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Best ACNH Movie/Anime Inspired Islands (Design Ideas & Dream Codes) | Animal Crossing New Horizons

7/27/2021 10:33:00 AM

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can build your dream town as you like, and even transport your favorite film or drama scenes and title to your personal island. In this post, we share you the best Movie/TV/Anime themed island designs to give some creative ideas for building your unique island!

Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Movie/TV/Anime Inspired Theme Islands

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers various types of terrain which initially will be rich in turf, ponds and rivers that flow from one part of the island to the other; and wide range of Animal Crossing items to help you achieve any film and television scene that impresses. Whatever type of island you have chosen, the vast land you will have available will allow you to give free rein to your creativity. Today we will see together some movie and animated film inspired island with the plot of the classic scene, by visit these islands you will learn how to recreate your wonderland. 

Kokoroko (Avatar & Famous Movie Mixed Theme Island) - Dream Address: DA-8971-8508-2821

Kokoroko is an unparalleled island with many famous movie elements! Here you can adventure different landscapes corresponding to different areas in Avatar TLA and the legend of Korra world- like urban area (the republic city) with a circular shopping mall (little Basing Se mall) and an estate (the Sato estate), volcano village (Mt.Mapaku), desert town(Mist palms oasis), hidden library(Wan Shi Thong's lib), temple (air temple), ancient kingdom (Omashu), magical spirit world, snow kingdom(northern water tribe), small winter carnival (southern water tribe) and a tiny harbor. 

Best ACNH Movie Themed Islands - Kokoroko

Gird Scout (Monster Inc Theme Island) - Dream Address: DA-9439-2487-9356

Gird Scout is an island inspired by Monster University and Monster Inc, which features a bunch of interesting areas such as Mini quad, Door tech lab, Scream energy class, Monsters, inc., Scare lecture hall, MU cafeteria and more. So if you are a big fan of the animated movie, you will love this island. 

Best ACNH Movie Themed Islands - Gird Scout

Shad'œMoses (Metal Gear & Resident Evil Theme Island) - Dream Address: DA-6866-6186-1486

Shad’œMoses is an amazing island with Metal Gear & Resident Evil themes. The whole island is genius, unusual, unique and original, details were refined to perfection. There are 8 houses to explore, with a full 48 rooms, each with different themes - school, hotel, movie set/film studio, haunted mansion, secret base, casino, indoor pool, game room, music festival, and so much more on the island! You will be impressed the room where creator brought an atlas moth into the mix to portray Mothra.

Best ACNH Industrial Islands - Shad’œMoses

WolffeDen (Ghibli-esque Film Theme Island) - Dream Address: 5303-0402-8632

WolffeDen is an island heavily inspired by Studio Ghibli & Ghibli-esque films. Creator turned the Tailors into Sophie's Hat Shop, and the Nook Shop to Gina's restaurant. There's a flower field inspired by Howl's secret cabin, his moving castle parked not far off. A massive bathhouse invites spirits on boats, to gather in the market, or spend their gold at Yubaba's above. No Face lingers in the garden to the to the left, which leads to the museum, shrouded like a protected city in the valley of the wind. Kiki has her very own delivery service, and Chops has his own island oasis. You also can visit the three houses which are stuffed with rooms inspired by the films, including Arietty's bedroom, Howl's bedroom, Kamaji's boiler room, Yubaba's office and nursery, Ponyo's underwater home, Kiki's mother's kitchen, and many more!

Best ACNH Movie Themed Islands - WolffeDen

Kavinston (Studio Ghibli Theme Island) - Dream Address: 0140-7335-0752

Another Studio Ghibli island is mostly inspired by Spirited Away but there’s space from Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Totoro. The island features a bus stop from Totoro, deserted food market from Spirited Away, Sophie’s hat shop, bakery from Kiki’s Delivery Service is located on the beach right off the airport. There’s a house that’s fully decorated recreating interior scenes from Spirited Away. The best part is the bridge and bath house from Spirited Away located right in the middle of the island.

Best ACNH Movie Themed Islands - Kavinston 1

Bloom (Horror film Midsommar Theme Island) - Dream Address: DA-8746-6796-6033

This Swedish-style island is inspired by the Horror film Midsommar, with extreme attention to detail, aesthetics, and a bit of gore. Bloom features two fully customized and expanded homes, a Museum courtyard with attached Zodiac Garden, a dynamic villager neighborhood with beach front properties, a fully stocked orchard and fruit café, shopping district, a sHrOoM forest, many magical beach spots, a sacrifice area, and many more. One of the homes is the eternal May Queens luxurious home with Swedish decor style and a magical in door garden.

Best ACNH Movie Themed Islands - Bloom

More ACNH Movie/Cartoon Themed Islands

  • Azkaban (Harry Potter Themed Island) - Dream Address: DA-8986-3587-7908

  • Îlodrama (Twilight Saga Themed Island) - Dream Address: DA-1062-1633-6806

  • Neverland ( Pirates of the Carribean Themed Island) - Dream Address: DA-0490-0062-4115

  • Corona (Tangled Themed Island) - Dream Address: DA-2960-8721-3834

  • LUNAR LALA (Sailor Moon Themed Island) - Dream Address: DA-0799-0760-6066

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