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Path of Exile 3.19 Currency Farming Guide - 8 Currency Making Strategies For 3.19 Lake of Kalandra

9/5/2022 5:50:17 PM

A lot of people are having issues with the difficulty of Path of Exile 3.19, they are stuck in white or yellow maps mostly because of arc nemesis monsters just being a very hard thing to kill. On top of that, people are reporting that they're having less drops overall from mapping, so we present this POE 3.19 currency farming guide about top currency making strategies that you can go for right now even with the higher difficulty and with less drops from mapping. Follow these strategies can help you easily make POE currency in a big amount for buying Path of Exile items. 

Path of Exile 3.19 Currency Farming Guide

These are the beginner tips for start making POE currency in Lake of Kalandra. There are 4 strategies that are pretty easy to do, some of them might require a little bit of gear but not too much generally which they are made for weaker characters, and then 4 strategies that you can go for basically something you can strive for to eventually do and once you have a good character, you can make a lot of money with them even with the lower drops from normal mapping.

1. Heist

If the league right now resetted and we just restarted the league today, what to do is just go straight up for Heist. You can do few things with heist, you can do just endless heisting which means you would stop the game at level 68 and you would just buy heist contracts from vendor and you would just surround them endlessly with a super fast character like a raider, or berserker. Then you can move on to some normal heisting like just from heist contracts level 70 plus and use blueprints with item level 81 plus, you want to use blueprints with 81 plus because then they have better rewards and more runes. Once you have enough gear and so on, you can just do high level contracts and blueprints.

2. Blighted maps

If you don't like heist, there is a very nice alternative for you - farming blackhead maps. This is very similar like heist because you can make most of your profit from chaos recipe. So what you can do is you can just buy blackhead maps any tier, they should be pretty easy to do and you can buy them for 5 chaos. Eventually, you should try to buy tier 6 plus because then you will drop tier oils from them, and to improve the strategy, the most important thing is time. So if you will use 2 tier oils maybe one amber to reduce the difficulty or just free tea oils, it will be much faster to do them and to sustain your tier also have to do at least your 6 plus and if you notice the price, it's not that much more expensive just one more chaos and you can do a higher tier ones. And they are easy for most of the characters, so you can rely on your towers, you can just go for stunning towers, scout towers with a ring enchant. Scout towers have increased damage and scout towers have increased range, these are pretty cheap annoyance and they can help you a lot. And you can mostly make your profit with chaos recipe, every single blighted map have at least 1 jewelry chest which means it will be 4 jewelry chests from that lane. Very often you will get 8, 12 and more, you will get a ton of chaos recipe. You will get 5 or more chaos recipe just from one map and most of the time you have to use all of your portals to get all of the items out of blighted maps.

Blighted maps can also be annoying just like heist, it's probably not for everyone but it is very chill way to make currency in Path of Exile 3.19, it scales pretty well with your gear because you can move on to the yellow ones and you can use steroids. 

3. Bestiary

Bestiary is right now in a very good spot, when you look at scarabs like five at least in bulk, you can buy them for two chaos rusted scarbs, each map is gonna cost you two chaos, and polished three maybe four. When you're gonna do the maps, the bestiary you can do it in white maps. Most of the best red beasts can spawn in white maps, only few of them you need higher tier ones. So this is the reason why it's very easy strategy, you can just do it in white maps, if you have a little bit of gear at level 75 or 80, you shouldn't really have issues with killing piecing white maps and you don't even have to rely on any rng because most of the time you will get 5 yellow beasts from one map. 

Click here to check more details about this currency making strategy for POE Lake of Kalandra.

4. Heist map device

Just doing heist in maps and just getting your free money from smuggler caches. You pay 6 chaos per two smaller courses, on top of that you can block everything else except for Straight and Narrow, get stream of consciousness, get some additional chance for heist. On top of that, sometimes, we're gonna get full revealed blueprints. If you complete also the quests that you have to do with certain followers, eventually you're also gonna start dropping unique contracts which we also can sell and you can do this on top of that even in white maps or even yellow maps. Some people are actually selling when you look at the tft and some people are selling lower level contracts. 

  • X34 random contract 68+ (2c/each)

  • X4 deception 64+(6c/each)

  • X18 counter + lock + percep 64+ (4C/each)

  • X4 unusual gems (20c/each)

  • X3 trinket (10/each)

  • X1 Armament (8c/each)

You can make your money just from contracts and most of it you can get like 400-500 markers, and when you get the blueprints, you can get some additional profit. But for blueprints, it's going to be very good if you're going to go for high tier maps. So you can even just buy a bunch of tier 14 maps. For example, tier 14+ 3c each and he has more than a hundred, so you can pay three chaos per map on top of that you pay six chaos for a heist and you don't even have to kill any monsters, just enter a map, search for these two smuggling houses maybe search for the third one and leave. And this way you pay 9 chaos per month and even doing it this way, if you have a very fast character, you should still make profit. But if you're going on top of that, kill a map boss and you can get some additional profit from searing exarch and guardian maps. This is a strategy that you can do on a low budget of your gear, just do it in yellow white maps and sell low tier contracts or you can eventually do it in tier 14s without killing anything.

These are harder POE 3.19 currency farming strategy which you can do in the endgame once you have action already good character.

5. Invitations

The first one is the invitations. So for invitation, you just need a very high single target, just kill the guardians, it doesn't really matter if you're gonna kill shaper elder or conqueror guardians all of them are profitable and use all of the maven passives and height of hubris. This might increase the difficulty by a lot, so maybe you can remove even captivated interest either maven invitation item quantity or height of hubris to reduce your difficulty, but you always will make like 100c profit per invitation set, because you are paying 15, 20c per map and you can get that money back mostly from the fragments because thanks to the inevitable ambush, you will get sometimes second fragments and this is basically paying just for the maps. Then you should buy the invitations probably for like 30c and from invitations you will most of the time drop 7 splinters of maven which you can sell for around 100 chaos, which is basically 7tc profit. On top of that, you will get some additional guardian maps, maybe some other items, some energy currency and so on, a couple of conflicts.

6. Simulacrums

Simulacrums are right now in a very good spot, you can make a lot of money from it not only from drops, but also from leveling gems. 

7. Expedition

Either expedition in maps with all of the expedition nodes and expedition scavs or just farming log books. Logbooks are always very good source of strategy if you don't really know too much about locals, you can do just the 2gen logbooks and you can buy some currency from him, this is gonna be just guaranteed profit.

8. Heist

It is actually doing heist like very efficiently with high item level contracts and blueprints. So earlier you can make money just from doing endless size and so on, but once you have a like very good defensive character and you can actually handle doing high tier highs, so like item level 81 plus you can make a lot of currency from blueprints. So doing things like gems, replicas, string cuts and so on. And especially you can do something like buying blueprints Tunnels of Drought which are fully revealed, you can probably buy them for like 50 chaos and if you look for example at blueprint like Prohibited Library, it has fully revealed all of the currency map definition cards, so a lot of good runes. This one has seven the currency, five divination, so not all of them are going to be nice. For example, Tunnels of Rust is only two currency but it is hit and miss. if you're gonna do. you can probably just combine it with doing high cinema maps, you can just farm your own highest contracts and blueprints, sell the one that you don't feel like running and run the one that you want to do. 

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