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Path of Exile Gear Guide - How To Upgrade Your Gear Like a Top Player

6/27/2022 5:55:46 PM

Have you ever wondered how the 1% or 0.1% upgrade their POE gear? Have you ever wondered if the biggest secret to being part of the 1% or 0.1% on Path of Exile is to play about 27 hours a day, which takes time, although there are steps you can take to improve your build in ways that may not be obvious?

POE Gear

Path of Exile Gear Guide - How To Upgrade Your Gear Like a Top  Player

Crafting your gear

In fact, quite a few of these methods require quite a bit of patience, and if you lack patience you may often struggle with Path of Exile economics, which is the second-best way to go broke after a re-roll, starting with crafting your own Path of Exile gear, which usually means looking at parts with low entry costs and high returns if done through many different attempts of parts.

So the ring is very unique, after all the power is a bit lacking, it has T1es Crit Multi, which is an essence mod and of course Despair without the combination of broken with a synthetic base of Despair base, paid about 20 Chaos for the Despair ring, four bulk synthetic bases, used a deafening defiance essence to add a global crypt mult, and finally checked about 30 to a high score, so assuming two essences and a repeal orb, that's a total of about 68c per attempt, obviously, each attempt will vary the more attempts you buy the more impact you will have on the price as it will change over time.

The ring currently in use is by far the best as it has the strength useful for the Path of Exile build and of course the level one energy shield, so for about six noble spheres made this ring and then sold the other offers it has the resources for chaos, which is a ci build but very useful for others, gaining 12 exalted.

They didn't end up combining multi despair and synth bass, but instead did things like blaster multi and despair on non-synth rings, so ended up recouping some profit that way as well.


Care about the quality of the item rules, shifting items that don't roll naturally, going for quantity over quality per se, and usually, you can get higher-quality POE items out of quantity, even if there's a bit of rng, and even if you don't get anything in 15 tries, you can always sell something and go again, and it really means making 28x instead of 14x. 


Did the same thing with gloves, gloves were about 20 to a high-level item level base, then took 10 high level and fossils and spent about 20x as much time fixing suffixes with hidden chaos in the non-defence to defense metamodel and a couple of terrible chaos and boosts in null for a total cost of about 40x, got gloves that sold for between 2 and 17 per pair depending on es and suffixes, again making about Again, that's about 20 times the profit. The mythical six times level one, which actually requires dex or int on the gloves, technically the set goes into power, the ring already takes care of the power, which is already between dex or int, happens to roll the set first and can more easily get int elsewhere, since that's assuming it's just going to go out in one of the hard to get parts of the case and buy it.

Unless someone else is interested in buying the item later and actually makes more money by making it themselves, even though it technically costs more, an example of something someone might want to buy is what this won't be your forever item that is about to go in before a quick reminder.


Finally now onto the boots, wanted to boost downwind to boost cooldown recovery, ended up field searching and buying a pair of 15 exalts which was well below market price, why do all the other boots on the market finish with this no prefix, which might be a bit scary but the suffix can't be changed plus the chaos of failure, the total cost of the first pair was about 17x, hit on the first try and then threw a siren on top Got a Siren and got some affirmation, which improved the overall value and es of the project, but then tried to rework the POE gear and needed more resistance. Sticking with a pair of shoes instead of collecting them, wanted level 1 intelligence this time so bought the most expensive pair for 40 exalted and then sold the old ones with level 1 resistances for 50.

Upgrades that Hold Value

The last thing is to keep the item at its value because many upgrades are like cars, when you drive the shiny new car a lot it loses a large part of its value and you won't be able to resell it because many upgrades are either too niche or you buy it when it is in the highest demand.

Everyone wants to play this everyone's part, so you, therefore, pay more, but items that are in relatively high demand and don't have a lot of drop sources or creation sources, such as item-level 86 Broken Global Defense Chest, which is the more consistent item to get, one from a perfect Chihula, which is just a lucky drop but worth 80 times more at once, and then craft it into one with available suffix to the high es armor base, about 30x the time to craft and complete the item, so about 110x the value is locked in.

Finally when there is an item that is in fairly high demand but not easy to make or has a modest fixed creation cost then you can be relatively assured that it will hold its value, this usually applies to rare items and synthetic bases, if you look at unique items it doesn't apply to things like unique items, the problem is they just become more and more common over time unless it's like a headhunter or mage or something with blood Supply will outstrip demand, but again, patience is your best friend, even if you're just doing something like harvesting and you're rolling a bunch of hints on your cluster jewellery, patience is your friend. On the other hand, if you stick with harvesting and you keep rolling, when you finally get your items you might make 40 or 50 times as much jewellery and the money you make on something that you can save or can profitably apply to the parts of the build that you can't.

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