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POE 3.8 Atlas Strategy & Guide - Path of Exile 3.8 Blight Best Maps to Shape/Farm for Each Tier

9/7/2019 6:16:08 PM

Path of Exile Blight League is live on PC now, then set to launch on Xbox One and PS4 at 7 AM on September 10, 2019, or 4 PM on September 9 (PDT), it's time for the POE 3.8 Atlas strategy to start a new journey. Based on the changes of Atlas of Worlds, here goldkk.com provides the recommended POE 3.8 best maps to shape for tier 1 - tier 10. 

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Path of Exile Blight Best Maps to Shape - POE 3.8 Best Maps to Farm

The entire POE 3.8 Atlas of Worlds has been adjusted with the distribution varying from Path of Exile 3.7 Legion League, there are a host of new maps added into the system, then which ones should be the POE 3.8 best maps to run? The layout, boss, mob count, divination cards drops are also taken into account.

Tier 1 - Jungle Valley/Arcade

- The first Path of Exile 3.8 best maps to farm is tier 1 Jungle Valley Map, which located in the upper right corner, used to be in POE 3.7 tier 5. It has good layout and The Wind divination card drop there can be exchanged for Windripper, gives you extra quantity for magic find gear. 

- If you don't want to go this one, the Arcade is another decent choice, it drops same treasure and has insane mob density and lots of extra monsters.

Tier 2 - Alleyways

For tier 2, Alleyways is always a great map, it's really fast and linear, you just go from one side to the next easily, boss density and everything is good with it. Other than alleyways, Mesa can be considered as well.

Tier 3 - Ashen wood

Ashen wood is outside with open layout, extremely easy boss and really good mob density. Divination cards are also good. You can farm for gems to sell for a few exalted orbs and it's not that rare to find it. The only downside of Ashen wood is the darkness.

Tier 4 - Burial chambers/Arid Lake

- If you're not planning on there, putting that on your elder orb you can definitely go for Burial chambers here and it's for obvious reasons, the doctor which is 10 exalted per card, good layout, good mob density, which is definitely recommended.

- Arid Lake has a good layout, it's a really good choice in the beginning because it dropped a Humility divination card exchange for Tabula Rasa and it's linear, really fast to get through, it's should be extremely desirable in f the game first phase, what's more, the Humility card drops all the time.

Tier 5 - Beach

For tier 5, we have the Beach for shaping, so good layout, good mob density, easy and you can basically clear the whole map in one go without backtracking, it's not the best but it's definitely up there, which is very good for this league. City Square is not a bad option as well. 

Tier 6 - Racecourse

Racecourse is a tier 7 map in the previous league, if you're planning on balling one of your maps or vowing every map, free bosses can all drop those fragments which is very good in the beginning of League. It is at least one chaos per fragment and each boss can drop it and it also has increased drop rates of all other POE items.

Tier 7 - Underground sea

The original tier 9 maps in Legion, Underground sea probably has the highest density in the whole Atlas of Worlds, it's underground and very dark, the boss increases the difficulty of it because it's in two phases now and so on but people seem to love this one.

Tier 8 - Atoll

Atoll is one of the POE 3.8 best maps to farm in the game, it's very good for a new mechanic, you need to run around in a circle and or figure out kind of thing and then the boss walk over, you can just go in there kill it in one shot, then go out is super easy, The Wind divination card also is obtainable here.

Tier 9 - Mud geyser

Tier 9 does not look that good to shape, maybe you can have a try for the Mud geyser, decent layout, decent mob count, it's probably the best one.

Tier 10 - Dunes/Toxic Sewer

Dunes has a very good layout, it is easy to clear your map and the boss is super simple. You can also do Toxic Sewer, a classic map for all leagues because you can run around in a circle basically in there and never miss a single mob. And the Moon temple has one of the highest density, definitely a good choice.

City Square and Burial Chambers can be the Path of Exile 3.8 Blight maps elder options. 

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