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Path Of Exile 3.7.0 Expansion Update Patch Notes - Legion League Bug Fixes, New Features/Improvements, Ascendancy Balance, Map Changes & More For Poe 3.7

6/6/2019 9:23:49 AM

with the synthesis league coming to the end, ggg has revealed the full patch notes for poe 3.7 legion update with some new content/features, bug fixes, ascendancy balance, map changes and more, which are a huge amount of changes to a lot of systems in poe legion league. to help you understand the detailed changes to path of exile 3.7.0 better, here goldkkk.com will list all information of the poe 3.7.0 expansion update patch notes. 

path of exile 3.7.0 expansion update patch notes

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path of exile 3.7.0 patch notes - bug fixes, ascendancy balance, map changes & update to poe 3.7 legion league

poe patch 3.7.0 contains a lot of significant changes to the legion content. you can start a new economy in the coming poe challenge league: legion, and the standard, hardcore and solo self-found variations are also available. there’s also 12 new uniques, 14 new divination cards and 18 new mods in the sextant pool, offering more gear options and potential for loot and fun in legion. poe is also getting 15 new passive key nodes based on which, if any, of the new timeless jewels you have inserted. the new skill gems being introduced are pretty cool too, check out the full poe legion patch notes 3.7.0 to see those. also, to help you prepare your builds and update your item filter for the launch, we’ve presented the 5 popular path of exile 3.7 legion builds

here is the path of exile 3.7.0 update contents list:

the legion challenge league

major new content and features

minor new content and features

melee rebalance

character balance

skill reworks

skill balance


specific skills

vaal skill balance

support gem reworks

support gem balance

passive tree balance

ascendancy balance

item balance

unique item balance

world changes

monster changes

npc changes

incursion changes

betrayal changes

strongbox changes

azurite mine and sulphite changes

prophecy changes

map changes

zana league mods available during 3.7.0

user interface improvements

quest rewards

pvp changes

path of exile 3.7.0 content update 

- all mele skills have been buff somehow either in damage or aoe or quality of life, 

- you can now animation cancels if you're in the middle of multi striker in the middle of it like starting an attack animation you can off and not die which is important, 

- they added a bunch of new movement skills as well they improved basically everything, so it just feels and looks better. 

- cyclone is now channeling and you got buffed pretty heavily, 

- flicker strike has 20% chance to gain frenzy on hit at level 20 with full quality, so you can play flicker strike with whatever the hell you want.

- there's a whole bunch of new melee supports that reward like slower attack speed they buff fortify to have a more damage multiplier so much, a new divination cards like 4 rules for a dev card corrupted sauce blood div cards, that they reworked some uniques anything that's themed around the legions they reworked, so like pledge of hands and myrlie urkki and stuff like that i've been reworked, they will only drop in legion league with the new versions, they'll no longer drop otherwise they've also added one ch and you read sexton mods which we've seen, i think a few of them they're just like specific to specific sections.

- winter orb changes for those who that worried about your enter war it's basically the same, they nerfed it while you're running, but it's buffed while channeling to the same as it what it used to be. so if you want to deal high damage you just sit there in channel, you don't get the deal for your full damage while running.

- storm brand was a nurse levy for single-target, it was apparently shotgunning, he no longer shotguns but they buffed damage and made it hit faster to compensate. 

- bane got 10% less damage.

- soulrend 150% less aoe. 

- you can no longer use warlords mark to leech with spells, it only works with attacks, so you can no longer get mana leech on a spell caster with whether was marking out to solve your mana brawl in some other way. 

- they buffed the damage in acts 1 - 3, but they also made it, so the enemies are telegraphed better, so you have to pay more attention early on otherwise we'll just die.

- they also reworked accuracy, you can achieve 100% chance to hit with that key, so they've reduced or buffed accuracy across the board, you can't achieve 100% chance to hit on any build that you want to now.

- energy shield/dense fossils got nerfed across the board.

- ebyss jewels got nerfed across the board

- normal jewels have been changed to be generic damage not physics- so all of these like phys damage with axes phase damage with two-handed fizz damage with daggers that's all just generic damage.

- wands can shield charge.

- blood magic aurabots are dead, have to go ci for all auras or low life + mana.

- slayer got buffed 

- gladiator can choose to be sand dance or bleed stance, you can have an aura that toggles between the two and you get rewards based on that or a cool buff otherwise or unchanged

- champion got buffs 

- juggernaut got slightly buffed.

- zerker is angry buffed boi damage it's supposed to be the highest

- buff chieftain was heavily buff for attack based fire skills.

- occultist nerfed es

- energy shield stuff has been nerfed elementalist, they removed the prolific cuz it was lagging so you can no longer proliferate elemental status effects which is a pretty big, and you lost shock effect which was was too much lag and too much free damage. 

- they will rework prolific later on trickster with a nerf, your dodge chance in your shrouds, so you get less of them and less dodge. 

bug fixes for poe 3.7 legion 

- fixed a bug where physical damage would not bypass energy shield if that energy shield was protecting mana.

- fixed a bug where generated or dropped maps as magic or rare and were on a shaped or elder map basetype did not take into account the new map tier when rolling mods. this also affected maps created by zana for her missions. any rerolling of mods did take the correct map tier into account.

- fixed a bug where you could become trapped after defeating the terrace map boss.

- fixed a bug where you could prevent tukohama from spawning one of his beam totems until the end of the fight, making it impossible to resolve.

- fixed a bug that some mods were given a worse tier than others in the same family when viewed with the detailed mod descriptions because the mods provided their effect in the form of a negative value (such as reduced attribute requirements).

- fixed a longstanding bug where ethereal knives projectiles would chain long past the projectile's lifetime.

- fixed a bug where, when encountering zana in a map, she would use the quest state of the first person to talk to her in a party, rather than the map's owner, when generating her pool of maps to pick from.

- fixed a bug where channeled skills would not update their animation speed if the character's attack or cast speed changed while channeling.

- fixed a bug where the summon phantasm support would cause non-minion skills to be counted as minion skills for cases such as null's inclination's "trigger socketed minion skills on kill" mod.

- fixed a bug where map bosses had lost the additional opportunity to drop a map adjacent to the one you were currently in. 

- fixed a bug where essence drain, soulrend, bane and contagion were all bypassing pvp scaling when triggered from a trap or mine.

- fixed a delve exploit.

- fixed a bug where the crafted mod "trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill" wasn't triggering if the skill you use created a trap, mine or totem. 

- fixed a bug where the adrenaline buff from war banner would end early if you were playing a juggernaut and your endurance charges expired.

- fixed a bug where the frozen trail unique jewel would cause frostbolt projectiles to continue even after being detonated by vortex. 

- fixed a bug where support gems with level requirement restrictions (such as cast when damage taken) would change the restriction when socketed in an item that granted additional levels to the gem.

- fixed a bug where the "increased effect of non-damaging ailments on enemies" veiled modifier could appear on rings when dropped, but not when crafted. it now correctly appears on amulets rather than rings when dropped.

- fixed a bug where craiceann's tectonic slam skill got gigantic.

there are some extremely positive changes in the poe 3.7 expansion patch which makes legion league more enjoyable. for more of the changes coming in path of exile 3.7 legion, head over our news page or poe wiki & database and check out our other coverage of skill changes, new hideouts and more!
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