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Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Builds - 5 Best Starter Builds For Poe 3.7 Legion Challenge League 2019

5/31/2019 7:59:38 PM

path of exile 3.7 legion (which is the newest expansion and challenge league for its free-to-play action rpg path of exile) has been announced for a week, to help poe players to level up new characters fast or farm up existing new poe items and get the best game experience on the new expansion poe 3.7 legion, here we present 5 best poe 3.7 starter builds on a reasonable budget for starting path of exile legion 2019 on all platforms ps4, xbox one, and (steam) pc, including berserker build, melee summoner.

best poe 3.7 legion builds

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path of exile 3.7 legion builds - 5 best starter builds for poe 3.7 legion league 

poe 3.7 legion brings some new features, new items, new skills, new gems, rebalances, 2 new archetypes blood & berserker, melee combat, and more. these powerful archetypes and their new skills offer additional options for many other poe 3.7 builds. then which are best builds for poe 3.7 legion starter? here goldkk.com will present 5 best poe builds - all good choices for 3.7 legion in path of exile. also you can get the best poe 3.7 legion atlas map strategy here.

poe 3.7 essence drain occultist build - lahkesis queen of chaos showcase 

> high damage over time with good aoe

> good as a league starter build?- with no unique items required to start mapping effectively

> end-game viable with proper gear adjustments

> good clear speed

> immunity to reflect mods

> provides interesting gameplay mechanics and a very enjoyable playstyle

< can feel squishy before you transition fully into energy shield

< slow leveling

< it's not one of the no-brainer builds

click hehe to find the complete guide for this build 

lahkesis queen of chaos essence drain has been consistently a strong and solid skill since its introduction in talisman and impact 3.6. we got introduced to new chaos skills such as bane which is an active skill gem that applies a debuff to enemies in an area which also deals chaos damage over time linked curses are also applied to those enemies, the debuff deals more damage and lasts longer for each curse applied this way, so now we have two essence train set ups: essence drains + contagion and essence train + bane, it is a very versatile spell and can be built around a diverse range of budgets. it is openly recommended as a leak starter or can be used to clear endgame content including awesomes with poe legion expansion.

essence drain will prove once again, it's on the top tier skill list and available to new players and better into like essence drain is arguably one of the strongest single target chaos spells in the game which is reason enough to try it out if you never have.  

poe 3.7 legion elemental hit totem build - chieftain marauder

> easy to play

> fast clearing speed

> could sustain a lot more damage

> great mobility

> great boss killer

> delve depth 300+

< totem play style

< evasion build

click here to find the complete guide for this build

coming up the second poe 3.7 build is one of the fastest and most efficient clearing builds with huge speed and dps - elemental hit totem build, you will finish story mode in no time and through maps all the way to uber elder, and also kill the tough boss with a few key equipments. recommendation for the major god: soul of lunaris, once you gather all its powers, it is a great defensive pantheon which will further boost your chance to dodge and avoid attacks; for the minor god, the advice is soul of gruthkul., which grants an amount of physical damage reduction while also decreasing the attack speed of any enemy that hits you. a good alternative minor god is soul of shakari for poison immunity as well as some chaos resistance.

for playing more safely, you can choose the totem play style. it strikes a great balance between a full-blown archer build and the more defensive approach of totems gameplay. you only need a few key items to make this build work and we only need 4-link to make it work, which means you don’t have to spend all of your currency.

poe 3.7 legion sweeping bleed theory build - berserker marauder

> has the potential to do all endgame content

> high attack speed

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coming up the third is the sweeping bleed theory build. you need to sweep your huge axe around a whole load of times and you’re going to hit everything around you, that’s fundamentally the whole goal of this build. there is absolutely no ability to use spells. you need to run sweep and run bleed. you are going to get a total max bonus of 50% increased damage, and 25% increased attack speed. as we know, most builds use a specter carnage, if you run crave the slaughter, you can make 10% increased dps and make a 25% increase attack speed buff. overall sweeping bleed theory build is in a very solid state these days, and if you haven't already now would be a good chance to try it out.

poe 3.7 berserker build - using ngamahu's flame axe, berserker ascendancy

> all maps and mods are easy-peasy

> double curse

> immune to bleed

> physical can shock 

< no movement gem

click here to find the complete guide for this build 

coming up the forth poe legion build is the berserker. the berserker is fearless when fighting enemies. he excels at building a lot of rage while instantly healing portions of his life with strong attacks and warcry abilities. and this berserker build using ngamahu's flame axe, our charged dash will spew out molten burst to add extra damage. using berserker ascendancy gives us tons of attack speed that scales charged dash damage, movement speed, and quality of life very well. only a six socket ngamahu's and any average rolled six link chest required. 

poe legion melee summoner build - herald of agony for juggernaut

> works great as a mapper, boss killer

> beginner and legion league starter friendly

> limited by minion move speed 

> good survivability

< the shield and dagger will be expensive

< must get int and dex on gear, or spend passive points on the +30 nodes

click here to find the complete guide for this build 

the best poe 3.7 legion build could be the melee summoner build. this build is great for map clear with 400k+ dps from scorpion tail spike, 100k+ per mortar, 6 mortars that can shotgun; great for single target with 50k dps per spider x 20 spiders = 1 million dps. spiders and the scorpion deal all our damage and hardly need any investment! for bosses you can take a couple seconds to prep by casting desecrate then killing the mobs in the boss room to get 20 spiders. or use a worm flask as your life flask to be extra safe. when start build getting enough int and dex is a challenge for this build. always make sure you have enough so that you can level your gems as much as possible, so you probably will have to grab those +30 nodes. unspec them later once you have enough on gear. 


hope the listed poe 3.7 starter builds can help you a lot in legion league! for more details please focus the poe wiki & database!

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