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ACNH What Is The Perfect Snowman Ratio - Best Snowboy Making Guide

1/18/2021 5:52:05 PM

What is the ratio of perfect snowmen in Animal Crossing? I believe you all want to know what methods can be used to make a perfect snowboy in ACNH. Here goldkk.com will share some perfect Animal Crossing snowman making tips, let’s take a look!

1. Push the two snowballs to the maximum, and the two snowballs can be separated by the maximum three blocks. 

make snowboy

2. Dig a 4 other floor/design next to it. 

3. Roll 2 back and forth on other floors/designs (or dig 8 tiles and roll one back and forth, the total is 16 tiles), just push it up. 

Note: In fact, according to the guide book, as long as the snowman's head-to-body ratio is 8-9:10, it is a perfect ratio, that is, as long as the snowball can roll at a similar starting point, and then the number of grids rolled by 4:5 is perfect. snowman. 

That’s all about how to make the perfect snowboy in Animal Crossing New Horizons, hope they are useful to you!

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