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Path Of Exile 3.6 Atlas Guide - Atlas Mechanics, Map Drop Rules, Completion Bonus & Tips For Poe Synthesis Starter

4/4/2019 4:03:33 PM

the path of exile atlas of worlds is an endgame map system, through which to progress and earn bonus, what's the poe synthesis map mechanics and how to get more drops? here goldkk.com brings you the path of exile atlas guide 3.6 featuring atlas mechanics, map drop rules, completion bonus and more.

path of exile 3.6 synthesis atlas guide - poe atlas mechanics instruction

when you start the path of exile war for the atlas, you can get a few tier 1 maps from monster drops and pre crafted tier 1 map from zana, she will give you the quest to complete by killing the unique boss on the map, then unlock the map on atlas. the path of exile atlas can be reshuffled every expansion or patch, change the map locations and tiers doesn't influence core mechanics.

map tier system

- the map tier number such as tier 1 - tier 10, presents the base difficulty of the map, the level of monsters within it and base poe items dropping from it. so, the tier 1 is the easiest map with level 68 monsters and tier 16 is the hardest map that include level 83 monsters so far.

- there are also base colors white, yellow and red can determine which affixes can be crafted onto them and what strength these affixes can be. white color maps have easier and weaker tier ethics to your affixes and provide less returns while red color maps are the opposite. 

- white maps including tier 1 to tier 5 maps, yellow maps including tier 6 to tier 10 ones and red maps contains tier 11 to tier 16.


path of exile 3.6 synthesis atlas guide - poe atlas drop rules

- path of exile 3.6 maps that are locked (gray) will only drop from connected map base, while the unlocked ones (colored) can drop from within any maps as long as they are within the drop tier restriction.

- all tier 1 can always drop.

- connected locked maps to the map base that is being run have 8 times as high chance to drop of unlocked maps that are not connected, connected unlocked maps to the map base that is being run have 4 times as high chance to drop of unlocked maps that are not connected.

- path of exile 3.6 unique maps also follows above rules, after you unlock the regular base of unique map, you have the chance to drop it from any maps.

- a poe vendor recipe here is to sell 3 of the same map base to a vendor for +1 tier adjacent map base.

path of exile 3.6 synthesis atlas guide - poe map drop rules

- environmental spawns and normal monsters can drop up to maps of the same tier, magic and rare monsters can drop maps up to +1 tier, unique bosses can drop maps up to +2 tier, you can only to drop up to +2 tier from the current base that you are running when you have one unlocked, the magic and rare monsters is effective to improve the height to your map returns.

- all types of monsters including normal, magic, rare and unique, can not only drop +1 or +2 tier maps, but also drop at or below the base tier maps that you are running, so you may get tier 1 or tier 2 maps in your tier 16 map on top of base monster types.

- there are some special monsters can't drop maps, like perandus monsters, non-rare abyss, breach, harbinger, incursion and essence monsters.

- path of exile cartographer's strongbox chests can also spawn in maps, if you get a +2 chest level, they can drop higher to your maps than you are, if you get a vaal corruption, one more tier will be added.

- player increased the items rarity and quantity will not affect non unique map drops.

path of exile 3.6 synthesis atlas guide - poe map completion bonus

with your the completion of your maps unlocking, there will be corresponding  completion bonus.

- there is a percentage, which shown in the center of atlas map, increases the tiers of map drops, the completed bonus objective contributes to your overall atlas bonus, the atlas bonus gives a percentage chance that when a map drops it will roll +1 tier higher. if you get and keep this percentage to 100%, all maps that drop will roll +1 tier higher from their original drop chosen based here, if going above 100%, repeats the cycle giving a percentage over 100% to roll +2 tiers higher from their original drop chosen base.


- each map bonus objective can be seen by covering over the map and get its tooltip once you've completed that objective.


- atlas bonus can't upgrade a map tier beyond the tier drop restrictions of the monsters.

- at 100% completion bonus, the lowest tier map will be tier 2.

which maps to choose when you start to explore the atlas? here is the path of exile 3.6 synthesis best maps to shape from tier 1 to tier 10, check out for more details.

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