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Path Of Exile Atlas Icons - Meaning Of Poe 3.6 Atlas Map Icons & Objectives

5/13/2019 6:21:36 PM

after completing all the files in path of exile, the atlas is unlocked. this can be a bit overwhelming, especially for newbies at first glance. but there are also players who just need a bit longer to memorize the meaning of the poe atlas icons and objectives. therefore, here is a short overview that will tell you which masters await you in each icon.


alva, master explorer atlas objective


for alva, we charge up to three incursions per card. after a total of 11 incursions have been completed, access to the temple of atzoatl is granted.


einhar, beastmaster atlas objective


with einhar, we hunt for beasts, which then end up in the menagerie. there we release new recipes through the sacrifice of the beasts.


helena atlas objective


helena is looking for places where she can hide from the black guards. we also unlock new hiding places for us.


jun, veiled master atlas objective


together with jun we fight each card against several bosses from the syndicate.


niko, master of the depths atlas objective


with niko we deduct up to three times each voltaxic sulfite for our azurite mine.


zana, master cartographer atlas objective


zana offers us a mission on a new map. a portal opens for us for free. occasionally these are unique maps.

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