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Path Of Exile Atlas Strategy Guide (2019) - Best Shaper & Elder Map Tips Beyond Your Want In Poe 3.6

5/14/2019 4:52:10 PM

which is the best poe atlas map to shape and elder in path of exile? what is the best poe atlas strategy for you? actually all is beyond your want! in this guide, we present the main advanced poe 3.6 atlas flashback strategies for different demands of players, to help you enjoy the current league even the new path of exile 3.6 flashback event. these advanced strategies require some manipulation of your atlas to be profitable or functional. it is very important to understand the existing poe atlas strategies, their goals, and their prerequisites before embarking on them.

path of exile atlas strategy guide (2019) - best shaper & elder map tips

hope our latest path of exile 3.6 atlas strategy guide can help you get the most profit from atlas of worlds, and from our other guide to get know poe 3.6 best atlas maps to shape/elder!

poe basic non/un-shaped atlas strategy: supporting and expanding your map pool

without any advanced strategy, it is advisable to use little path of exile currency items and to climb very slowly in the leveling.

white map group (tier 1-5)

- if your character just starts the maps, use orb of transmutation and orb of augmentation for your maps. in case of affixes that are too dangerous, you can still spend orb of alteration to change affixes. keep your unidentified maps aside as well as those with quality.

- once your character is hit with a minimum viable set (maximum elemental resistances and enough life), you can use alchemy orbs directly. if you are comfortable with affixes, you can use your unidentified maps.

yellow map group (tier 6-10)

- continue to use alchemy orbs. take care to know the affixes you can not do, and put aside its maps. once you have 3 of the same type, you can sell them to get one from the upper tier

start using sextants. you can use white sextants (apprentice).

red map group (tier 11-16)

- use map chisels and alchemy orbs, identify and use a orb of binding on magic rarity maps. do the same thing as before for the difficult affixes. use a vaal orb when you do not have the atlas completion bonus yet.

 - after corruption, you may have fallen on unidentified maps, or maps with mods that you can not do (reflection, for example), there are sextants that can give additional benefits or remove the disadvantages of these mods. keep them aside for when you have the appropriate sextants mods.

- if you reach the highest levels (> 13), use vaal orbs after passing the maps in quality and rare rarity. you can also use chaos orb on maps with bad affixes or with only 4 affixes with not enough loot bonuses.

- continue to use sextants. you can use white (apprentice) sextants by having a yellow shaped group map in close to white group maps. also start to overwrite mods of sextants that do not give bonus (quantity or groups of enemies).

- use zana's craft mods, by default the "fortune favors the brave" if you do not aim anything precise.

- remember to add sacrifice fragments: one to three depending on the level and amount on the map.

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poe elder atlas bonus strategy: obtain high-level and influenced item bases

strategy goal:

this strategy is to get a conflict between the elder and the locked shaper from 10 or 15 maps, then make the maps in loops to try to get an elder or shaped item bases with a level of high item.

strategy executing required:

it is already necessary to complete a minimum of its atlas to have access to the tier 15 maps. for the maps of t 10, one seeks to use a shaper's orb of tier 10 on top. then you need a conflict zone to appear on one of these maps.

optionally, you can expand the area of influence until the elder appears to make sure that the area will not change dramatically. if the elder or one of its guardians shows up on one of this maps, it brings positive and negative points:

- as long as you do not kill the elder guardian, the zone will no longer swing, but you will no longer face the boss.

- as long as you do not kill the ancient, the zone will no longer roll over for 20 maps (after which the ancient will disappear)

areas of the ancient are harder to obtain than the shaper areas that are available on the shaper guardians and the shaper himself, so the best result is obtained when the elder appears on a 15 or tier 10 maps. shaped, preventing its influence from spreading too much, or disappearing.

strategy executing tips:

- on the target maps, it may be interesting to use the manipulation strategy to focus on this type of map (see next strategy) in order to link more easily this base map.

- the affixes of zana maps and interesting mods are those giving more unique or rare enemies for the item level bonus (nemesis, anarchy, elsewhere). the quantity of items is more important than the rarity or the size of the groups.

- the crafts on the safe giving items of all kinds is very interesting to obtain the increase of levels of items (to try to obtain in magic scarcity, to spend only alteration or increase orbs). keep the prophecy which increases the number of safe in an area for this kind of maps. if the prophecies do not fire in the maps you were aiming for, it is important to seal them again and reuse them to refresh the list of possible trigger zones.

- the base maps of great interest to contain item base of the high-level atlas in order to obtain them with an influenced base map, then multiplying their interest and price.

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poe atlas single map shaped strategy: focusing a base map

strategy goal:

this strategy consists in always getting the same map in order to play it in a loop. interests can be multiple:

- attempt to obtain a specific high level item base

- attempt to obtain a specific divination card

- manipulate his atlas to use and get more interesting sextant affixes

- build a map reserve for sale

strategy executing required:

you usually need to find out all the white and yellow group maps in order to take advantage of their completion bonuses. red group maps must be as complete as possible. however, you need to unlock as many shaper orbs as possible as well as 16 landing maps if possible.

the principle is to restrict your available maps by loot by playing a certain shaped map to that same map. this becomes possible if:

- the map is shaped, preventing the map from getting directly higher or lower bearing

- the shaped map is the only one of its level to be unblocked in your atlas

under these conditions, all maps of equal or higher landing that you will obtain will be reduced to the current map. it is advisable to unlock the upper two-tier maps because their prices are usually worth it. you can also arrange to unlock one, another that you have shaped or one that is worth its price (higher than the price of the current map).

strategy executing tips:

the affixes of zana maps and interesting mods are those offering the most enemies (elsewhere, breach). the size of the groups is more important than the quantity and the rarity is not important.

in this kind of configuration, we mainly try to clean the map as quickly as possible. one can come to avoid some maps whose disposition is not favorable and to avoid the bosses of certain maps.


poe elder and shaper influence strategy: permanent influence

strategy goal:

this strategy consists in getting one or two shaper's bastion, and / or in defining the old one in an area where it can not extend:

- it is necessary that the old one is in a corner without too much way (corner or middle, to see an edge)

- whether these escape routes are blocked by a shaper bastion, or just one / two maps

- that the number of isolated maps so do not exceed 20

strategy executing required:

it is already necessary to define a zone (generally, one of the 4 corners) or to have the chance to have a configuration where one or two bastions are placed in strategic places. then you have to make the elder appear inside the area. for this, simply make maps. if it does not appear inside the area, it must be hunted until it disappears, so that it reappears elsewhere.

once the influence of the ancient in the right zone, it is enough to extend its influence to the bastions or strategic points, and to make the adjacent maps. a map influenced by the ancient directly adjacent to a bastion may be claimed by the shaper, then be redone to restore influence to the elder. the position will ensure that the influence of the elder can not spread elsewhere, or that on one / two possible maps, preventing it from manifesting itself in the atlas.

strategy executing tips:

this strategy makes it possible to obtain a permanent influence on a map, which is conducive to the other two previous strategies, although it is harder to put in place.

this strategy also provides experience bonuses and loot due to enemies added by influences. on the other hand, it blocks the appearance of the elder.

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