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Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Ascendancy & Map Changes - Berserker, Slayer, Gladiator And More Ascendancy Rework & New Poe 3.7 Sextants

6/2/2019 5:13:42 PM

path of exile 3.7 legion is directed towards melee rework and mechanical changes to the core game along with animations update. in this guide, goldkk.com will introduce the path of exile 3.7 legion berserker, slayer, gladiator, chieftain and champion ascendancy changes and new poe 3.7 sextants mods revealed by ggg so far, more poe 3.7 ascendancy rework will be updated here once it's announced.


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path of exile 3.7 legion ascendancy changes - poe 3.7 berserker ascendancy rework

- the lastest update poe legion ascendancy is berserker, number 1 is physical attack damage and critical strike chance, number 2 is flawless savagery 80% increase critical strike chance for attacks, adds 20 to 30 physical damage to attacks if you've dealt a critical strike recently, 20 to 30 physical is as much as and even more than a pretty nice that belt does upgrade into deidbellow. 

- number 4 is blitz which is 2% more attack speed per blitz charge, the duration on these charges are not confirmed, 10% reduce critical strike chance per blitz charge and gain a blitz charge on a critical strike you can have a max of 20 blitz charges, if you have crazy damage this is an awesome way to scale attack speed, which does equal clear speed with things like shield charge and leap slamming, overall your mobility on boss fights so that's kind of unique, not really sure how much of a damage increase this is since you reduce critical strike chance but nonetheless definitely more interesting in the previous range of mechanic. 

- number 6 is war bringer, this was actually the good old berserker setup, recover 25% of life and mana when you use a warcry, 100% increased warcry duration and warcry cooldown recovery speed, these are basically the same, the last two points are slightly buffed, it's still a strong node, the main reason to pick this up is for the most part the recovery along with the duration and cooldown. 

- number 8 is pain reaver, that's completely new because this used to be collecting savagery, leech life has a cap and your cap is based off your maximum health slash or recovery, attack speed increased if you've been hit recently, increased maximum total recovery per second value if you've taken a savage hit. 

- number 9 and 10 crave the slaughter: gain one rage on hit with attacks no more than once every 0.3 seconds one percent chance the deal double damage per 4 rage just looking like a ruthless set up, ruthless is a really nice gem for that right of ruin lose 1% of maximum life per second per rage while you are not losing rage effects granted for having rage are tripled and cannot be stunned while you have at least 25 range. 

- number 12 is no everything in a different one. number 13 and 14 fourteen is going to be an aspect of carnage that hasn't changed.


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path of exile 3.7 legion ascendancy changes - poe 3.7 gladiator ascendancy rework

- the gladiator nodes are now global attack speed so they're not just attacked with one-handed weapons that you see 5% but now it's just 4% attack speed. the main part is number 6 - arena challenger, 2% more attack and movement speed per challenger charge, 25% chance to gain a challenger charge when you hit a rare or unique enemy while in blood stance, so that's gonna be more for sustaining on boss fights and then gain a challenger charge when you kill an enemy and more from map clearing again on that charge.

- number 14 is outmatch an outlast is 25% chance to gain a frenzied charge on kill with the main hand and 25% chance again endurance charge on kill with offhand, this isn't necessarily bad it's pretty good for mapping, the problem is that is the sustain of this right when you get to a boss fight.


path of exile 3.7 legion ascendancy changes - poe 3.7 slayer ascendancy rework

- number 1, the first thing to talk about consistency so overwhelm is right here it's a beautiful two-pointer, if you hate crafting weapons in path of exile, here's the solution for you, play slayer states the following overwhelm your base critical strikes four attacks with weapons is 8% percent, no more trying to roll weapon critical strike chance, it allows us to start crate at an early level, transition much easier, and make it feel better. it also gives the minus 30% to the critical multiplier to enemies, it reduces the critical strike damage of nearby enemies very strong. 

- number 12 is related to melee mechanics, which is completely reworked in path of exile legion league, there's animation canceling, now more weapon range you have it gives us global accuracy, melee weapon, and unarmed attack range, it gives you area scaling per enemy kill and deal up to 15% more melee damage to enemies based on proximity.

- number 14 masterful form, this is a new one, increased 50% endurance charge duration and 50% frenzy charge duration, it gives you maximum endurance charges are equal to your maximum frenzy charges so this one is not a direct sustainable one but at the same time it gives you a much bigger window to help yourself sustained while giving you endurance charges based off your forensic charges.

- slayer notes were changed to global, they're not two-handed anymore you can play bow with it too.


path of exile 3.7 legion ascendancy changes - poe 3.7 chieftain ascendancy rework


path of exile 3.7 legion ascendancy changes - poe 3.7 champion ascendancy rework


path of exile 3.7 legion map change - new poe 3.7 sextants

poe legion introduces new sextant mods in path of exile 3.7 legion altas, the examples are as below:

gardens map - tier 11


crystal ore map - tier 14


Guess you ask