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How to Get Kalandra's Touch in POE 3.19 - Path of Exile 3.19 Kalandra League Unique Items

9/6/2022 11:28:26 AM

With the launch of the Path of Exile 3.19 patch and Lake of Kalandra expansion, there are lots of additions and changes to uniques in the game. Let’s take a look at the new POE 3.19 unique items and how to get Kalandra's Touch ring in Kalandra League. 

POE 3.19 Kalandra's Touch & Unique Items

What Is Kalandra's Touch in Path of Exile and How Does It Work?

Kalandra's Touch is a unique ring introduced in Path of Exile 3.19.0 patch and exclusive to Kalandra League till now, if you can find a special league-exclusive unique ring at the Lake, Kalandra's Touch mirrors the effect of your other ring. It will magnify, distort, and reflect your own rings, giving you access to previously unreachable levels of power on exceptionally rare POE items.

How to Get Kalandra's Touch in POE 3.19

There are limitations on where and how Kalandra's Touch can drop from. It is not random. This ring can only be obtainable through the Kalandra league's content. The ring drops from the "Evilandra" boss encounter, but it is not sure how to trigger that now. Kalandra's Touch copies the modifiers of the ring equipped in the opposite ring slot, so its effect is identical to that ring. The replicating of an Unset Ring will not result in Kalandra's Touch gaining a socket, nor will it replicate a gem that is already socketed into that ring. Kalandra's Touch is deemed to be equipped in the ring slot that it actually occupies for the purposes of bonuses that care about which ring slot (left or right) a ring is equipped in. As a result, those bonuses will continue to apply or not apply as they normally would. It does not matter which ring Kalandra's Touch is attempting to imitate, it will always be regarded as a kind of uniques.

POE 3.19 Kalandra Unique Items

Alongside the Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra expansion, 14 new unique items were added to POE 3.19 Kalandra League, including the unique ring, a pinnacle boss reward, six new Grand Spectrum jewels, and more. They also improved more than 100 unique items in the game. 

Elevore (Wolf Pelt)

Ghostwrithe (Silken Vest)

Grand Spectrum (Cobalt Jewel, minion crit multi)

Grand Spectrum (Cobalt Jewel, power charge)

Grand Spectrum (Crimson Jewel, endurance charge)

Grand Spectrum (Crimson Jewel, life)

Grand Spectrum (Viridian Jewel, ailment avoidance)

Grand Spectrum (Viridian Jewel, frenzy charge)

Kalandra's Touch (Ring)

Kaom's Spirit (Titan Gauntlets)

Soul Ascension (Carnal Mitts)

The Poised Prism (Primal Arrow Quiver)

The Tower of Ordeals (Engraved Ultimatum)

Thrillsteel (Barbute Helmet)

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