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Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis Best Maps to Shape - POE Synthesis Atlas Shaping Strategy

3/7/2019 4:58:25 PM

Path of Exile Synthesis will be officially released on March 8, 2019, the new Atlas has arrived. Which maps are easy to shape in POE 3.6 Synthesis League? Which POE 3.6 maps offer more drops? Next, Goldkk.com brings you the suggested Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis best maps to shape for tier 1-tier 10 based on layout, mobs count, elder, Divination cards, profits and more reasons. Check out the Path of Exile shaped map 3.6, farm best maps, save times and earn money.


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Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis Best Maps to Shape for Tier 1 - Tier 10

Tier 1 - Alleyways

Alleyways is an excellent layout that allows you to run from one side of the map to the other side without missing any mobs, it has a good boss. It will increase five tiers when every POE Shaper's Orb put on, this means tier one will go all the way to tier six and stay at the position. 

Tier 2 - Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion is recommended as the POE 3.6 Synthesis best maps to shape for tier 2, it also can be used to shape elder in Path of Exile Synthesis League. This is a top contenders for Elder Orb, when you kill the elder over, you get the orb, which can be done to any map on there. It has a decent mob density and really good layout as well as good boss.

Tier 3 - Leyline

Path of Exile 3.6 Tier 3 best map is Leyline, there are a good boss on it and you can run from one side to next without double cracking or anything, you can kill all the monsters on the way. You don't want to spend more times on the map when you can spend less, basically the same amount of monster killed that's what you want to do.

Tier 4 - Underground Sea

We are going to have Underground Sea for Tier 4 map shaping, it is also a high contender for the Elder Orb, you have 5 sextant opportunities here, where has high mob count, decent layout and boss. There may be a better way than running the map from side to side or in these crevices. It's so dark to find things, but it's not a hardest layout. This probably is the highest run of all the maps here in previous leagues, so it's a good one for both Elder and tier 4.

Tier 5 - Marshes

Path of Exile Synthesis Atlas Marshes really has a high mob count and ideal layout, this is the best of Tier 5 but kind of the worst for Tier 6. 

Tier 6 - Lair

We can shape Lair for Tier 6, it's basically a straight path and there's one offshoot somewhere depending on which there's two different basic layout on this one, it has excellent mob count and divination card, as a rigged world's quill which is the most sort of the quiver in the game basically and if you get these Divination cards is probably over an exalted card or something like that, this is what makes it stand out from these POE maps. A decent drop chance is much better options than the Doctor and those kind of cards. You can put in some white sextants here and also do the same with Lair and supercharge it.

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Tier 7 - Bazaar

It's easy to Bazaar's outward and has a great layout you can run. Many sites are labeled on the map and it's easy to clear the full map and obtain a divination card that gives Exalted orbs, if you have magic find gear then this might be the best one for you to shape because you can go for the Doctor here to exchange for Headhunter.

Tier 8 - Toxic Sewer/Volcano

Toxic Sewer can be highly profitable, it's popular as the good layouts and easy defeated boss, even though it has not any good divination cards, it's a decent map that very fast around and when you put in some POE currency into it, you can definitely make some money out of it. Volcano, if you have MF gear, this map would be the best choice for you to shape in Tier 8. It drops the divination card for Kaom's Heart and the density of mobs is ideal.

Tier 9 - Underground River/Vaal Pyramid/Castle Ruins

Underground River is in good position and gives divination card, the only disadvantage in the map is the amount of mobs so it may be hard to sustain in tier 9. Vaal Pyramid has a divination card of a serious accuracy. Castle Ruins is also a good choice.

Tier 10 - Moon Temple/Scriptorium/Plateau

Moon Temple is very easy to get around  and plus it has a decent chance of dropping the divination card. Scriptorium, you can get the divination card from the boss, it gives you Shavronne's Wrappings, Chaos Inoculation or something you can look up. Plateau is basically a straight line through the whole map, you won't be go wrong on it.

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