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Path Of Exile 3.6 Bane Occultist Build Guide - Poe Synthesis Starter Build Strategy & Contents

3/15/2019 5:59:00 PM

path of exile 3.6 synthesis league will launch on ps4 on march 26, 2019, while the new expansion contents and updates are available for a period of time. in this guide, goldkk.com introduces a poe 3.6 synthesis starter build - bane occultist build, with the ascendancy class, skills to use, leveling and recommended items, check out the poe bane occultist build 3.6 guide contents, build the best character and earn more rewards or profits.


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path of exile 3.6 synthesis bane occultist build guide - ascendancy class

poe 3.6 bane occultist build ascendancy class - occultist

which poe ascendancy to choose and how to build the character? the occultist is a great choice for poe synthesis starter build with many reasons as below.

- occultist offers great synergy with chaos damage over time skills, comes with good attacking and defending additions, like stun immunity and uninterruptible energy shield recharge.

- occultist allows you to scale the damage of bane further by giving access to a huge non ailment damage overtime multiplier and a reduction to enemy ks resistance.

- occultist ascendancy allows you to stay alive by giving energy shield regeneration and stun immunity, which is important for the builds. in addition, the uninterruptible recharge makes navigating traps easier and available to tank a few bigger hits, reduce life regeneration of nearby enemies directly, removes the counter to damage over time skills and also helps against some tougher encounters such as grand master.

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path of exile 3.6 synthesis bane occultist build guide - skills 

poe 3.6 bane occultist build skills - bane, despair, efficacy, controlled destruction, swift affliction & void manipulation

bane is a path of exile 3.6 skill for triggering and damage bonus. poe bane is damage over time skill that applies a debuff and linked curses to enemies in an area. the debuff brings more damage and makes the skill last longer for each applied curse. it also has a curse tag with certain modifiers, it can benefit from the modifier sticker skill effect duration and gains additional duration for each curse applied. area damage modifiers did not apply to the bane skill as it is excellent for killing bosses and also comes with enough base damage to kill most monsters within a single cast. even though the bane does gain more damage for per curse, you need to invest more to raise the curse limit which isn't very feasible especially when there are only three curse skill, you can choose to have synergy on the top of that, the damage scaling with each curse isn't that great compared to additional damage support gems in path of exile, but you can use a despair to reduce enemy case resistance and increases the amount of damage.

expect for the bane, the primary skill damage skills also have despair, efficacy, controlled destruction, swift affliction, and void manipulation. using solar and an essence drains link to efficacy and socket in a weapon with the mod trigger socketed spell. 

path of exile 3.6 synthesis bane occultist build guide - leveling

you can only get access to bane in act 3, you can use whatever skill you prefer to level with. it is recommended to kill all bandits for the bonus passes and complete side quests dead or for extra points, the bane occultist poe 3.6 build, you can choose whatever you feels comfortable. for the ascendency occultist itself, you should grab wicked ward and wild bastion, the big bonus on energy shield and the stun immunity is better a use profane bloom until a finished overlap and then respect into withering presence.

path of exile 3.6 synthesis bane occultist build guide - items

when it comes to the poe items for the bane occultist build, there are 3 uniques recommended: apep's supremacy, the beast fur shawl and bated breath.

apep's supremacy comes with many functions for properties like maximum resistances, it makes you take no damage while bleeding if you are ci, but it is a fairly expensive shield, so it is expected used in endgame setup. the beast fur shawl can give you a large bonus to energy shield recovery rate which is a multiplicative modifier that affects both energy shield regeneration and recharge rate. bated breath is a cheap and common unique item, which gives increased energy shield recharge rate which is additional of all other similar modes and also very good in endgame setups. path of exile crafting simulator is live here now to help you to craft a better path of exile items

what else should you notice? check out more tips for poe 3.6 bane occultist build from captain warlord's video:


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