dodge attack hits. 

act 9 & act 10: grab phase acrobatics for a similar 30% dodge chance for spells, then get a massive damage boost through berserking, forces of nature and art of

the gladiator, which offers a large quantity of elemental damage and penetration, attack speed and accuracy. finally, finish off with revenge of the hunted and bravery for more hp and evasion. 



1. in act 3 you should be able to buy ranged attack totem support gem from the ghost npc in the library after completing the task, link the gem with elemental hit, from the point onward whenever you use the skill, it will instead summon, a totem will cast it. after you have it in place, take ancestral bond keystone from the totem wheel to transition to a totem play style, the keystone allows you to summon an additional totem prevents you from dealing any direct damage yourself.

2. in act 4: make sure you do not take the passive before having both jewels socketed because it would just decrease your dps.

3. by level 80, you should take primeval force cluster for a huge amount of elemental damage and increased the chance to shock and ignite, fury bolts is also viable.

4. when you toward level 90 grab purity of flesh for some life and chaos resistance and then get lethality to significantly boost your critical strike chance and damage, then grab another jewel socket above sentinel passive. 

5. from level 90 onward there are several options depending on what you feel like you're missing most: damage or defenses.

path of exile 3.6 elemental hit totems build guide - gems & links

when it comes to one of the most important parts of the poe synthesis totem build, we start off with the main skill elemental hit and its support gems.

4-link setup gems: elemental hit, ranged attack totem, combustion and elemental damage with attacks. 

- you don't need to use a real 6-link item but you'll socket elemental hit into frostferno unique helmet and this setup will superior to any other 6-link combination. this will convert the remaining 50 percent cold damage to fire, reaching 100 percent conversion when paired with avatar of fire, in addition, you get from frostferno is +4 levels to elemental hit since this gem is considered fire as well as cold.

- you have your elemental hit which is then linked with ranged attack totem, it is absolutely mandatory, so you can have totems firing the skill instead of you. quality on this gem increases totem placement speed which is always good for smoother gameplay.

- the next support gem is combustion which provides a huge amount of fire damage as well as chance to ignite, the last support is elemental damage with attacks, straight-forward elemental damage boosting gem with no downsides.


5-link setup gems: flammability, enfeeble, curse on hit, frenzy and greater and multiple projectiles. (if you have a 6 socket on your bow, use blink arrow.)




the defensive cast when damage taken setup:


here is the compact list of path of exile gems you best have:


path of exile 3.6 elemental hit totems build guide - gear, flasks, and jewels


most necessary poe unique items are cheap and available even for the league starter, some certain corrupted versions of these uniques might be quite expensive, and the build doesn't require a 6-link item, overall, the gear for the poe elemental hit totems build is not too difficult. 

helmet: a vision of ice and fire + heatshiver = frostferno leather hood

weapon: chin sol unique bow, skirmish

body armour: kaom's heart

gloves: gripped gloves

boots: windshriek

belt: stygian vise

rings: glyph nail topaz ring, chimeric spiral opal ring

amulet: yoke of suffering

jewels: combat focus crimson jewel and combat focus viridian jewel, rain of splinters, watcher's eye, grim sphere.

flasks: seething divine life flask of staunching, the wise oak, chemist's silver flask of heat, experimenter quartz flask of warding and dying sun.


based on the overall impact on the build, level requirement, price, and general availability, this is a gearing order:


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