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Elden Ring News - 10 Things You Should Know In Elden Ring

9/19/2022 3:27:52 PM

Welcome to 10 things you didn't know in Elden ring and also some things you might not have realized.

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Elden Ring News - 10 Things You Should Know In Elden Ring 

1. Elden Ring News - Elden Ring Deathbed Dress + Elden Ring Flail

There was a bug where if he used the flails charge-up attack while wearing the deathbed dress, you would hit yourself in a slapstick kind of way, this self-flagellation occurred due to a unique interaction between the dress and flail, the charge attacks are designed to do slightly more damage each rotation, but instead of giving each rotation its attack entry with slightly more damage, they chose to apply a special effect to the player that adds a flat amount of physical damage, therefore, the area of effect hitbox of the dresser's healing effect was given this flat amount of damage from the flails special effect.

Mostly in the past tense, because this funny interaction was patched in the major 1.06 update that was released in early August, it turns out the dress had several issues that needed to be fixed including the fact that it alerted enemies when it wasn't supposed to.

2. Elden Ring News - What Can Be Parried in Elden Ring?

Of course, there are ways to Parry and deflect magical spells in Elden ring uses ashes of War like Thopp's barrier and carrion retaliation,  these Shield infusions even counter-throne magical consumables like cuckoo Glenstone and The Wraith calling Bell foreign, but do you know just how many projectiles work with a storm wall out of War not only can you parry and deflect away arrows like the description says you can even bounce firebombs into the sky like.

It's a game of golf, if the enemy throwing firebombs at you happens to be standing, next to an incendiary Barrel that's their fault with this ash of War infused to your Shield, you can Parry away bone darts throwing daggers poison stones explosive Stones crossbow bolts, any arrows fired from something smaller than a Ballista or a great bow partial cannons are also a little bit too much.

3. Elden Ring News - Elden Ring Armor Does Not Exist

Now don't worry before patch 1.06, there was technically an armor, so rare that it was impossible to get except through a bug revian showcases Discovery back in May, the Beast Champion set normally features a dark blue Cape yet, if you alter the chess piece by removing the cape, and then reverting the alteration while still wearing it, you would certainly be wearing the otherwise unobtainable purple cape,  this different colour was temporary, if you took off the armor or warped to a side of Grace, it would return to normal. 

Obviously, replicate this glitch post-patch 1.06 and as you can see it has been fixed, however, hold on to the hope that future DLC might expand on the armor alteration system, it would be so great to recolour cloths and fabrics, maybe even have a few choices based on all the groups found around the lands between like all the soldier sets representing the various factions if not.

It's a shame might never see this purple cape again, but you know what you can still get some sick Elder ring fashion project Orochi,  today's sponsor the streetwear clothing brand inspired by Japanese mythology and art, a direct appreciation for these designs, because a lot of them are inspired by Dark Souls sekiro bloodborne.

They have this nice Academia design based on the Academy of real lucaria, some designs are more subtle and minimalistic, like the Darkmoon tea, for example, this fisherman tea is cool. 

4. Elden Ring News - Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Tips & Tricks

There are a total of seven walking mausoleums spread out through the lands you must access them to duplicate the remembrances from the Demigods Lords and legends to access them, you have to take down these huge Stone Turtles either by attacking the curse marks on its legs or by jumping onto the upper platform and destroying the white marks there.

You can just use any incantation with a good area of effect, a top Contender would be Grails raw, the raw deals physical and slight magical damage in a wide area of effect, making it ideally suited to removing the curses, if your build doesn't fit that the rejection incantation has a much more modest Faith requirement of 12.

Effectively does nearly the same thing for the mausoleums where the curse marks are out of reach, you could still strike their legs to stop them from moving, and then just jump up, there as previously mentioned or simply position yourself nearby to shoot the targets from a distance it's great to target practice.

5. Elden Ring News - Complicated Cartography In Elden Ring 

For the first time in a game, like this from the softest crafted a vast collection of map fragments make up a visual depiction of the lands what you might not know is these hand-drawn designs have been modified countless times in a series of patches and updates to the game, some of the major and minor ones have been tracked by users, such as the illusory wall, and it's very interesting to see that the map has faults and issues that need to be addressed over time, just like any other game issued one of the most famous changes is the road to the hidden Jarberg village, there is no direct path, the map is a lie you need to jump down the cliff Ledges to get there.

Recording footage at the time and everyone was leaving messages to show they got tricked, however, this trickery ended during patch 1.05, if you check the map, it now accurately shows the inaccessible coastline in one section.

In the Northeast section of Leonia where it joins the big wall of the frenzied flame Village, there's a cliff that is correctly marked, but as it curves down it loses its precision and ends up making no sense, it looks like you should be able to just walk over to the church of inhibition from here, but in reality that's not possible funnily enough, this section still hasn't been changed as of patch 1.06.

6. Elden Ring News - Elden Ring Sentry Torch Sadness

The space torch is an Elden ring seven, if you include the torch pulse spear, let's shine some light on the Sentry torch, this torch reveals invisible enemies and concealed assassins this effect occurs when held in either hand or placed on your back while two-handing something else it even works if your summoned partner uses the torch to reveal the invisible enemies for everyone else.

However, the real fact about this torch is it does way less than you might expect, it does not reveal invisible flaws or illusory walls except in the singular instance of the illusory walls in Sage's cave, and even then it only opens the walls at this location for all reasons, the torch says it allows the bearer to see assassins cloaked in veils, this cave is a black knife assassin hideout, it sadly does not work on the invisible scarabs someone wrote on the wiki that you can reveal players who use the concealing Veil Talisman in PvP.

This was ever correct, the Talisman essentially works like the obscuring Ring in Dark Souls 3. It makes the wearer invisible to enemy players at a distance, so it's proximity-based, you will see them when you run within range whether you have the Sentry torch or not, it makes no difference, this is the same for mimic Veil concealment, it has no effect, if it revealed unseen blade sorcery, the Unseen blade spell cloaks your weapon with invisibility and the torch does nothing.

7. Elden Ring News - Surprising Lobster Weakness In Elden Ring 

There seems to be a running argument as to whether these are giant lobsters or giant crayfish, but either way, they're up there as one of the most hated enemies in the elderly, a lot of people say they just avoid them entirely, they're very quick vast amounts of health and hard to stagger, and they don't give good rewards either, however, did you know they have a weak point in their underbelly so much so that any attack which thrusts from underneath is a perfect strategy against them try the giant hunt out of War stick it on some big sword, it's quite a surprising weakness.

8. Elden Ring News - Elden Ring Great-Jar Red Knights

There's a chance a very low chance, but a chance nonetheless that you end up recognizing one of these Red Knights, perhaps as one of your very own characters, the great jar in Dragon Barrow lays a challenge before you in the form of three red summon signs to defeat these three Knights of the great jar in one life, and you win the challenge, if you're having trouble just getting to this location each time you die it's a bit of a trek to the nearest Grace, So a nice tip is to save and quit after running past to de-aggro the nearby Giants, it's now known that the three randomized builds that you face each time you attempt the challenge, they come from other players who have successfully obtained the great jars Arsenal while playing online the same thing goes for Fears champions in the deep root depths.

These NPC enemies are the uploaded builds of other real players, you can tell they're real because some of the builds don't always seem completely functional, sometimes the opponent doesn't seem to have the requirements to use their spells or they keep applying the same useless Buffs over and over again.

That's just other online players trying to be kind and giving you a free fight, of course, you're going to see a lot of Moonville katanas and bleed builds, despite the Nerfs, but honestly, the variety is good it's there, for the most part, it's really interesting to get a sneak peek at how other players are putting together their builds.

9. Elden Ring News - Didn't Expect Pickle In Elden Ring 

All the pieces of the old Aristocrat sets are dropped by these wandering old Nobles, this includes the old Aristocrat shoes, you can't deny it's an unusual detail, so if you equip these old Aristocrat shoes for some unknown reason it rearranges your pickle one might say does it work on female models perhaps unsurprisingly,  this could be, because they decided to shrink the loincloth at some point in development, but then forgot to add this change to the Aristocrat shoes if that was the case, though it's funny that this has not been patched, but the purple cape was.

10. Elden Ring News - The Special Claw Flick In Elden Ring 

There is an option in the game menu called manual attack aiming, it was there in the previous Souls games and what it allowed was directional control of your heavy attacks while locked onto enemies, it can be a useful technique sometimes to prevent strafing and backstabs for some reason.

This setting doesn't work in Elden ring, this is for strength weapons as you can see all the heavy weapon attacks rigidly lock you towards your opponent when locked on here, while pulling left and right on movement stick, but attacks only ever go straight toward the enemy that's how it is they're all the same except one unusual weapon to bring finger.

This weapon skill in particular claw flick is the only one that allows you to alter the direction of your heavy attack while locked on if you have the manual attack aiming option enabled, obviously just to be clear, you can still perform these directional strength attacks just by unlocking, most players just unlock when they want more precise control anyway, but even so, it's funny to have an essentially useless menu setting.

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