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Nba 2K19 Best Shooting Guard Builds Guide & Tips - Archetypes For Overpowered Sg In Mycareer

5/3/2019 6:00:38 PM

as a shooting guard in nba 2k19 mycareer and mypack you are primarily a scorer and you can score with him in many ways. whether as a pure shooter or a versatile player, you have many options and we will show you which skills, attributes, archetypes you should use to create the best overpowered nba 2k19 sg builds.

nba 2k19 best shooting guard builds guide & tips


best nba 2k19 shooting guard (sg) builds

kobe, jordan - as a shooting guard you have to fill in big shoes in nba 2k19 if you are aiming for a shooting guard build. in this position, you are of limited use in defense. you have to cover your opponent, of course, but your focus is more on the switching game and the offensive.

at shooting guard, you have to choose a role that you want to fulfill. of course, you can achieve top scores if you double the archetype. however, we would like to introduce you to shooting guard builds, with which you have at least one alternative so as not to acidify as a roleplayer.

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best nba 2k19 sg build - the perfect shooter

note that you can swap the archetypes for this build. you choose the focus of your offensive. either you want to sink more threesomes or secure secure mid-range jumpers. in the proposed version, you will receive three hall of fame badges and you will really hit every roll within the triple line.

primary skill: throwing

secondary skill: 3 points

size: 1.95 - 2.00 meters

weight: 95 kg

wingspan: slightly lower than the standard - this increases your throws from dribbling.

you can vary the physical traits to either become a pure bowler or trust a few dunks. in addition, you have good chances with big players on difficult throws, but then you are a bit slower.

best nba 2k19 sg build - threat of everywhere

this build will give you a shooting guard that can do anything on offense, but nothing perfect. his threes become mediocre, but you have very high scores in basketball, dunk and mid-range. in addition there is a good ball handling as well as speed, acceleration and vertical.

primary skill: throwing

secondary skill: penetration and completion

size: 1.95 - 2.00 meters

weight: 95 kg

wingspan: slightly lower than the standard - this increases your throws from dribbling.

the big advantage of this shooting guard build is that it's hard to gauge for your opponents. if you get a free threesome, you will meet him as well. otherwise you always have the opportunity to go to the basket or to work on a free throw.

best nba 2k19 sg build - the aggressive shooting guard

although it sounds strange, this build is for shooting guards who do not necessarily focus on throwing. they can still be dangerous throwers, but their specialization is on the train to the basket. therefore, the build is especially interesting for experimental gamers.

primary skill: throwing

secondary skill: pass and ball handling

size: 2.00 - 2.05

weight: 100 - 105 kg

wingspan: slightly higher than the standard - this increases your chance for difficult throws.

you get a kind of small forward with this variant. however, you are a little smaller and faster and your opponents are in most cases worse defenders, so you can come to the basket better. if you have any further suggestions for good shooting guard builds, feel free to share them with us in the comments section.

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