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Path Of Exile Synthesis Brings New Music, More Spells And The Ps4 Version

3/4/2019 6:04:54 PM

the developers of ggg get the hypetrain for path of exile on the occasion of the upcoming synthesis league at full speed. so the league brings new skills to the action rpg around the mysterious cavas and its dangerous memories, revises the soundtrack and heralds the arrival of the ps4 version.

poe synthesis league - zana

on the 8th of march the time has come for pc players to plunge into the new path of exile synthesis league. with the 3.6.0 update officially ends the betrayal league, of which players but not completely say goodbye. in synthesis, as an exile, we help the mysterious man cavas by exploring his memories (collecting valuable loot) in which dangerous knowledge is lost.


path of exile receives a revised soundtrack

of course, a new league also brings new music, but in synthesis, the developers are not content with just the league areas. instead, the old areas of the first act also receive a fresh musical cure. those who are particularly attached to the "lioneye's watch" theme must remain strong: for example, this is completely replaced by a new track. here you can listen, if you can make friends with the replacement (he can be heard right at the beginning of the video):


path of exile will be released in mid-march for ps4

also from the often displaced ps4 version, there is a new sign of life: the developers announce that the development of the ps4 version is completed. accordingly, they can also meet the specified publication period in mid-march. more detailed information is only two weeks before the launch date possible.


three more new path of exile skills in detail

like the soulrend and bane skills already outlined, there are also three other skills that find their way into synthesis, an archetype. these, however, are all designed for the use of holy magic, which combines physical and fire damage. in this news you can see in a video what the skills in the game look like. here are the official descriptions of the three new spells:

purifying flame

purifying flame is both a physical and a fire spell that will be available to you at level 1. as you cast this skill, you send out a wave that, when it arrives at your opponent, causes damage in a circle around it and consecrated ground it then sends out a shockwave that deals damage and hits enemies in a large area on any consecrated ground. this has two consequences: first, it ends the lives of enemies who have not yet been cleansed of your previously cast flames on the other hand, it provides interesting interaction with other sources of consecrated soil, such as the inquisitor or the sulfur vial, which purifies several areas at once.

cleansing flame still causes skepticism: does the damage fit? how far can we bring the surface effect? we look forward to trying it out with a starter character.


wave of conviction

wave of conviction is a new ability above level 16 that sends out a force wave and deals physical damage to enemies, 25% of which are converted to fire damage and 25% lightning damage." the wave has a duration, which means you can directly affect your maximum range with the modifier and duration modifiers, but if you hit the wave a second time, the previous short time ends, so you decide whether or not you will use the skill less often cause more damage to a large area or use it more often to inflict more damage, but take a shorter range.

the wave of conviction also applies a fire, lightning or cold vulnerability, reducing opponents' resistance. this weakening is always based on the type of elemental damage that causes the most damage to the skill. for example, lightning resistance is always reduced by -25% when most of the physical damage done is lightning damage. this increases the damage done to the skill with repeated use, but is also very useful as a complement to another elemental spell to defeat tough enemies.

the wave of conviction also overcomes smaller obstacles. for the players a real pleasure, because such objects slow some of the strongest spells.

divine ire

divine ire is a new channeling skill available to characters above level 28. during channeling, the skill deals damage to some enemies around it, building up phases that are unleashed as a deadly beam when released, and divine ire deals physical damage the skill gains additional spells for each opponent hit during channeling, giving normal and magical opponents a chance to gain an additional phase, while fighting rare and unique enemies the skill always adds an extra phase, allowing the beam to be charged and unleashed quickly when you're in a good position, with the beam achieving maximum width with 10 phases and maximum damage with 20 phases.

kamehameha! divine ire looks damn cool, but a spell that we have to stand for a relatively long time often has bad cards in path of exile.

here you can see the spells in action:

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