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Path Of Exile 3.6 Flashback Builds - 5 Best Starter Builds For Poe Synthesis League Flashback Event (2019)

5/10/2019 10:35:29 AM

the exciting path of exile 3.6 flashback event league is just around the corner, have you got this poe end-of-league event features? which are best builds for poe 3.6 flashback starter? here goldkk.com will present 5 best poe builds (which are very important as they increase your chance to get exalted orbs in path of exile) - all good choices for the flashback event coming up in path of exile 3.6. the suggestions include fast mappers and great boss killers. 

path of exile 3.6 flashback builds

path of exile 3.6 flashback builds - 5 best poe builds for poe synthesis league flashback event

to help players to level up new characters fast or farm up existing new poe items on the new quests and dungeons, here we present 5 best poe flashback starter builds on a reasonable budget for starting path of exile 3.6 flashback event 2019 on all platforms ps4, xbox one, and (steam) pc, from great boss killers with high single target damage to fast mappers! also you can find path of exile synthesis flashback event guide here.

poe 3.6 flashback elementalist build - goofy goober’s winter orb, vb elementalist

> works great as a mapper, boss killer

> high damage, can pump ball righteous fire

> one of the fastest endgame farming builds

click here to find the complete guide for this build

the first build on path of exile flashback we want to present is a winter orb elementalist by goofy goober. winter orb is the type of skill that works a bit like if you left your car out in the cold winter for a year without using it when you then eventually trying to start it up, then it may feel a bit sluggish and underperforming, but as the engine gets warmed up and the oil starts flowing that's when you are reminded that you're driving a beast of a car. so up really is the time of skill then at early levels can feel a bit slow and janky, but as it gains some levels and you get some proper gear especially with increased duration, it starts to feel really good, it can work great as a mapper and also boss killer goofy goober spelled can be used as a starter belt as it doesn't have any specific item requirements to get going, but the guide comes with plenty of powerful in-game suggestions especially for those who like crafting their own gear, but this setup windsock will work as your primary damage setup. but when you need that bit of extra single target burst you pump ball righteous fire and then ball blade ward 6 and shred your enemies to pieces while goofy's winter orb build is a great league start, i'd recommend you only considering this build if you at least have a bit of experience with crafting or add decent understanding of item fx's and how they work in general as this will be necessary to understand the endgame gearing.

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poe 3.6 flashback essence drain build - contagion/bane

> hardcore viable

> cheap to start

> good balance between clear speed, huge aoe, single target, and defense

using two skills instead of one in order to clear can feel clunky to some people

click here to find the complete guide for this poe build

coming up the second list is an essence drain trickster by gassy essence drain received a crazy buff. when poe 3.6 was released and it was already pretty good even before that, the endgame damage got a significant boost but especially at early levels, the scale now feels significantly stronger and thus also much more enjoyable to level with essence drain, both great clear speed and boss killing potential is possible when you then pair that with the buff trickster from 3.6.2, you end up with the build and hezbollah solid offensive and defensive capabilities, that is easy to gear and that feels great to progress depending on your own personal preference, it's also possible to use pain instead of contagion if that skill suits your playstyle banner. overall essence strain builds are in a very solid state these days, and if you haven't already now would be a good chance to try it out.

poe 3.6 flashback caustic arrow occultist build

> high damage (900 damage/sec, to the whopping 1714 damage/sec at gem level 20)

> can get a decently high life (reaching over 6.5k life)

> can be played on a budget

> hardcore viable

> very versatile when it comes to map mods

> has the potential to do all endgame content

click here to find the complete guide for this build

coming up the third path of exile 3.6 flashback build for starter on the list is caustic arrow build, it had the potential for some good single target. in the survivability aspect of the belt displayed as the occultist in via this plus this all strand quiver you end up with some crazy pants energy shield recharge mechanics that trivializes many of the late-game boss fights the belt also has decent clear potential, but the biggest strength definitely lies in how well it handles bosses, you'll have to be a bit patient as it may feel a bit slow at early levels. however once you start to get some proper aoe and levels on the scale, it really picks up, a bit of crafting is going to be needed to get your bow for endgame, but how to do so and how to obtain it is all covered in the guide i've done all concerned on this belt including uber elder and it was even at a rather modest budget relatively speaking so if you want something a little off meta then you might want to consider checking this out.

poe 3.6 flashback incinerate build - cwc volatile dead

good clear speed and scaling of cast speed (over 14casts/sec)

click here to find the complete guide for this build

coming up fourth on the list is an incinerate cast while channeling volatile debt chieftain also known as the chunky chakram chieftain. this build was featured in poe 3.5 and people seem to have really liked the setup with this new channel incinerate which then activates your cast while channeling support that, then goes on to cast volatile dead cells and use this spell to win a demigod bank in the soul self and incursion flashback race and it has since then remained a solid build, this incredibly sangee in handles, most passes with ease, and since it was initially designed around soul/self found, it means that the progression of the build doesn't rely on specific unique guides and saw other stuff you won't have access to early on again, this is also the time of build that definitely fits that all meta category.

poe 3.6 flashback tectonic slam juggernaut build 

> beginner and flashback league starter friendly

> hardcore viable

good survivability

> decent clear speed

can be expensive
click here to find the complete guide for this build

the fifth and final poe flashback build on the list is a tectonics lame juggernaut. with tectonics limb being one of the absolute best melee skills currently ain't this list otherwise not having any other melee builds, it's a great fit with this set up you end up with solid clear speed great defense and excellent boss killing, potential there's one thing to be aware of though and that is that the build requires two of the eraser of the seventh son swords to fully work, and since these only drop from the phoenix guardian they might not be available the first few days of the league. however once a few days of test pure each rate will be littered with these and they typically sell for very little and should thus be rather easy to obtain market prices can of course change, so until then you can just use all the weapons, and depending on the constant you are facing you're probably going to be just fine, but as soon as you can obtaining one or preferably two of these sorts is going to make a big difference, besides this the item suggested for the build are all rather budget-friendly and should does not prove to be an issue of teeny six onyx lame is a very fun melee skill and has been amongst the top melee choices for a few weeks now.


hope the presented poe 3.6 flashback starter builds can help you a lot in synthesis league flashback event! for more details please focus the poe wiki & database!

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