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POE 3.7 Oni-Goroshi Farming Guide - Benefits, Methods and Fastest Way to Farm Path of Exile Oni-Goroshi

7/29/2019 11:58:48 AM

Oni-Goroshi is an important Path of Exile weapon for creating Legion builds and new players are able to farm it. In this guide, goldkk.com brings you the Oni-Goroshi mechanics, benefits, farming steps, and fastest way for POE 3.7 Oni-Goroshi farming.


POE Oni-Goroshi Farming Guide - Why to Farm the Oni-Goroshi?

Oni-Goroshi is a unique Charan's Sword, you can get it at level 2. Farming Oni-Goroshi allow new players to have a good 6 Link for all the acts, you can utilize the oni-goroshi in multiple useful POE builds like molten strike. It can be replaced with a Tabula rasa but for SSF and beginners, this POE item is the best option. Here is the Oni-Goroshi mechanic as below. 

- Uses both hand slots

- (70-90)% increased Critical Strike Chance

- Adds 2 to 3 Physical Damage to Attacks per Level

- Gain Her Embrace for 3 seconds when you Ignite an Enemy

- While in Her Embrace, take 0.5% of your total Maximum Life and Energy Shield as Fire Damage per second per Level

- Item has 6 Sockets and is fully linked (Hidden)

POE Oni-Goroshi Farming Guide - How to Farm the Oni-Goroshi?

Oni-Goroshi can only be obtained as a drop from Hillock, or collecting a set of 27 Rebirth divination cards. Oni-Goroshi is guaranteed to drop in a modified encounter with Hillock, where Hillock is stronger and the sword sticking in him is visually changed. With a new character, kill Hillock and optionally every other monster in the Twilight Strand. The Twilight Strand becomes inaccessible when the character enters Lioneye's Watch after killing Hillock, so do not enter Lioneye's Watch but log out to the character selection screen, wait about 1 minute 30 seconds for the instance to reset, and reenter the game with the same character to put the character back at the beginning of the Twilight Strand.

Check out the brief steps to farm POE Oni-Goroshi as below:

1. Create 4 characters (Scions are recommended with Movement Speed node in the passive skill tree).

2. Go straight to the boss, kill Hillock and don't enter the Lioneye's Watch.

3. Go back to Characters Selection of the game and alternate with your 4 characters.

4. Use the step 2 and 3 until you find Uber Hillock.

5. When you see Hillock, don't kill it too fast, let him take out the sword off and kill it.

6. When you got it you can enter the town.

POE Oni-Goroshi Farming Guide - POE 3.7 Oni-Goroshi Farming Fastest Way

POE Oni-Goroshi farm time: it usually takes a long time, even when optimized on averages, you should take around 8 to 10 hours of grinding the starting zone, if you are on a trade league, it will undoubtedly be less effort and probably faster to just play the game and buy it with POE currency from other players.

- Twilight Strand cannot be re-entered after you leave it, therefore the only way to reset the zone is to log out and wait 1 minute 30 seconds to keep the downtime low, the best all-around class for this is Scion, which has decent clear speed, single target and movement speed passives.

- Please note that most of your time will be spent walking there for movement speed is better for steel points to tick all the movement speed and then projectile damage as needed.

- The first point to focus is leveling, once the character is 7 (or maybe 6), Hillock - the zombie boss at the end might drop the sword, so fully clear the zone for the most experience, take this time to gear up the character, looking for a two-handed weapon with the most added damage, you can find your goal was to be able to one or two packs with a single use of spectral throw, Iron Ring can give you a little more damage.

- The second focus is boots with movement speed, most of your time is spent walking not fighting for max movement speed, don't equip your body armor, it slows you by 3%. 

- Make sure to have multiple mana flasks, ideally medium mana flask is the main limiter of your damage output, only use melee weapons even if you find a unique bow, it's not worth it from level 5 to 7 focused more on getting Hillock, faster have a decent chance of finding Oni-Goroshi at this point even then it's still very rare, so kill enemies as you progress to the end but still try to get enough to level after level 7 and your mobs almost entirely only throw at spectral throws to onslaught to walk faster.

- Spectral throw does more damage at the end of its travel, so try to have Hillock at the end of your projectile, when you find Oni-Goroshi Hillock has higher health, he also has a different sword inside him, this fight is a much harder, Hillock is a leap slam that will take half of your health if it hits you this slam also spawned some very fast zombies that will chase you and get out of control really badly if you don't clear this, the best strategy is to kill him to death throw out specter throws. 

Check out the full details from Remixed's video:

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