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Diablo 2: Resurrected Latest News-Top 8 Changes in Diablo 2

12/30/2021 4:08:17 PM

The Diablo 2 remake was released last September and it was an absolute blast. The scope of these changes in the Diablo 2 remake will be to make the game feel more viable outside of the established top cookie cutter builds equipped with Mercenary and the like. Top 8 major changes in Diablo Remastered.


 Diablo 2: Resurrected Latest News-Top 8 Changes in Diablo 2

1. Balanced sets/unique items

The first item is sets and unique D2R items, they really need a boost, if you look at some of the stuff that got a boost in version 1.10, the last time these things really got an overhaul was 11 years ago, in 2010, and a lot of the later set stuff and Doomlord stuff is still good, just like Maverick's has some good practical uses.

If you're doing a Boaz and you want to have a budget build, even stuff that has individual pieces that are pretty good, like Natalia's Soul, the actual webbed boots. The angel's aura and wings are still amazing items, but the Oscar set is terrible, the arctic gear really only gets stealth when you get to level 17, and if you have a starting barbarian, the berserker's arsenal can be great. It's a great way to add a lot of variety and a lot of viability to many of these sets.

2. Runeword Variance

The Perfect Topaz variant is one of the big things that we need in Diablo 2. Most people start the game in stealth, depending on the Character you play, you'll go into smoke or duress, maybe peace if you're using java, when it comes to your real shield you might start with spirit or oath of the ancients, go into spirit or possibly rhyme when it comes to your real weapon you might start with malice, go into Black or eventually into Oak's Breath.

If you are a spell caster, it depends on what it is. If you're a caster, you might start with Malice and go into Black or eventually into Oak's Breath of Death, depending on what it is, and they want to start adding new Perfect Topaz words, and they say Patchwork and Pestilence a lot later on, and those are the two Perfect Topaz Diablo 2 runewords that will be on the ladder in the recent Diablo 2.

3. Build Viability

The other big thing is the build changes, they said they want to increase the viability of almost every build in the game, they want to let you have at least some form of viability for any skill you choose in the game, on hellish difficulty, you don't need to have top tier super expensive builds to play the game, this is a really good direction to go with Meteor, with Windfury, with Lightning Fury, with Javazon's Hammer. 

These things will really make Diablo 2 more playable, but they will also help with a lot of the less commonly used unique and set items that aren't very strong abilities, so they're removing and adding those synergies to hopefully make the build variants of the game better in-game.

4. Stash Optimization

On the subject of  Stash conversions, the stash is something they've already considered. In the new ladder, when the ladder ends, you basically get a special number of stash tabs. A lot of people's tags look like this, filled with Perfect Topaz, filled with a ton of duplicate, filled with a ton of Perfect Gem for crafting, a ton of other items for crafting.

There are two things that can replace all the problems with a pantry, not actually having a ton of twisted essences or keys, which is another big problem because a lot of people have them in their pantry. Only gems can go in there, period or a herodric rune word cue box, whatever it is, just Perfect Topaz, and they go in there or even a haradric key ring that can hold all the keys you get from whatever ubers have, for the biggest problem is not the number of tabs but how many items are occupied or how many items there are.

5. Missing/Abandoned Content

Add many parts of the game that are missing or cut or complete items that seem to be abandoned. In Act IV, there are three quests that were cut from the game that was leaked by some developers early in the game's life cycle (like 2010). So adding those three missions in is a really fun way to make Act IV more interesting and make it a bit longer of an experience, and you just quickly push through it, and if you're in the second half of the game, you'll probably spend a lot of time in the sanctuary of Confuse.

Trying to get spoilers or trying to find some good drops depends on what your build is and what your focus and damage is, but again it would be lovely to see more Act IV content.

6. Multiplayer lobby overhaul

Some overhaul of the multiplayer lobby, even if you compare Diablo 2 remake's multiplayer lobby to the old Diablo 2, their multiplayer lobby is better, whatever it is, and you can still add some filters or tabs to the game that can be added during the process of joining a game or creating a game.

If you have the ability to add tags during the creation of a game, you can use them in the game. You can jump in, or organize by the name of the player's game, whatever it is, there are some organization options in the join game lobby, and if they could do that, it would make this multiplayer lobby a lot more user-friendly.

7. Better Mercenaries

Improve Mercenary survivability, and they've said they're doing that, and some of those things are all the non-Act 2 Mercenaries have been improved, there are new Perfect Topaz words being created, and non-Act 2 Mercenaries are in the mix. Chapter 1 Mercenary will get a new ranged skill with AOE damage, Chapter 2 Mercenary's aura will not be limited by difficulty, then Chapter 3 Mercenary will get a buff, and finally Chapter 5 Mercenary will get Battle Cry with increased HP and defense.

Mercenary also has an element associated with it, maybe this element will give you a passive buff of 20% or 30% to your resistance, whatever it is, so that can help you if you might be new to the game and running a more budget build where you just have some random resistance vulnerability on your resistance line, like, you know I only have five poisons and the rest are maxed out.

8. Honorable Mention Guilds

The last one worth mentioning is bringing Guilds back into the game, something that was added in the earliest parts of Diablo 2, and was actually added in the press campaign for the game, but never really seemed to make it into the live version of the game. It's for people who have played the game and they can say you've played the game and now you can create a guild so you can get things like a special guild stash or vault and if they have a certain level they can get those things. Creating a guild in-game is something that already exists outside of the game and people use it in-game. Diablo II needs that kind of support, with things like Gorgons and Wolves being real enemies and not just summonable units, guilds are something that deserves to be on this list on their own, and it should definitely be brought into Diablo 2's game to really add to the community feel.

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