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Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Expansion - Legion Release Date, Melee Overhaul, New Items, Archetype, Map Improvement And More Features

5/22/2019 10:23:21 AM

the path of exile 3.7 expansion legion announcement is finally here, which features melee combat overhaul, unique items, new skill gems, new build archetypes, quests, and upgraded atlas map device to improve the game. here goldkk.com introduces all the contents and details of path of exile legion expansion, hope to prepare for the new league.



path of exile 3.7 legion expansion guide - poe 3.7 legion league release date

grinding gear games releases an expansion in the light of its plan, which is around every 13 weeks, the poe legion release date on different platforms are as below, then you can also expect the next one in september.

path of exile legion league on pc: june 7, 2019

path of exile legion league on consoles: june 10, 2019

check out the official path of exile legion trailer and developer commentary here:

path of exile 3.7 legion expansion guide - poe legion challenge league mechanics overview

ggg brings a lot of changes and upgrades into the poe legion, covering the new item rewards, gems, archetypes, map, monsters, while the most significant improvement is the overhauled combat system, as well as adding some new attributes, makes the melee combat in path of exile feel more sensitive.

monoliths & domain of timeless conflict - based on the story background, this expansion focus on five famous generals and their sprawling armies, when you explore wraeclast in the poe legion league, you can discover monoliths in each legion challenge league area, mark these monoliths to reveal the ancient conflicts between legions and freeze in time, then untether monsters from the domain of timeless conflict through doing damage to them within the short amount of time, but when the time is up, the effect of the monolith disappears, be ready to fight them. because some monsters are powerful and drop valuable items, the legion gives you complete control over risk and return.


splinters & emblem - enemies from each of the five legions drop splinters , which represents the legion,  combine 50 splinters together to create a timeless emblem, then place two or more emblems from different legions in a map device, you can access the challenge league’s endgame - domain of timeless conflict, where the eternal battle between those legions rages. unlock the upgraded map device in order to fight in the ultimate conflict between all five legions.

timeless maraketh splinter: 001

timeless templar splinter: 002

timeless templar emblem: 003

timeless karui emblem: 004

path of exile 3.7 legion expansion guide - overhauled melee combat system

- animation system redesigned.

- monster targeting rules improved (you can keep attacking enemies as long as it’s the mouse button is held down)

- attack animations canceling is allowed.

- accuracy is no longer capped at 95%.

- movement skills activate are instant.

- new low-level movement skills have been added for many classes (level 4).

- all melee attacks can now hit multiple adjacent enemies.

- melee skills rebalancing and improvements.

path of exile 3.7 legion expansion guide - incubation items and new uniques

in path of exile legion league, some new poe items and uniques are available as rewards. the first one is the incubation items, which drops from certain monsters, modify a piece of equipment to guarantee a certain reward after you complete tasks, by killing a fixed number of monsters.

confirmed poe 3.7 legion item rewards:

ornate incubator

diviner’s incubator

harbinger’s incubator

ngamahu’s flame abyssal axe

loath medallion onyx amulet


path of exile legion also tweaked 15 older uniques and will add 12 new unique items and, 15 existing items updated with brand new attributes, for example, the voll’s protector, tweaks with new property inner conviction, make you obtain power charges instead of frenzy charges, and have a stronger spell damage boost in legion. in addition, you can earn the unique jewel from each of five legions to be socketed into your passive skill tree, which makes significant changes but really hard to get.

confirmed poe 3.7 legion jewel:

glorious vanity timeless jewel


confirmed poe 3.7 legion new items:

dark dreams (bone helmet)

alluring bounty (10x exalted orbs)


aukuna's will clasped mitts

maw of conquest steel circlet

voll's protector holy chainmail

lavianga's wisdom war hammer

rathpith's globe titanium spirit shield


path of exile 3.7 legion expansion guide - new class & build archetypes

new class archetypes that can be used for creating new builds in poe legion league added - blood and sand gladiator and rage berserker. the new poe legion archetypes are suggested builds that allow you to use a combination of skills from a variety of different classes. 

blood and sand gladiator - this archetype can swap between the blood stances and sand stances, with the function of dynamically modifying new and existing skills, you can use blood magic and sand-based abilities to create a new play style. the blood stance is ideal for dealing with lots of damage to enemies in close range, and the sand stance is defensive and boosts a larger area of effect. it's for poe duelist build.


rage berserker - the archetype features an attack buff, rage, which increases attack damage and movement speed, it will not consume life over time, but the berserker can choose to restore that effect for more power.


path of exile 3.7 legion expansion guide - atlas map improvement

ggg has also completed an update of the current map device.

- in the poe 3.7 legion, there are 8 maps improved to make the boss fights better.

- players are allowed to access hidden areas of the world.

- the number of slots in map devices changed from four to five.

- a complete refresh of the coward’s trial unique map.

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