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Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Currency Farming Guide - Best 5 Tips For Making Currency In Poe 3.7 League

6/4/2019 12:38:20 PM

this week should be busy for poe gamers as the path of exile 3.7 legion league is scheduled to launch on june 7 for pc, and before the release, lots of poe 3.7 updates will be revealed, like balance manifesto, 3.7.0 patch notes and skill gems. then how to start the new challenge league better and increase the profit? here goldkk.com brings you poe 3.7 currency farming guide for starter with best 5 currency making tips to improve your currency generation in the first few days after poe legion league launch.



path of exile 3.7 legion currency farming guide (2019) for league starter

each path of exile league has an economy reset, which may result in some specific currency making strategies being more ideal or beneficial than others. 

1. rush your maps

- rush and sell your extra maps in early league

- improving your play speed, learning different map layouts and starter builds to get more higher tier maps for particular atlas requirements

- pay attention to the map bosses and map affixes that dangerous or costly to reroll

- the further you towards completing your own atlas on map progression, the greater return rewards you can gain as your extra maps stock

the first way to make poe 3.7 currency is rush maps, what you should do is focusing your character on getting two maps within the first to second day of the upcoming league launch and letting nothing stand in your way, then you can sell any additional maps that you find. because if you push the maps, your character keep leveling and fill out your atlas, each map you are not running can be sold for earning currency. path of exile maps are at their highest value early on in a league there will be a time in which the value of maps will go static and no longer increases and may even decrease at a certain point, as the majority of players who purchase maps in order to increase their atlas completion percentage at the beginning of the league, so it's the best time to push and sell your extra maps in early league. the further you push in maps, the greater trade rewards to return as your extra maps inventory to sell and make larger amounts of trades and higher profits.

2. find the league mechanic

- high risk, high reward

- find the legion league mechanic and how to farm it as early as possible (take advantage)

- trade the highest demand items

some poe league mechanics offer large amounts of rewards to players, the first player who discovered the methods or techniques to farm particular mechanics and if they discover something that no one else figures out, they would take the advantage and become competitive in the market space for a very long time, knowledge is currency whenever a new mechanic gets introduced in path of exile. knowing how quickly to respawn particular mechanic encounters such as low-level delve or betrayal can be incredibly profitable for you in early league, it means that you're one of the first and maybe only person to farm and trade the highest demand items related to the league because everybody's excited for a new league mechanic and wants to try it out. for poe legion league, that's going to be probably revolving around incubators,  legion jewels and other things as well, such as the location of new divination cards, for instance that's always a great thing to discover very early on and then get the corner on magic finding and farming for divination cards in a particular map or tile set.

3. target farm masters

- high risk, high reward

- generally stable

- target farm niko, quickly progress to new depths in delve (fossils, bosses, and 6l recipes)

- target farm alva, reap the benefit of the temple (corruptions, divines, atzoatl mods, and currency)

- target farm jun, sell or unlock crafting, along with betrayal progression (scarabs, uniques, and currency)

- target farm einhar, have a wide variety of single use crafts (currency and items)

- target farm zana, unlock map mods (mapping density or rewards)

the third solution for poe legion currency farming is to target farm masters. each of the new masters including niko, alva, jun, einhar and zana offer unique rewards, targeting one of these masters is essential for you to cut off and quarter your aspect of the market. targeting niko is the way to go if you're doing it for currency purposes, fossils, bosses and the six-link recipe are all reasons to target farm nico and go deep early in league. targeting alva, which you never know exactly what's going to drop from your temple, sometimes a temple of itself or incredibly rewarding, in terms of the maps, in terms of the currency that it can potentially drop for you, targeting alva can be very profitable even if you don't have something that you want to corrupt, if you get a double corruption temple, you can sell that to another player. targeting jun is a great way to make money early on in a league and either for yourself to actually unveil things and then provide crafting service for other players or actually sell the veiled items. within the first three to five days of a league, people don't have their bleed flasks and instant flasks so flask farming of einhar can be incredibly profitable if you keep finding a bunch of beasts and you're just target farming them, then you're able to craft those particular flasks quickly and then put them up on market and sells quickly. if you're using zana and loading her up, it is incredibly beneficial to you to add as much density as possible to a map, the more you level up zana the more density and the more specialized sorts of target farming you can do on your maps.

4. farm prophecies

- silver coins can be traded away for other currencies

- the risks silver coin spamming is 100% rng based

- prophecy farming allows massive rewards for hitting the rng slot machine

moving on to the next poe 3.7 currency farming tips, silver coins are still something of an enigma to the vast majority of the path of exile player base, it can be turned into chaos, as players aren't just using the silver coins to trade away for other currencies, they're actually using them to farm and to spam prophecies, most players simply get them and they rot in their stash or they flip them into chaos early on in a league and another place who are acquiring silver coins are the ones who are reaping really great benefits. primarily an rng based system, prophecy farming can be profitable early league for uniques, chains, or area modifying prophecies that later on the league are common and worthless, there are players who have taken advantage of rng farming through silver coins and even trading for them which minimizes rng trading for specific prophecies and then just holding on to them and waiting for them to accrue value that is certainly another way to go about making currency early on in a league based on your silver coin usage or farming prophecies that you may have. if you decide to go this route make sure that you've researched previously historic relevant prophecies because chances are some of them will still be relevant during legion league. but if you're not interested in rng based farming and currency progression then farming prophecies is probably not the way to go for you. 

5. hideout warrior/guild banker

- trade currency (exalts, divines, annulments, chaos, fusings, alterations)

- trade poe items (uniques, rares, maps)

- trade services (crafting, bossing, banking)

the last poe currency farming tips in legion can also be called flipping, one of the single most profitable things that you can do in path of exile leagues is spend time on serving and interacting with the market in several different ways, one you can be a currency flipper to flip like exalts, some new currency that's going to be introduced in path of exile legion, we've got incubators that are going to be coming and tradable, and the legion jewels and the splinters that are going to drop from the various army generals and from the encounters with monoliths, so these are going to be things that can be flippable, so you can sit in your hideout and simply watch the ratios and adjust accordingly to make your profits. secondly you can also trade items, that's out there on the market consistently league to league, because every single league there are new players miss price things, miss sell things and have no idea the value and it probably drops for them and then they stop playing the game, you should take advantage of them that you should price fix or that you should scam.  

if you've got knowledge that a particular unique is going to go up in value or that a particular rare or a base item is very valuable or maybe that a map that hasn't been discovered yet, maybe you got that a new divination card drops off of a map and people are putting that map up for a very cheap price, you can go on corner of the market on that particular map and then you own the market for when that information gets released and you can reap the rewards of it. so trading items is incredibly lucrative, there are lots of unethical ways to do. there will have something to do with the legion challenge league, so maybe you'll sell challenges for killing legion bosses legion, that's an opportunity for you to create currency again by playing the game most of the time. bank of exile is you staying in your hideout but a lot of the time what these bossing players will do is they will actually watch global and trade chance, players who need help either killing a boss on a particular map or are simply looking for a lab carry or are simply looking for particular completions and they'll actually offer themselves as a service to those players.

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