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Poe 3.7 Legion Update - Path Of Exile Legion Patch Notes (3.7.0) Revealed, Item Filter Information & Passive Tree Data

6/5/2019 3:19:10 PM

the official poe 3.7.0 patch notes is finally published, marking the end of synthesis league at the same time. alongside the legion expansion, path of exile 3.7 item filter information and passive tree date are both released with full details. then you can start to update your item filters and create your own builds in the new league. here goldkk.com brings the latest poe 3.7 legion update featuring path of exile legion patch notes full contents, item filter information and passive tree data.



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path of exile 3.7 legion patch notes - content update 3.7.0 overview

you can start a new economy in the coming poe challenge league: legion, and the standard, hardcore and solo self-found variations are also available. in this league, you will encounter monoliths when you travel across wraeclast, trying to collect splinters and combine it into emblems, with two or more emblems placed in legion map device, you can access the domain of timeless conflict. new challenges comes with new rewards, like monolith crown and monolith crown attachment with 12 challenges completed. check out all guides and contents you should know, start your brand new journey in path of exile!

the key point of full contents of poe 3.7.0 patch notes:

- the legion challenge league

- major new content and features

- minor new content and features

- melee rebalance

- character balance

- skill reworks

- skill balance

- vaal skill balance

- support gem reworks

- support gem balance

- passive tree balance

- ascendancy balance

- item balance

- unique item balance

- world changes

- monster changes

- npc changes

- incursion changes

- betrayal changes

- strongbox changes

- azurite mine and sulphite changes

- prophecy changes

- map changes

- zana league mods available during 3.7.0

- user interface improvements

- quest rewards

- pvp changes

- bug fixes

note: click here to get all details of the poe 3.7.0 patch notes revealed officially.

path of exile 3.7 legion starter guide - poe 3.7 item filter information

new poe 3.7 items

active skill gem: steelskin, dash, bladestorm, blood and sand, berserk, chain hook, perforate, frostblink, precision, flesh and stone, pride

support gem: impale support, close combat support, shockwave support, pulverise support, rage support

currency: whispering incubator, fine incubator, singular incubator, cartographer's incubator, otherworldly incubator, abyssal incubator, fragmented incubator, skittering incubator, infused incubator, fossilised incubator, decadent incubator, diviner's incubator, primal incubator, enchanted incubator, geomancer's incubator, ornate incubator, time-lost incubator, celestial armoursmith's incubator, celestial blacksmith's incubator, celestial jeweller's incubator, eldritch incubator, obscured incubator, foreboding incubator, thaumaturge's incubator, mysterious incubator, gemcutter's incubator

stackable currency: timeless karui emblem, timeless maraketh emblem, timeless eternal empire emblem, timeless templar emblem, timeless vaal emblem, timeless karui splinter, timeless maraketh splinter, timeless eternal empire splinter, timeless templar splinter, timeless vaal splinter

divination card: vanity, imperial legacy, burning blood, echoes of love, alluring bounty, the fool, the archmage's right hand, dark dreams, buried treasure, demigod's wager, the primordial, pride of the first ones, the deep ones, thirst for knowledge

path of exile 3.7 legion starter guide - poe 3.7 passive tree data

the change details of poe 3.7 passive tree is explained in the patch notes, if you're a community tool creator, you can find the json data here. path of exile's built-in item filter in the game and the passive skill tree will be updated on the path of exile official website alongside the launch of the legion expansion.


we'll keep updating the latest news and information as well as various guides or tips for path of exile player, what's more, cheapest poe currency and items are provided for pc, xbox one and ps4, welcome to pay attention to us!

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