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Path Of Exile 3.6 Chieftain Marauder Holy Flame Totem Build Guide - Best Poe Hierophant Build

5/4/2019 9:58:41 PM

welcome to our path of exile 3.6 holy flame totem build guide, this will cover the best and recommended stats for equipment, gear, skill gems, support gems, jewels and even the skill tree path you should use for the most popular poe chieftain marauder build. 

path of exile holy flame totem build

path of exile 3.6 holy flame totem build guide

holy flame totem in poe 3.6 league is reworked from the flame totem, rapidly fires projectiles. with 50% conversion to fire as physical-based, it is easier to scale into late game than before. although it can cost more than a 150 mana per cast on a 6-link, this problem can be solved by using the blood magic keystone notable.

this is a great starter build in budget, no need initial poe currency investment. mainly focus on well-rolled rare items, it allows you to play the build in an ssf environment. with the good amount of % increased life that is gotten on the passive skill tree, the build will gain a respectable life pool even with little gear. spell damage, physical damage, fire damage, projectile damage, channelling nodes and totem nodes scale the damage. other perks from the chieftain ascendancy class synergize very well with this totem skill in general.

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poe holy flametotem build - pros & cons


+ hardcore viable

+ good boss killer

+ great life sustain via hinekora, death’s fury ascendancy node

+ budget-friendly


- slower clear speed than meta builds

poe holy flame totem build - skill tree

path of exile 3.6 holy flame totem build - passive skill tree

poe holy flametotem build - ascendancy

ngamahu, flame’s advance > hinekora, death’s fury > arohongui, moon’s presence > tukohama, war’s herald

poe holy flame totem build - pantheons

major god: soul of lunaris 

minor god: soul of garukhan

poe holy flame totem build - jewels

look for the rare jewels with below stats:

- elemental damage

- cast speed

- fire damage

- spell damage

- projectile damage

- critical multiplier

- maximum life

recommend jewels:

- watcher’s eye prismatic jewel

- spire of stone

poe holy flame totem build - bandits

- help alira

- 5 mana regenerated per second

- 20 % global critical multiplier

- 15% to all elemental resistances

poe holy flame totem build - gems

6 links - chest: holy flame totem + infused channeling + elemental focus + multiple totems + controlled destruction (5l) + fire penetration (6l)

start forming a 4l with infused channeling, elemental focus and multiple tomtems; if 5l add controlled destruction; if 6l add fire penetration

4 links - helmet: vaal haste + increased duration + flame dash + faster casting

4 links - boots: cast when damage taken (lvl1) + increased duration + immortal call + vaal righteous fire (lvl3)

4 links - gloves: orb of storms + power charge on critical + increased critical strikes + culling strike

3 links - main hand: arctic armour + herald of ash + summon lighting golem

3 links - off hand: assassin’s mark + arcane surge + increased duration

ring: anger


poe holy flame totem build - equipment

look for the rare items with below stats:

- elemental damage

- spell damage

- cast speed

- fire damage

- critical chance

- critical multiplier

- elemental resistances

- life

mandatory uniques

the covenant: spidersilk robe

reason: socketed gems have blood magic, so you don’t have to worry about manna; 10% increased maximum life; socketed gems are supported by added chaos damage; use it only after picking the sanctify you’ll always have a huge life regeneration, way more than you need to summon your totems.

essence worm: unset ring

reason: this ring gives you the chance to use an aura without reserving more mana; let’s use it to boost our dps with the aura anger.

recommended rare weapons

when you have some currency, look for sharper sceptres:

- gain x% of physical damage as extra fire and lighting damage, like hypnotic blow tyrant’s sekhem

- increased elemental or fire or spell damage

- as long as you get richer, you can keep buying better ones for more damage, such as woe breaker karui sceptre

recommended uniques

divinarius: imperial skean

reason: divinarius is the budget alternative, it’s super cheap and is grants increased spell damage and critical strike chance; use 2 of them while farming for the poe currency needed to buy those rare sceptres.

winds of change: ancient gauntlets

reason: those gloves are awesome for this build, they grant 30% projectile speed, 50% projectile damage and up to 60 life.

recommend full set of gear

main hand weapon - lead sceptre

offhand weapon - tyrant’s sekhem

helmet - eternal burgonet

chest - the covenant: spidersilk robe

gloves - legion gloves

boots - titan greaves

belt - stygian vise

amulet - onyx amulet

rings - diamond ring & essence worn: unset ring

recommended flasks

divine life flask

reason: your divine life flasks must have instant recover; to maximize your defenses, look for “immune to bleeding” and “immune to freeze and chill” as secondary stats

quicksilver flask

reason: another good choice if you want more speed; best mods for quicksilver flasks are “increased movement speed during flask effect” and “increased duration”; for more crits; look for increased duration and increased evasion as secondary mods.

silver flask

reason: a sliver flask is a great choice for flask, it increases your cast and movement speed; best mods for silver flasks are “increased movement speed during flask effect” and “increased duration”

the wise oak

reason: mainly because the 15% penetration; but remember your uncapped fire resistance must be the highest; keep in mind that if you have the same uncapped value for all 3 elemental resistances, you are going to get the offensive and defensive buff for all elements, just like the avatar.

atziri’s promise

reason: an offensive flask that provides a huge boost to your dps and also increases your life leech; if you don’t have one, you must go to goldkk.com buy your poe unique flasks now, it fits in 95% of poe builds.

poe holy flame totem build - leveling tips

beginner friendly

start using molten strike as your main skill with holy flame totem as auxiliary damage until you reach the ancestral bond node in your skill tree, then holy flame totems will be your main source of damage.

main skill

- start with molten strike

- at lvl4 link ancestral call

- at lvl8 link added fire damage

- at lvl18 link elemental damage with attacks

auxiliary skill

- starting on level 4 you can also use holy flame totem supported by infused channeling as auxiliary damage

- when on level 8 support it with added fire damage

- reaching level 18 complete with elemental focus

- reaching level 38 change added fire damage for multiple totems

main skill

- remember that as soon as you reach ancestral bond in your passive tree, holy flame totem will become your main skill

- and you’ll be able to cast 4 of them


- arctic armour and herald of ash can be activated when you reach level 16

- you can also activate anger as soon as you get your essence worm ring

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this is a great poe 3.6 chieftain marauder build for starting the league, friendly and budget, also you can achieve a better effect with expensive gears. for more insane path of exile builds, welcome to check out our news page.

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