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Best Path Of Exile 3.7 Builds 2019 - 5 Powerful Legion Meta Builds For POE 3.7 Expansion

7/2/2019 3:20:53 PM

POE 3.7 Legion is GGG's biggest update in 2019, which has made drastic improvements to the melee system that has been criticized by players, In addition, there are endgame builds for POE 3.7 starters which are powerful and low-budget. Then are you having trouble picking a build for the Legion League? If you are, this means that your venture as an Exile will be hard and you should pick a build that suits your play-style, does enough damage and has high defenses to take on even the toughest opponents. Here Goldkk.com will introduce some powerful POE 3.7 Legion meta builds that give you ideas you can apply to your own preferred play style. 

POE 3.7 Meta Builds

Best Path Of Exile 3.7 Builds Guide - 5 Powerful POE 3.7 Legion Meta Builds 2019

The 5 best Path of Exile 3.7 builds 2019 are going to focus on the meta scales of the leap. What is meta-skill or build? The general conception agrees on should be the strongest or best relevant to the constant, it has to deal with this. Also the most popular builds we present in this guide all fit that category, it's important to understand though that while there is often a good reason for something to be considered meta, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's actually better than anything else.

There are lots of build variations that came in just as good that either simply hasn't been recognized yet or it just does something, otherwise there just isn't the main focus of the currently running link another important factor. What is currently being considered meta is fluid, sometimes it's just a matter of the player base recognizing something different or new for it to change and then that becomes part of the meta. So don't get too hung up on the whole Manik category label, it constantly changes, and if your build is not considered meta, then it doesn't necessarily mean that it can't be good either. However, these 5 powerful POE 3.7 Legion builds definitely fit that many category.

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Shepuuurd’s 3.7 Cyclone Slayer Build

> Hardcore viable

> Smooth leveling experience

> Can be played on a budget

> Does not slack in any particular content

> Can run huge variety of map mods

> Scales very well into endgame maps

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The first meta build for POE 3.7 Legion is the Cyclone Slayer Build. Cyclone currently by far is the most played skill in the Legion League. The skill itself received a lot of promotion leading up to the league launch and it received a significant reward in 3.7 which obviously got a lot of players excited. This Cyclone is played by more than 48% of any character above level 93 as their main skill in Legion. Almost half of any high level character in the current League is playing some variation of Cyclone as their main skill that statistic is insane just by itself, but it isn't without good reason in 3.7 Cyclone was turned into a channeling skill rather than staying as a normal attack skill, it received a significant damage boost and it had its area of effect great increase. 

Now Sheppard spelled is played as the Slayer with the goal of boosting the general damage output via headsman being able to call enemies at 20% health rather than the typical 10% via bane of legends, greatly boosting accuracy and area of effect through impact and adding a powerful boost to critical strike chains and damage by picking up the new ascendancy overwhelmed. Whether you go critical or non-critical, Cyclone is a personal build choice, both setups are viable and typically the non-critical variants will trade the overwhelm ascendancy for endless hunger in return for some powerful leech potential instead of known where the gear Sheppard's built feature items, such as the devotion helmet, the counts heart body armor, the mark of the elder ring, the lion's roar flask, and then three unique journals. Sheppard's build is incredibly girthy and deals massive amounts of damage, it can take on any constant in the game, but due to Cyclone also being so popular at the moment, then one can also expect the items suggested by this build to be expensive or at least more expensive than what you may be used to normally, this build is just a general observation of the current scale design, I wouldn't be surprised of Cyclone perceived and nerve to AOE sometime next league start.

Ghazzy’s 3.7 Essence Drain, Contagion Trickster Build

> Exceptional clear speed and experience per hour rates

> Essence Drain + Contagion Contagion is the absolute best way to deal with the Legion league mechanic

> Extremely safe build — great defenses, mobility, immune to all reflect and map mods, and able to off-screen with DoT damage

> Viable for Hardcore and Solo Self-Found

> Great league starter 

> All damage penetrates proximity shields 

> Gearing path is very flexible

> Cheap

< Single target damage does not scale as well as top tier bossing builds

< Allies Cannot Die aura is a pain to deal with

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Coming up the second POE 3.7 build for meta is the Contagion Trickster Build. Just like melee received a big rework in 3.7 with Legion spells received a big rework in 3.6 Synthesis, no one even knows what a POE build is anymore, with the spell rework essence train received some crazy buffs to the damage was increased and the projectile could now explode and hit multiple targets on impact. Essence Train was actually really good before that buff, It means it got o-p now does that explain why up to 15% of any level 93 plus character is currently playing essence training.

There is another great Reason, due to the nature of contagion and its ability to spread the essence train to nearby enemies, it is able to spread it to pretty much the entire Legion monolith and kill them all with just a single cast, and even if you aren't really into spells or what not, then you cannot deny that, this has to feel pretty good. Obviously a certain amount of damage is going to be required for essence train to effectively deal with hide sheer legion encounters, for contagion to spread this effectively, it also is going to require the scale to be of a certain level and possibly also have a decent amount of area of effect scheme. They are also situations where the map layout or monster density will break the chain, the point is that essence drain while already being pretty strong just by itself interacts greatly with the new legion mechanic gases build is played as the trickster which offers great offensive bonuses through patient Reaper and prolonged pain, but also a very powerful defensive mechanic that allows for great sustain through go stains and escape artists by combining both life energy shield innovation together of not where the gear gases build feature items such as the Harris iron chest armor and yet series step boots. The nice thing about this particular essence train setup is that despite the skill being very much meta, then the items that it's going to require or want to obtain at some point, it's actually rather cheap and for anyone who hasn't started the leak yet, this build definitely also fits the role of being a good league starter.

Note: Can alternatively be played as Bane, Soulrend instead too.

Speedybean’s 3.7 Tornado Shot, Windripper MF Deadeye Build

> Generates stacks of currency and Divination cards

> Functions on a moderate budget but has plenty of investments you can make to outfit the build with

> Long ranged build and very safe, particularly in the hands of seasoned players

> Able to deal with nearly all content

< Lackluster boss killer (even with best gear possible) 

< Magic Find variant is squishy in high tier maps

< Can be extraordinarily expensive

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First of all, Tornado Shot by itself is a strong skill, and when paired with the right type of weapon it can reach some impressive damage and due to the nature of the skill and the way arrows fly outwards in each direction. After the first hit lanes it can cover a huge area of effect, most people who play Tornado Shot these days to it with the intent of building it as a magic fine type of build with the focus on achieving high IQ and higher numbers which stands for increased item quantity and increased item rarity. These two affixes can increase the amount of items that drop, but also the rarity of the item struct for instance item rarity can make a blue magic item drop as a yellow rare item instead with enough invested into this type of stat. However it is mostly item quantity that magic plant builds focus on these days instead also increase the chains of currency items intimidation cards, also dropping something which the item rarity modifier doesn't have any effect on to reach higher numbers. This build is also designed around the queen of the forest chest armor to provide a huge boost to movement speed, and besides that, there's a few other unique items that the build use that you can check out for yourself in the guide. So a fair bit of warning here regarding this build for you new players out there, this may not be the built for you not until you become more experienced with the game, at least while you can attempt this build for it to really shine, it will require a bit of know-how in regards to controlling your Atlas and it's not particularly forgiving in regards to its item setup. It's also not the best leveling build which to be fair can be said for many bow builds and it's not really focused around killing bosses. If you are a new player you may just run into trouble and find yourself in a frustrating position.

Mseabird’s Elemental Hit Slayer Build

> High damage

> Top-tier clear speed

> Easy to scale

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Coming up forth POE 3.7 Legion build is the Elemental Hit Slayer Build. This one use elements will hit a skeleton by design be used as both melee and arranged a tank scale. Each attack with this skill will choose an element at random to deliver the damage. If the attack hits it furthermore applies damage in an area around the target with the area of effect being larger, if the enemy is suffering from an ailment of the relevant damage type already in the previous league, elemental hit was also a popular choice. However it was primarily played as the ascendant which still remain a good choice. In this League, it is by fire played mostly as the Slayer in Legion which obviously has to do with the rework, this ascendancy received this time around as a matter of fact 49% of anyone playing elemental hit in the current league is playing it as the Slayer ascendancy of noteworthy gear Siebert's build. To combat focus jewels are implemented one that prevents elemental hit from dealing Colt damage and another one that prevents it from dealing lightning damage. This way you can focus the scale into dealing pure fire damage and with avatar fire or salts plant in your setup, this also means that any of your non fire damage sources is going to be converted into fire damage and this makes the build very easy to scale as you only have to focus on one elemental damage source. 

Incredibie’s 3.7 Bladestorm Berserker Build

> Reliable leech rate due to high attack speed

> High Damage

> Immunity to stun

> High Movement/Attack Speed

> Cheap – League starter viable

< Can’t do certain map mods

< Up-close combat may be dangerous

Click HERE to find the complete guide for this build 

The final build on this Path of Exile 3.7 Legion meta builds list is the Bladestorm Berserker Build, which is one of the new melee skills that were introduced as of the Legion 3.7 League expansion. It’s a skill somewhat similar to Blade Vortex because it performs a spinning attack, damaging enemies around you. It also leaves a spinning storm that hits nearby enemies for a portion of your weapon damage. The new aura “Blood and Sand” features a unique interaction with this skill because when you set yourself into Blood Stance your Bladestorm will cause enemies to bleed and boosts your attack speed whilst the Sand Stance blinds enemies and grants you movement speed. 

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