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Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Atlas Guide & Strategy | Best Poe 3.7 Atlas Maps To Shape/Elder Tips

6/4/2019 12:01:37 PM

the atlas of worlds in path of exile 3.7 legion is updated, alongside of adding 2 new sextants and reworking 8 atlas maps! in the new expansion, what advanced poe 3.7 legion atlas mapping strategies you should use for farming powerful items from these influenced maps? which is the best poe 3.7 atlas maps you should shape and elder? so here we present the some tips for path of exile 3.7 legion atlas strategy, the mapping guide for new and updated atlas, also help you figure out which are the best atlas maps to shape in poe 3.7. 

poe 3.7 legion atlas map strategy - path of exile 3.7 atlas guide

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 Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Updated Atlas Maps (POE 3.7 Atlas of Worlds)

in every major expansion or patch, the atlas can be or is reshuffled to add, remove and change map locations, and tiers around. there is no exception in path of exile 3.7 expansion! with the poe 3.7 legion league living in game, the chart of poe’s end-game maps - atlas of worlds has been updated, with new positions for existing maps, new sextants, new reworked and improved atlas maps. want to clear poe 3.7 atlas maps fast? check out our poe 3.7 builds to find out the best builds for your characters.

there are a total of 158 maps in war for the atlas, including the new added poe 3.7 atlas tier 16 maps. the full map pool is listed below, with tiers before the map name. lots of old map layouts have had their properties buffed, so be careful.

Complete list of POE 3.7 Atlas Maps

tier 1: sulphur vents map, haunted mansion map, desert map, ivory temple map

tier 2: glacier map, thicket map, alleyways map, lookout map, barrows map, armoury map

tier 3: leyline map, mausoleum map, ashen wood map, relic chambers map, pier map, arid lake map, arachnid tomb map, flooded mine map, wharf map, pen map

tier 4: excavation map, crater map, city square map, fields map, cage map, grotto map, cursed crypt map, strand map, channel map, beach map, the coward's trial, whakawairua tuahu

tier 5: marshes map, spider lair map, tropical island map, ramparts map, burial chambers map, mesa map, jungle valley map, peninsula map, arcade map, fungal hollow map

tier 6: mud geyser map, courtyard map, ancient city map, atoll map, maze map, promenade map, cells map, phantasmagoria map, waste pool map, overgrown ruin map, primordial pool map, doryani's machinarium, the hall of grandmasters, maelström of chaos, the vinktar square

tier 7: residence map, spider forest map, arena map, dungeon map, racecourse map, graveyard map, vault map, waterways map, conservatory map, laboratory map, overgrown shrine map, acton's nightmare

tier 8: iceberg map, pit map, ghetto map, bone crypt map, chateau map, toxic sewer map, scriptorium map, dunes map, factory map, necropolis map, estuary map, olmec's sanctum, perandus manor, pillars of arun, death and taxes

tier 9: arachnid nest map, port map, villa map, mineral pools map, underground river map, underground sea map, castle ruins map, shore map, moon temple map, arsenal map, lighthouse map, mao kun, the twilight temple, caer blaidd, wolfpack's den, oba's cursed trove

tier 10: sepulchre map, coral ruins map, volcano map, geode map, bog map, plateau map, lava chamber map, bazaar map, academy map, temple map, poorjoy's asylum

tier 11: infested valley map, dig map, lair map, malformation map, siege map, gardens map, crimson temple map, precinct map, colonnade map, museum map, the putrid cloister

tier 12: lava lake map, cemetery map, vaal pyramid map, park map, shipyard map, core map, carcass map, canyon map, colosseum map, hallowed ground, vaults of atziri

tier 13: tower map, sunken city map, defiled cathedral map, belfry map, coves map, shrine map, plaza map, terrace map, reef map

tier 14: primordial blocks map, orchard map, wasteland map, crystal ore map, courthouse map, basilica map, dark forest map

tier 15: summit map, caldera map, acid caverns map, desert springs map, palace map

tier 16: vaal pyramid map, forge of the phoenix map, maze of the minotaur map, pit of the chimera map, lair of the hydra map

Complete POE 3.7 Legion Labeled Atlas Maps

tiered, labeled, colored and including unique atlas drops by /u/vocandin

- all maps should be in range of 5 sextants

- unique atlas drops are estimates, so overlapping “unique zones” may or may not drop both related items

- opal rings, marble amulets, steel rings and blue pearl amulets only drop on the inner circle zones.

- all other unique atlas bases drop on the full quadrant, including inner circle

- the map is based on information known fro synthesis (3.6) so things might change

poe 3.7 legion labeled atlas maps (path of exile 3.7 legion atlas of worlds maps)

path of exile 3.7 legion atlas guide & strategy - best poe 3.7 atlas maps to shape 1

Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Atlas Strategy (POE 3.7 Atlas Mapping Tips)

there are always two main poe atlas strategies that players typically choose to playing the atlas. one, complete everything; two, shape atlas maps by only completing your loved maps. here we will show you the details path of exile 3.7 legion atlas mapping guide and help you find out the best atlas maps to shape or elder beyond your want in path of exile 3.7.

POE 3.7 basic non/un-shaped atlas strategy

Complete everything, supporting and expanding your map pool

this is fairly straightforward and will provide you access to the most content, perfect for the person who just wants to casually push and have fun or the person who wants to get to the guardian bosses at the end of the atlas. if you are new in the game, we do suggest you to choose this strategy, to see the most content and enjoy the game better. this strategy is very simple to carry out. you just need to run maps as you get them and progress through your atlas, then buy maps and complete. you will get more maps since you can collect more bonus for completing every map. but for this, you have to run through the maps you don’t like. without any advanced strategy, it is advisable to use little path of exile currency items and to climb very slowly in the leveling.

white map group (tier 1-5)

- if your character just starts the maps, use orb of transmutation and orb of augmentation for your maps. in case of affixes that are too dangerous, you can still spend orb of alteration to change affixes. keep your unidentified maps aside as well as those with quality.

- once your character is hit with a minimum viable set (maximum elemental resistances and enough life), you can use alchemy orbs directly. if you are comfortable with affixes, you can use your unidentified maps.

yellow map group (tier 6-10)

- continue to use alchemy orbs. take care to know the affixes you can not do, and put aside its maps. once you have 3 of the same type, you can sell them to get one from the


upper tier start using sextants. you can use white sextants (apprentice).

red map group (tier 11-16)

- use map chisels and alchemy orbs, identify and use a orb of binding on magic rarity maps. do the same thing as before for the difficult affixes. use a vaal orb when you do not have the atlas completion bonus yet.

 - after corruption, you may have fallen on unidentified maps, or maps with mods that you can not do (reflection, for example), there are sextants that can give additional benefits or remove the disadvantages of these mods. keep them aside for when you have the appropriate sextants mods.

- if you reach the highest levels (> 13), use vaal orbs after passing the maps in quality and rare rarity. you can also use chaos orb on maps with bad affixes or with only 4 affixes with not enough loot bonuses.

- continue to use sextants. you can use white (apprentice) sextants by having a yellow shaped group map in close to white group maps. also start to overwrite mods of sextants that do not give bonus (quantity or groups of enemies).

- use zana's craft mods, by default the "fortune favors the brave" if you do not aim anything precise.

- remember to add sacrifice fragments: one to three depending on the level and amount on the map.

POE 3.7 atlas shaped maps strategy

focusing some atlas maps beyond your want, obtain high-level and influenced items

this strategy is to get a conflict between the elder and the locked shaper from 10 or 15 maps, then make the maps in loops to try to get an elder or shaped item bases with a level of high item. this will be optimal for experience, but limit you to only running a few maps. maps with linear layouts, good clear speed or high mob density have been marked. players should bear these map types in mind when choosing which maps to shape with shaper’s orbs. remember that these orbs turn a map that it’s applied to into a shaped version that is five tiers higher than the previous version. for any map shaping strategy of a tier x, you want to uncomplete every other map of tier x and every map of tier x+1. that way if a tier x+1 map would have dropped, it has none to choose from, and defaults back to tier x. since you only have one completed (the one you're running the shaping strategy for), it defaults to dropping this one.

to execute this strategy effectively, you need to get know the items you can loot from every atlas map, then go to figure out which atlas maps you should shape or elder for getting the items you want, keep reading, you will find out the answers on our below guide for poe 3.7 legion best map to shape .

Path of Exile 3.7 Legion best maps to shape/elder

which is the best poe 3.7 atlas map to shape and elder in path of exile? what is the best poe 3.7 atlas mapping strategy for you? actually all is beyond your want! if you want to farm the new poe 3.7 divination cards or poe currency, you should focus on the maps with these drops. here’s the poe 3.7 shaping lists we recommend to give you a guideline:

all natural 16s

shaper fragments would be valuable with the necklace being made more rare


15 – desert spring (for absolute monster count – high count = better returns and more xp).

15 – summit (balance of smooth layout and high monster count, boss is a killer though).

13 – shrine, 11 – precinct and 12 – lava lake (divination card and map returns).

13 – tower (divination card)

11 – crimson temple (divination card, if headhunter was made much rarer the life thief may be the best source of soul eater. have not personally seen this card drop so may be wrongly attributing it to this map)


10 – bazaar, 9 – arsenal (each has good monster count, each has a good divination card)

7 – spider forest (premium divination card)


4 – crater

currency/loot optimized

complete all 1-8. 9 – arsenal, 10 – bazaar, 11- all, 12- all, 13 – tower, 14 – all, 15 – all, 16 – all

run towers where possible. when out of towers (may happen at times), take your arsenals and bazaars and run them with zana’s +5 tiers to a map

noted: above tips are the initial early thoughts of the poe 3.7 atlas subject to change if divination cards move, or there are drop rate changes

also you can check out the path of exile 3.7 atlas strategy from the famous poe youtuber - thi3n as below:

check out all changes, new contents, reworks of the poe 3.7 expansion on the poe 3.7.0 legion patch notes, find more tips and guides of path of exile 3.7 on our news page and path of exile wiki here.

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