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How To Get ACNH Gold Nugget - Fast Get Gold Nugget In Animal Crossing

1/18/2021 5:26:46 PM

How does Animal Crossing iron nugget come fast? How to fast get iron nugget in ACNH? The following guide brings Animal Crossing New Horizons gold nugget farming methods. 

1. First, there are 6 stones on an island. If you break them, they will refresh one every day. Use digging or furnishings to prevent retreat. Each stone can be knocked out of 8 materials a day, breaking an extra +1. If the stone is refreshed on the other side of the river, you need the owl to teach you the formula of the pole to jump over the river. Collecting resources on the high ground requires a ladder. It should be the first time Rick will teach you. You can also find a friend to support you. After all, everyone has stocks of iron nugget.

2. Another tip to farm Gold Nuggets is you can use your ACNH Nook Miles Tickets or if you have friends that are playing online, you can travel to other islands and destroy other rocks, and will therefore have more chances to get Gold Nuggets.

3. If you dig two holes behind you when you gather the various materials from rocks, you can avoid being bounced back too far, allowing you to hit the rock 8 times repeatedly and get the maximum number of materials.

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