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PoE 3.7 Guard Skills Guide - Immortal Call, Steelskin, Molten Shell Mechanics & Tips For Builds Using In Path of Exile

6/29/2019 1:45:31 AM

In this guide, we will help you to get know which POE 3.7 Guard Skill you should use in different Path of Exile 3.7 builds in the new Legion league by going through Molten Shell,  Immortal Call and Steelskin's mechanics.

Path of Exile 3.7 Guard Skills

In Path of Exile 3.7 Legion, Molten Shell and Immortal Call skill have been reworked and along with the new Steelskin, these skills represent the new category of POE Guard Skills. Each of these is incredibly powerful defensive tools that you should definitely be taking advantage, and there is skill and usage style that will fit every build. Guard Skill all share a cooldown, so you can and only should be using one of these on your build. Now follow us to check out the mechanics of each POE guard skill and then you will have a good idea on which one you should use for your current build.

Some builds might do things with these damage reflect but it's not super important to a discussion of defensive application, like Steelskin and Molten Shell protects against any hit based damage including Elemental Physical and Chaos but it weren't protect you from damage over time effects, so that's how that work, but what POE 3.7 Guard Skill should you use in your build and why?

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Path of Exile 3.7 Immortal Call Mechanic

The first one we want to go over is the Immortal Call. This skill now gives a shorter ration that mitigates both physical and elemental damage minus 25% taken at low levels and about 35% of level 20. The Immortal Call only has a one second based Duration but both the Physical Mitigation and the Duration goes up substantially if you have available Endurance Charges. It can consume up to 5 Endurance Charges gaining 20% of Increased Duration and 15% of Physical Mitigation Per charge consumed, which means that Level 1 immortal call with 5 Endurance charges will give 100% of physical damage for two seconds, you have no other duration increases. The Elemental damage mitigation stays at the baseline the gem provides depending on the level. It's worth noting that Immortal Call does mitigate damage over time effects. 

POE 3.7 Guard Skill - Path of Exile 3.7 Immortal Call

The POE Builds Should Use Immortal Call

Immortal Call is a bit more flexible on the other hand and it'll call mitigates around the quarter of incoming damage without any further investment, so this is a skill that you can automate on a low level Cast When Damage Taken set up and still receive a solar benefit from. If you have steady Endurance Charges same from Warlord's Mark, it will last longer and mitigated more physical damage. With that Endurance Charges, the duration is very short that only one second, so this favors automation in those builds. If you have a good amount of Endurance Charges, you can't automate however they will eat your charges, so this is only recommended if you're constant the generating them, if you want more control or when you're charges consumed a high level cast when damage taken or get more elemental damage and will consumer injury this charges for large full physical immunity for two seconds or more.

Tips For Using Immortal Call Guard Skill 

- 15% Phys Mitigation & 20% Increased Duration Per Endurance Charge (Up to 5)

- Level 1 Immortal Call with 5 Endurance

- 25% Elemental Mitigation 2 Seconds

- Mitigates Elemental & Physical Hits & Damage Over Time

- Mitigates 1/4 to 1/3 of incoming damage for almost no investment

- Can be automated on high or low level Cast When Damage Taken

- Works well with steady Endurance Charge generation (Warlord’s Mark)

- Short duration without charges, however, 1 second on CwDT will still save you in many cases

- Spamming Consumes, Endurance Charges, Not recommended for slower generation setups

- Less spammy consumption through high level CwDT or Manual Use

We mainly recommended use Immortal Call for:

- Immortal Call works well for automation without Endurance Charges of both high and low levels

- Works well for automation builds that constantly generate Endurance Charges. 

- Builds that have Endurance Charges but don't generate very quickly may prefer to manually cast a high level Immortal Call

- Works well for any build but not as strong as a manual cast high level Steelskin

Path of Exile 3.7 Steelskin Mechanic

Steelskin last 1.5 seconds in Base Duration, 70% of Damage Taken from Hits, however it has a maxim amount of damage you can take before the buff is destroyed. Starting at a tiny 54 in going up to 2209, you can think of this like a secondary health pool. 70% of the damage taken from hits goes to Steelskin's Absorbption Pool and 30% goes to your life or Energy Shield, still can protects against any hit based damage including elemental physical and chaos but won't protect from damage over time effects.

The POE Builds Should Use Steelskin

Steelskin is the scale of choice for the builds that don't have POE Armour or 30% of Endurance Charges in absolved 70% and boost you effective helpful by 2209. Its Based Duration is somewhat show at 1.5 seconds and we recommend linking it to Increased Duration Support gem to make it much easier to use. Steelskin must be manually cast so used in a very high level cast and damage taken set up, this is because the amount of damage is can be quite low at low levels of the gem. So Steelskin is rather limited in scope to high level cast when damage taken, but it is powerful and don't require any further  investment on your character to work outside of the strength requirements of the gem.

POE 3.7 Guard Skill - Path of Exile 3.7 Steelskin

Tips For Using Steelskin Guard Skill

- 70% of Hit Damage goes to Steelskin’s Absorbption Pool

- Mitigates Elemental Physical & Chaos HITS

- But Not Damege Over Time

- No Armour or Endurance Charges

- Good Protection with minimal investment

- 1.5 Second Duration

- Use Increased Duration Support

- High Level is needed for it to be effective

- Cast manually or high level cast when damage taken

We mainly recommended use Steekskin for:

- Spellcasters or other builds with enough strength who don’t have high armour or End Charges

- Do not put a low level Steelskin gem on cast when damage taken as that we'll do effectively nothing

- The quality of the gems is important

Path of Exile 3.7 Molten Shell Mechanic

Molten Shell last three seconds and provides some Armour 50 minimum going to 858 turning and then gives you a damage shield similar to Steelskin that is based on 20% of your Armour you had when the ball was created. So if you have 10,000 Armour, you would get Absorbption Shield that can absolved 2000 damage. Molten Shell absorbs 75% of incoming Hit Damage with the damage absolved going to the health pool of the molten shell, and the other 25% going to you. Molten Shell should also explodes dealing between 100 and 3000% of the damage taken from buff as fire damage when buff is expired or is depleted.

POE 3.7 Guard Skill - Path of Exile 3.7 Molten Shell

The POE Builds Should Use Molten Shell

Molten Shell is extremely strong but only useful for high armor builds, its mitigate is more than steelskin and have a larger absorption amount, however has a longer cooldown and steelskin and requires armor investment to be effective. At 11,000 Armour, Molten Shell gives these same absorption shield as Steelskin, however you want to go a bit above that to make the higher cooldown worthwhile. Manually casting molten shell at high level is fantastic as it allows you to gain a large amount of Armour, and Absorbption shield when you need. Its automation is also decent and made to high level molten shell on cast when damage taken will work well with high Armour builds.

Tips For Using Molten Shell Guard Skill

- Absorbption Shield is 20% of Armor When Used

- 10,000 Armour = 2,000 Shield

- 70% of HIT Damage goes to Molten Shell’s Absorbption Shield

- Explodes dealing reflected fire damage based on damage taken

- Mitigates Elemental Physical & Chaos HITS

- But not damage over time

- Strongest guard skill but only useful for HIGH armour builds

We mainly recommended use Molten Shell for:

- Builds with at least 15,000+ Armour use molten shell, that's including flask effects and buffs that molten shells armor provides.

- Manually casting at high gem levels

- Automation is reasonable in builds with consistently high Armour

- Has a Vaal Version that gives an absorb shield of 60% of armour

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