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POE 3.19 Complete Guide to God-Touched Mobs | New Most OP Scarab Guide

9/16/2022 5:16:11 PM

We go over our best God-Touched loot goblin and how you can maximize your earnings, most people have no idea how God-Touched works and do not why their goblin drops them nothing but flasks and maps, there are certain ways to make your God-Touched have as much value as possible when you do find it outside of just calling in a MF Culler.


Different Gods

Only good gods are Innocence, Lunaris, Sharkari, and and Solaris-Touched. Tukohama, Aberrath, Brine King, Arakalli, and Kitava-Touched are all trash (Maps and Div Cards), you get random 6Ls if you get a combo of Dropped Items are fully linked and dropped items have maximum sockets.

  • Empowering Minions- Dropped items have maximum sockets.

  • Magma Barrier- Dropped items have maximum sockets.

  • Temporal Bubble- Dropped items are fully linked.

  • Soul Eater - Dropped items are fully linked.

  • Effigy- Dropped items have all white sockets.

  • Necromancer- Dropped quality items converted to 20 quality currency.

  • Drought Bringer- Dropped items are converted to utility flasks.

  • Corpse Detonator- Dropped items are converted to rings.

  • Mana Siphoner- Dropped items are converted to amulets.

  • Entangler- Dropped items are converted to jewels.

  • Crystal-skinned- Dropped items are converted to gems.

  • Mirror Image- Dropped items are duplicated.

  • Corrupter- Dropped items are corrupted.

  • Empowered Elements- Dropped items are fractured.

  • Lunaris-touched/Shakari-touched/Solaris-touched- Dropped items are converted to currency based on rarity.

  • Tukohama-touched/Abberath-touched- Dropped items are converted to maps.

  • Arakaali-touched/Brine King-touched- Dropped items are converted to divination cards.

  • Innocence-touched- Dropped items are converted to scarabs based on rarity.

  • Kitava-toched- Dropped items are one rarity higher.

Most OP Scarab

 2022-09-16 171903

  • Reliquary Scarab is the most important scarab for getting huge Divine Explosions.

  • When you find a good God, items are converted to Scarabs or POE Currency based on rarity of the item.

  • More Uniques =More High Tier Currency (Divines, Exalted Orbs, and Annulment Orbs) and Winged Scarabs.

  • goldkk

Importance of Quant/Rarity on Map/Gear

  • Higher Map Quantity and Rarity the mob will have a higher chance to drop more unique items that get corrupted.

  • Makes 8 mod corrupted maps or high delirium maps have a much higher payout on average.

  • Importance of boss rushing and grabbing quantity/rarity altars or poe currency duplication altars.

  • All of this gets scaled with item rarity and quantity on your gear, making magic find extremely beneficial.

3 Mod or 4 Mod and the Perfect God

  • 4 Mod Monster will have a lot higher item rarity and quantity, resulting in a larger loot explosion.

  • Best Combo: Mirror Image (Duplicate Items), Solaris-Touched, and Opulent.

Final Thoughts

  • You can still get a very large loot explosion without crazy amounts of Magic Find with altars and proper map juicing.

  • Theoretically, it is possible for a solo player to get around 100 Divines if they hit the perfect mob combo with the right altars.

  • God-Touched should override Drought bringer, but fractured flasks are cool.




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