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Path of Exile 3.7 Monolith Farming Guide | POE 3.7 Best Maps and Builds for Farming Monoliths Fast

7/1/2019 4:51:01 PM

In the new Path of Exile 3.7 Legion League, you will encounter a Monolith belonging to a specific Legion out in the wild, in which you can loot Splinters, unique, rare items and other special drops from the enemies with special signs above them. Farming 5 army legion encounters is one of the most profitable things you can do in Path of Exile right now. Then how to farm PoE 3.7 Monoliths fast and which are the best maps you can farm Monoliths easier and faster? On this PoE 3.7 Monolith Farming Guide, we will give you the most useful tips, maps and builds for farming Monoliths!


Path of Exile 3.7 Monoliths

Monoliths are present in each zone of the game (out of town, Vaal annexed areas, single map and labyrinth). You can interact with by clicking on it, which, after a certain delay, will bring up a battle between two legions frozen in time. You then have a limited time to inflict damage to his armies, which will have the effect of dislodging them from their temporal suspension: once the counter has expired, the dislodged armies will be reported in the present and animated, while those that you have not dislodged will simply disappear.

Be on the lookout for enemies with special signs above them. These can denote Legion members who drop more Splinters, uniques and other rare items. Think of this like a mobile version of the Clasped Hands from Breach. There may also be Timeless Chests among the enemy formation, just damage them to have them spawn in the second phase. You’ll know the chest or enemy has been added to the second phase when they turn purple after you sufficiently damage them. The biggest of these chests can drop some pretty insane loot. High-end uniques like Belly of the Beast and Exalted


Orb have been reported as drops from Timless chests.

Dealing damage to a given Legion member will unlock them for the next phase of the Monolith run. When the timer expires, the Legion members that were unlocked will attack the player. This is your chance to get some serious loot by killing a ton of enemies. Be careful though, as the volume of enemies can be really dangerous at early levels. Any Legion members killed in this second phase will then drop their loot. Claim your rewards and continue blasting your way across Wraeclast.

Also you can use collect 100 Splinters during Monolith runs and assemble the Emblems to unlock The Domain of Timeless Conflict. The point here is to game the system by target killing the Legion members who drop the best rewards.

So if you want to enjoy the new League and collect more new legion themed items, you need to join the Monolith Farming. The problem with this is the barrier for entry is so damn high then unless you have a friend playing support a god to your speed clearing build, that also deals millions of shape DPS and a headhunter. You're probably not going to clear these as efficiently as you need to make significant profit and that's where we come in. Then how to farm Monolith for the most profit fast? Here we list the tips to help you kill the certain dangerous monsters and farm Monoliths fast for more rare and valuable rewards.

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POE 3.7 Monoliths Farming Guide & Tips

POE 3.7 Best Maps To Farm Monoliths

As you know, you will can encounter Timeless Monoliths in every area, and the monolith’s surrounding is designed depends on the map, and some surroundings are more beneficial to farming. So which are the best maps to farm monoliths? The player named u/gostooo presented a chart guide on POE 3.7 Monolith farming in Legion league as below:

Path of Exile 3.7 Monolith Farming Guide - POE 3.7 Best Maps To Farm Monoliths

He did every single map in the atlas (non-uniques) with my ed/contagion build and noticed that the following maps are the best maps to farm monoliths, (because they are beach/strand like maps) or have almost no obstacles so it makes it easier to open the whole monolith in 15 sec or less.


POE 3.7 Best Builds For Farming Monoliths

For all the people running 5 army encounters, there needs to be people to farm splinters to generate emblems, to produce more and more of these encounters for the people who want to farm them, and that's where the new stat monoliths per hour has come from. It's the idea of loading into a map like glacier dunes, rushing over to the monolith, clearing every single shell, and then clearing every single mob as quickly as possible hopefully getting a map back and then porting out and doing it again 100 times an hour. Here we will talk about some of the best builds that are very effective for Monolith Farming, which are basically Tier 1 or 2 Monolicth farmers that will get you into your glacier break every signle shell in the Monolith and then clear every single mob with relative ease.


POE 3.7 Tornado Shot Build

Tornado Shot - It has been a powerful skill and always been very clear speed oriented which means it's extremely well with how you need to break out monsters in the legion monolith encounters. It's not a metaphor at all, it's using champion and going impale. This is not the most beginner friendly TS MF build. It will also not feel great damage wise until you have well leveled gems, a well rolled Wind ripper, a couple decent abyss jewels, a +2 TS helmet and a 6L. It is intended for the best possible clear speed while running full MF gear with 450% moves peed and 114% item quantity. You can get tailwind for ultra-fast movement speed and you get plus one chain would let you get these crazy clears without having to run chain support. Another thing to know about tornado shot as a lot of people instantly sort of associated with Magic Find, and actually the way it works out. If you want to just equip your best clear speed damage boots at speed type gear and just run through these monoliths as quickly as possible, there's no reason to turn around invest in magic find unless you really want to do that or you're engaging in party play.

The downside to tornado shot is it is one of the more expensive builds to get started compared to some of the other ones on this list. But we can say tornado shot is probably the very best low tier Legion monolith farming build in the game.

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POE 3.7 Essence Drain/Contagion Trickster Build

If you are looking for a build with insanely high exp/h gain and can start with a very low budget with possible upgrades with more currency, this build is your best choice. This is the build that allows you to level as itself without any external abilities required. This Essence Drain Essence Drain Trickster is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience the Legion league mechanic to its fullest, climb to the highest levels possible, and do it with the fastest experience per hour we can deliver.

People are talking about this skill as one of the best Legion monolith farmers in the game basically long story short, you press two buttons and the entire encounter gets cleared. All you need to do is invest a little bit in your damage by getting a level 21 gem, and then invest a little bit in your AoE by running contagion increased area of effect intensified, and then using something like a seals amplifier. Put all this together and you have a relatively low investment Legion farmer that can clear the encounters very consistently and easily without too much mechanical skill required. The main drawback of this build is it doesn't scale quite as well as some of the other builds on this list.

If you do decide to move up and farm some red maps to your tier 16 maps, you're gonna need to invest in a socketed gem stone and that's going to make things a little bit more expensive compared to some of the other builds on this list.

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POE 3.7 Frost Blades Build

This build has beaten some of the hardest endgame content such as guardians, red elder, most of the unique maps in the game, and every map til T16. It does 1M+ DPS with a 35C Budget. You can go cheaper (15c or lower) and get about 600K DPS. Because of how tightly clustered all the legion monolith mobs are all you have to do is do that once or twice, and you'll be clearing just massive like eights and quarters of the section just per attack, it's really satisfying. It's basically a melee skill which is cool because there's not a lot of melee skills they clear these monoliths super well.

The only thing that's a little dicey about this build is if you're using touch of anguish your damage is not gonna scale ultra high, so you're probably gonna be stuck on those yellow and white Maps, which you probably should be farming anyway. But the way you're doing is you just sort of walk around the middle of the circle of the mana lines and you just sort of attack left and right. If you're moving fast enough, it shouldn't be too difficult a little bit of practice. We just wouldn't say it's as brain-dead as some of the other builds on the list.

Click HERE To Read The Detailed POE 3.7 Frost Blades Build Guide

POE 3.7 Toxic Rain Build

Toxic Rain has fantastic AoE coverage, very decent damage and then a cool extra defensive layer that most skills don't have in the form of this like slow type thing that isn't affected by modifiers, like cold resistance or anything like that. That's a fantastic defensive layer if you're playing hardcore and you're looking for a legion model of armor you don't want the mob spiel to catch up to you, toxic rain why not?

Another thing to note about toxic rain is not quite as brain dead and some of the other skills, it's probably a little bit easier in frost blades but definitely a lot harder than something like essence train contagion. You still have to walk the perimeter of the circle just firing up your arrows but the land will cover a huge area especially with the AoE talent. It'll be comfortable and a lot of fun as it a slightly off meta bow skill, so if you haven't played toxic crania and you're looking for an excuse to do, this is a fantastic way to get into monolith farming for just as little budget is something like essence train.

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POE 3.7 Cyclone Build

Cyclone is the most populous skill in the game. It is undeniably so strong right now because of all the added damage it gets just for leveling up, its free attack speed, free radius, being channeling, everything about it having a million tags to scale and a million ways to deal damage with it. But as far as a monolith farmer, some people might think it's underwhelming, well we are here to tell you the exact opposite, there's actually two things you really need to focus on with cyclone, if you want to be a good monolith farmer.  You need speed and area-of-effect! A lot of people are playing cyclone right now, so it's really easy to sort of just drop stuff in the path of exile building and start googling at your damaged numbers, it's actually much stronger if you just focus on some movement speed and some AoE, so you can get a really nice comfortable clearing. And then if you're farming these loots to your Maps like glacier for example, you really don't need that much damage as long as you can pump up your path of building shape or DPS to something like 200,300K, you can definitely get away with less. You're going be able to clear this monolith, it's one shotting every single monster without even having to think about it.

So  if we're making a cyclone for monolith farming, we need to focus on movement speed and AoE. To do that you're going have to pick an ascendancy choice, of course the most obvious brain-dead choice here is slayer. The second ascendency choice we've recommend is actually Deadeye, though it doesn't get as much AOE as Slayer, it still gets a generic 50% multiplier which is you know not as good as impact, but it's still pretty fantastic. And then you also get tailwind which as you guys know is a more multiplier to all of your action speed, so what you lose an AoE you make up for in moving around and casting and packing so much faster and so much smoother than Slayer would. The other two ascendency choices are more or less viable would probably be gladiator and Raider. Gladiator is really good now because they just changed Legion mobs actually work with on kill effects, so hopefully that means the explosions. And then you also get that more movement speed modifier.

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