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POE 3.7 Best Builds to Farm Monolith - Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Farming Builds Guide/Suggestion

7/1/2019 5:30:46 PM

Monolith plays an important role in Path of Exile Legion Mechanic, you can find a Monolith in each area and interacting with it would reveal a battle between different Legions. In this guide, goldkk.com brings POE 3.7 best builds to farm MHarbinger's Orb onolith, check out the POE Monolith farming builds details as below.


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Path of Exile Legion Monolith Farming Builds Guide/Suggestion - POE 3.7 Best Builds to Farm Monolith

Here are five POE 3.7 farming builds for Monolith. The build core mechanics, gear stats, passive tree, items and other contents please refer to the official forum of Path of Exile or Youtube. 

1. Tornado Shot

- Bow build

- Running fast

- Efficiently

- Relatively expensive to get started

- Deadeye is recommended

The first Monolith farming build is a POE 3.7 Tornado Shot build, Tornado Shot is a ranged attack skill, which has always been very clear speed oriented, if you wanted to roll a Tornado Shot character for monolith farming, Deadeye is highly recommend because you can get Tailwind for ultra-fast movement speed and you get +1 chain would let you get crazy clears without having to run chain support. If you want to just equip your best clear speed damage at speed type gear and just run through these monoliths as quickly as possible, there's no reason to turn around invest in magic find unless you really want to do that or you're engaging in party play. One downside of the Tornado Shot build is it is one of the most expensive builds to get started compared to other ones.

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2. Essence Drain

- One of the best low-level monolith farmers

- Invest in damage and AoE

As one of the best POE Legion monolith farmers in the game, all you need to do is invest a little bit in your damage by getting a level 21 gem and then invest a little bit in your AoE by running Contagion increased Area of effect intensified and then using something like a Zeel's Amplifier, put all this together and you have a relatively low investment Legion farmer that can clear the encounters very consistently and easily without too much mechanical skill. The main cons of this build are it doesn't scale quite. If you move up and farm some red maps to your T16 maps, you will need to invest in a socketed gem to and that's going to make things a little bit more expensive.

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3. Vaal Ice Nova

- Versatile

- Flexible in Ascendancy choice

- Clear lots of maps with a little investment

One advantage of the POE best farming build - POE Legion Vaal Ice Nova build is it is actually relatively versatile, you can play it as a cast on Frostbolt Mathil style Ice Nova character or even sort of just stick it into a random six link if you have a free six link after using a staff or bow kind of build. What's more, it actually scales relatively well it has a good base crit, nice added damage effectiveness and you can just dump some currency into this build and it will perform as well, Another positive aspect of this skill is its extremely flexible in your ascendancy choice, so if you want to play an Inquisitor, Trickster Assassin, Scion, or Elementalist, you can really make it work, what you need to do is just get Ice Nova, get some crit, added cold damage and band, you're gonna be doing a ton of damage and you will clear the POE white maps, yellow maps and eventually red maps with a little investment.

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4. Frost Blades

- Raider feasible

- SSF viable

- High DPS

- Low Budget

Frost Blades is a cold melee skill where you just sort of attack once and then it shoots a bunch of blades out of the back of the enemy, Touch of Anguish that causes all of those blades to chain if you're at maximum frenzied charges, all you have to do is do that once or twice and you'll be clearing just massive like eights and quarters of the section just per attack, it's really fun if you like Frost Blades and you can also play it as a Raider if you like getting 200% movement speed from a god ascendancy, the only thing may be an issue about this build is if you're using Touch of Anguish, your damage does not scale ultra high so you're probably be stuck on those yellow and white maps.

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5. Toxic Rain

- Uber Elder

- Great clear speed

- Decent AoE coverage

- Defensive layer

Toxic Rain is a POE attack skill where the user fires multiple arrows in the air, which land and drop spores, dealing chaos damage, it has fantastic AoE coverage, very decent damage and then a cool extra defensive layer that most skills don't have, that isn't affected by modifiers like cold resistance or anything like that it just slows, if you're playing hardcore and you're looking for a legion model of armor, Toxic Rain build is ideal, Rain of Arrows is also a fantastic model of farmer, but it just requires a little bit more currency to get up and running.

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