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How to Sustain a Specific Map in Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium - POE 3.10 Map Sustain

4/9/2020 5:47:05 PM

To sustain maps especially end-game maps is not easy in the Path of Exile, it’s closely related to the map drops. With the approach of POE 3.10 Delirium league and update of 3.10.0, there are some Atlas changes that affects the drop rate through some mechanisms. Here goldkk.com will bring the method for how to sustain maps POE 3.10 and the basics of sustaining.

poe 3.10 map sustain

Map Drops in Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium

Before talking Path of Exile map sustaining, you should get the Atlas changes in 3.10.0. In the POE 3.10 Atlas, the map drop rate greatly increases through some mechanisms:

- Conqueror influence adding a large amount of monsters and content to Maps when spawned.

- Additional maps from Awakening Levels (including Shaper and Elder Guardian maps).

- Synthesis Unique Maps dropped by bosses.

- Unique Watchstones.

- Additional monsters spawned by higher-tier Sextants.

- Conqueror maps being opened for "free" by Zana.

- The map mod effect from Awakening Levels applying to Quantity and Pack Size modifiers.

- Blight going core.


How to Sustain Maps in POE 3.10 - Path of Exile 3.10 Map Sustain

How you can sustain a specific map in POE so that you are able to constantly run the map? There is a rule for POE map sustain: ensure your map drops per run are averaging two or more maps per every one of your chosen tier being run, sustain is guaranteed.

1. Type in and go the tier you are running, whatever tier it is. Take tier 7 as an example.

2. What you want to do is to manipulate your Atlas everywhere except from Valdo, just put what stands in, make sure there is no other tier 7 maps or tier 8 on the entire Atlas, if you have more tier 7 maps around the Atlas, you will lower the chances.

3. If you want to know how you unlock these favorite things on the side, all you have to do is complete the bonus objective and the map itself in the region. If we put these Watchstones in, you have to complete all these maps and then unlock the maps you want.

4. Go back and put these back quickly, once you’ve manipulated it, you are pretty much set, if you find that you want to get the map initially and you have not got, such as Burial Chambers Map, you can run these T6 maps and work your way up till the Burial Chambers, you will start being able to sustain it.

5. If you’ve run out of sustain because just started, and have not get enough maps below Burial Chambers, go ahead and run T6 maps, they should drop that you need. If you want to know how you can select the Burial Chambers, the slot at the left side corresponding to Favorite map, select a slot then select a map on your Atlas to set it as a favorite map, favorite maps will have higher dropping chance (right click to clear a slot), you just want to click on the icon, it will glow up and then you want to click on Burial Chambers, do the same for the other favorite and that's all you have to do.

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