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Best POE 3.19 Starter Builds - Top 10 Builds For Path Of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra

9/2/2022 5:20:31 PM

Still struggling on opting builds for Path Of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra League? Here we list top 10 league starter builds that are going to be very good in the Lake of Kalandra expansion taking into account all the changes in the patch notes and things like that. So these are all tried and true, these are all updated and you can trust every single one on the list here. As long as you enjoy the play style, you're going to have a good time in the new expansion if you're going to follow one of these league starter builds POE 3.19.

Top 10 League Starter Builds In POE 3.19 Lake of Kalandra

1. Lightning Strike Champion

It is a very good build, it's going to be able to take you all the way from league start to end game, you can do all uber bosses with a pretty good budget. You're going to be able to get through the game, it's not going to be an issue whatsoever. The build excels at clearing fast but also deals good single target damage. It rewards the player for investing in defence as much as offence thanks to the scaling granted by Perseverance. The Champion ascendancy provides speed, damage, and defence, making this build currently one of the most well-rounded builds in the game.

2. Lightning Strike Raider

There is also other variants to the line strike build Lightning Strike Raider. It's played on a raider the main difference between champion and raider is that the raider gets access to suppression and ailment avoidance on the ascendancy itself, therefore it's going to be a lot easier as soon as you hit maps to be able to get those caps. Although unlike champion, it does not have fortify so that is the main difference and in end game, it scales very well as well as long as you're going to be planning on stacking frenzy charges and things like that, although that is quite an expensive way to go about that but there is definitely benefits to both the champion and the raiders. So if you consider the both builds, you know both builds are pretty much on the same level, but maybe the champion is better since it's more well-rounded and cheaper in end game. But the raider is definitely a very good contender. So if you're torn between the two, keep in mind that it's easier to gear your raider early on, although in endgame champion will out scale.

3. Poison Lighting Strike Assassin

This is also very good variant of the build, it's something that you can start as a helix as well with poison, so it's going to have a really smooth time getting to maps and things like that. The benefit to being poison is that you have very easy scaling in comparison to elemental and on top of that, you're able to use things like the wasp nest as a good unique that you can use early to scale yourself. However, you're going to be very reliant on getting a pneumatic dagger to be able to swap to lightning strike poison, until then you're going be playing helix. So it's got a better leak start overall than the elemental variant. However, it's also a different play style and something to consider for the lightning strike variant, so that is also a good league starter build for Path of Exile 3.19 Kalandra. 

4. Corrupting Fever Gladiator/Champion

This is a fizz dot build, it is going to be using corrupting fever to deal damage and it excels because it has very good clear early on and it's going to be able to get through maps faster than any other build. It does this because it has bleed explosions and bleed explosions feel very good in maps. Overall, it's the best build that you can choose for strictly mapping focus League start. However, its single target is quite low, so that is something to note that you are going to be struggling early for single target. Once you overcome that hurdle, the build excels at everything, it can overcome all of the bosses in the game and it's a very good build to start POE Lake of Kalandra league.

5. Poison Concoction Pathfinder

This is a very good build for beginners and experienced players, it is one of the most chill builds to level through the campaign as well as being one of the easiest builds for people to get into the game with, and can also scale into end game. The build is well-rounded, it's very fun and very strong and it's something that you can't pass up putting on your list of best league starts as it's very recommendable. It's a very strong build for people that want to get into the game and want to learn about the game and poison scaling, as well as having the option to re-roll to the other variants of poison builds. So the poison concoction pathfinder is definitely one of the best builds that you can choose to start POE 3.19.

6. Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist

This is also a ballista build, it is a very good league starter and it's very strong build suitable for anyone that wants to have a build that can take them all the way from the start into uber bosses or whatever you'd like to tackle. The damage has been nerfed by about 20% but is still one of the strongest builds in League start and has very good clear because of ignite prolifs, defensively it does quite well because it uses defensive auras and also scales based defenses like armor invasion and molten shell and has no problem tackling any of the ending content, as well as any other mapping content. The skills are very well into endgame, it's highly recommended. So if you're into ignite builds, if you're into pro-lift, it's a very good build to play.

7. Boneshatter Slayer

It's a very tanky build and it's very easy to put together with ssf gear, it's very fast on league start as well, so you can expect to get yourself from from twilight strand all the way into maps, all the way up to the eldritch bosses, but officially quite fast. It doesn't require much gear, you're not reliant on the market, you can make everything yourself especially now with harvest being able to be used in a hideout. The only caveat to this build is that you need to put a lot of care and a lot of patience into the gearing to be able to take on all of the bosses, to do all of the content, although it is very good in early mapping and is a fantastic build for mapping in general. So if you just want to be mapping and you want to be playing that gigachad melee type variant of build, this is the build for you.

8. Spark Inquisitor

This build is a very good self-cast spark build, it is an inquisitor as well. So it's going to be able to make use of the regen and a lot of the defenses that gain from being inquisitor as well as easy cap for critical strike chance. On top of that, it is a ssf friendly build, you do not need any insane gear to get this going and you can use spark from very early in the campaign and level them all the way through to maps and to endgame. It is proven to be a very strong build and very good for both trade league and softcore and hardcore alike. Try this best POE 3.19 starter build!

9. Maw of Mischief Elementalist

The Maw of Mischief Elementalist is an item that you can acquire through divination cards that basically enables you to explode your minions, effectively dealing a lot of damage through ignites. And on top of that, being an ignite build, it's going to have very good clear because of its proliferation. It is not the fastest build and it does have some clunkiness issues, however, the single target makes up for that, the single target is quite insane and the budget should be very low considering that the divination cards are quite common and can be self-farmed through ssf means. What this big build excels at is definitely bossing, so you're going to get to a boss and it deals very massive ignites on a budget, and what you're going to have to do is have to league start it as potentially Armageddon Brand or other ignite build to be able to then re-roll into the mall. Once you do acquire it, if you're on trade league, you just farm up some POE currency in early maps and then as soon as the card stop popping up, you buy the cards. Anyway, this is definitely a great Path of Exile Kalandra league starter build to try. 

10. Righteous Fire Inquisitor

This was the most popular build in POE 3.18 and it's going to remain being one of the most popular builds. It is quite easy to follow and it's a very strong contender for being one of the best builds in the game. From abusing Snapshotting to making use of various Ascendancies to optimize damage and life regeneration, Righteous Fire builds have always driven players to overcome the challenges thrown at us in Path Of Exile and find a way around the many quirks the playstyle offers. This build of course is no exception.

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