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Rocket League Best Free Card Designs 2021 - Top 5 Car Design Ideas In Rocket League

8/13/2021 6:36:02 PM

There are many questions that have been asked in the Rocket League, do I go for the ball or a boost? Do I spam water save or grow up? But the most important question is which car designs are the best? Today, we are going to find out the best free car design in Rocket League 2021 that everyone loves.


Top 5 Best Free Car Design In Rocket League

There are three main cards in the Rocket League: the Octane, the Dominus, and the Fanuc. If you want to make the best free car designs in Rocket League, this is the best tutorial for you. Everyone has access to these Rocket League Items, everything you see you can get without costing Rocket League Credits.


No. 1 - Free Vulcan Design

Body: Komodo

Trail: Classic

Rocket Boost: Iron Red

Primary/Accent: C1-R2, C1-R5

Weels: Esper

Decal: Medi



No.2 - Free Octane Design

Body: Octane

Trail: Classic

Rocket Boost: Nitrous Boost

Primary/Accent: C4-R1, C1-R7

Wheels: Zippy

Decal: Skull



No.3 - Free Esper Design

Body: Esper

Trail: Classic

Rocket Boost: Iron

Primary/Accent: C10-R3, C10-R1

Wheels: Masalo

Decal: Pegasus



No.4 - Free Marauder Design

Body: Marauder

Trail: Classic

Rocket Boost: Standard Purple

Primary/Accent: C10-R3, C13-R6

Wheels: Vortex

Decal: Stripes



No.5 - Free Breakout Design

Body: Breakout

Trail: Classic

Rocket Boost: Iron Green

Primary/Accent: C2-R3, C13-R5

Wheels: Rat Rod

Decal: Lightning



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