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Path Of Exile 3.6 Synthesis Flashback Atlas Strategy, Best Maps For Shaping & Tips For Poe Flashback Event 2019

5/13/2019 6:06:11 PM

path of exile 3.6 synthesis league flashback event has started, in this guide, we'll provide the poe 3.6 flashback atlas strategy covering which one are the best maps for shaping and using the elder's orb on the specific poe flashback atlas strategy in terms of building up a map pool and ssf strategy as well as early league atlas completion before the poe 3.7.0 expansion.



poe 3.6 atlas guide - poe flashback 3.6 best maps for shaping

there are tons of different poe maps to shape depending on what you're trying to do,  exp, divination cards or what you have. here is a list of the best maps for shaping during poe 3.6 flashback event.

tier 6 - burial chambers map/vault map/lair map 

tier 7 - spider forest map/bazaar map/pier map

tier 8 - volcano map/cemetery map (for currency), toxic sewer map/dunes map (for exp)

tier 9 - vaal pyramid map

tier 10 - moon temple map

path of exile 3.6 synthesis flashback atlas strategy & tips

when it comes to the poe flashback event 2019 atlas strategy, here are some tips based on flashback map mods, elder and normal version maps, ssf, daily quest and atlas completion.

- if you're delving or something like that and you get a corrupted white map while the map mods in the free sections that you're getting changed every hour, what you can do is kind of save lower tier maps or those corrupted white maps, and open the map to see what mods are on there at the beginning of the hour, then once you see the mods that you like you can just run them.

- for elder versions maps, if it's a really good hour on like graveyard map, it could be hard if nobody's eldering that map, another thing you can do is to use your zana map device to upgrade the map yourself, this is only available after you've completed the zana quest line or maybe gotten pretty far into it.

- for the normal version of the map you can upgrade it to the elder version, you need to build that can do any map mod, because it can roll into you reflect or cannot leech or something like that now.

in general, for ssf and early league strategy, the tier by tier method can help with that after you complete a certain zana quest, she'll actually offer you a reward and this is a way to pick up kind of some free maps.

- once you do a daily quest or once you reach a certain point in her quest line, check inventory early and often and make sure you save your orb of chance.

- doing all of your daily missions they usually reset around 5:00 p.m. pacific standard time, our inventory will reset and then you can try and buy more maps and get your atlas completion going.

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                        path of exile 3.6 atlas strategy guide (2019)

path of exile 3.6 synthesis flashback event tips - which mod to choose? 

in path of exile 3.6 synthesis flashback mechanic, it will have areas contain additional rare monsters or additional magic monsters, the different map mods that you can get are as below:

2 x additional rogue exiles

2 x additional invasion bosses

1 x additional breach

2 x additional strongboxes

3 x tormented spirits

2 x additional perandus chests and a 33% chance to spawn cadiro


3 x additional rare monster packs with nemesis mods

3 x additional magic monster packs with bloodlines

1 additional abyss

2 x additional harbingers

during the 2019 poe flashback event, which one is recommended to do?

more strongboxes, breaches and stuff like that are really useful for adding mobs to the map and make it easier to sustain maps; beyond and anything that adds static monsters if you're trying to get experience; it takes a little bit longer for breach to expand or the harbingers to poop out mobs, but those ones are really good for making poe currency. invasion bosses is actually pretty good for your xp to their unique monsters that just sit on the map surrounded by other monsters. you can get tons of different stuff from perandus and it'll be really easy to finish out the poe synthesis challenge. so choose which one map mod is depending on what you want to get.

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