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6 Best Looking Rocket League Designs For May 2020 - Octane, Twinzer With Trigon Decal & Jandertek Wheel

5/19/2020 11:36:56 AM

Every week we’ll share a series of new Rocket League car designs and today we’ll be presenting you 6 newest beautiful designs for your favorite cars in Rocket League containing Trigon decals and Jandertek wheels. These RL designs for May can be applied to some other cars as long as you can use the same wheels, decals and colors if possible. You can check the information of used Rocket League items and prices of the Rocket League Octane designs and RL Twinzer designs. No matter what colors or style you like, you can search in our full Rocket League design list

Top 6 Best Looking Rocket League Designs For May 2020 


Car: Titanium White Octane 

Decal: Titanium White Trigon

Wheels: Titanium White Jandertek 

Primary: C8-R4

Accent: C1-R1

If you are fascinated by the blue color, this Titanium White Octane car design will be an ideal option for you. the style of this Rocket League car design is so distinctive with its white and blue-sky body. 


Car: Burnt Sienna Twinzer

Decal: Burnt Sienna Trigon

Wheels: Burnt Sienna Jandertek 

Primary: C5-R2

Accent: C1-R1

This design involves the Burnt Sienna Trigon decal and Burnt Sienna Jandertek. The body of this octane contains 3 different colors black, white and orange which matches with the Burnt Sienna Jandertek. This design can work with different painted Jandertek, all you have to do is change the primary color to whatever painted Jandertek you have. Also, this would also work with other decals. 


Car: Forest Green Twinzer

Decal: Forest Green Trigon 

Wheels: Forest Green Jandertek 

Primary: C2-R4

Accent: C1-R1

best rocket league design 2

This design is a bit of cop-output, the appearance looks very special and dazzling, do not miss out such a nice car!


Car: Purple Twinzer

Decal: Purple Trigon 

Wheels: Purple Jandertek 

Primary: C10-R2

Accent: C1-R1

When it comes to good designs is that having the wheels match the animation of the decal makes the to synchronize well together, this Purple Twinzer RL car design can also work if you have different colored grip strides.


Car: Crimson Twinzer

Decal: Crimson Trigon

Wheels: Crimson Jandertek 

Primary: C8-R6

Accent: C1-R7

I think this design looks good is the colors used is nice, having it face from black to a bright blue really looked good. It is one of the nicest looking designs that you have with the limited inventory Rocket League items you have earned recently. 


Car: Titanium White Twinzer

Decal: Titanium White Trigon

Wheels: Titanium White Jandertek 

Primary: C8-R4

Accent: C1-R1

I’d like to use bright color sometimes, this design is especially blinding and how bright it is. But it isn’t usually an issue in game. It’s not that bright in game. With some right colors, you can really make some nice-looking cards with this decal. 

Are these 6 great creative Rocket League Octane & Twinzer car designs attract you? With fantastic decals, beautiful Rocket League car skins, unique styles, you are worth owning these cars with these stunning attractions as they only require cheap Rocket League Items. Every RL car can bring a unique game feeling.

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