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Path Of Exile Synthesis Flashback Event - Release Date, Prizes And More Details Of Poe 3.6 End Of League Event

4/30/2019 10:12:52 AM

in this poe 3.6 flashback event guide, you can find all the details of the new path of exile 3.6 synthesis end-of-league event on ps4, xbox one, pc, covering the poe 3.6 flashback event start date, prizes, end date and more new contents.

path of exile synthesis flashback event - poe 3.6 end of league event

as promised earlier by the developers of grinding gear games, the event dedicated to the imminent end of the path of exile synthesis league will drop into the game soon! and now the details of the new path of exile synthesis end of league event - poe 3.6 flashback event have been announced, covering the confirmed release date, prizes, end date and more new content.

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path of exile 3.6 synthesis flashback event

the path of exile flashback event has been held several times throughout the history of the game and is loved by players! just like in bestiary, when player retention is low, a new flashback league event is rolled out. briefly speaking, the event throws players into a dynamic guacamole of previous leagues and mechanics. each area in the game has three random mods active at a time, and they rotate each hour.

rather than having insane numbers of modifiers in each map, they choose three previous league mods and add them to the map. it will allow the brave heroes who are not afraid to face various difficulties and dangers, take part in the drawings and get a chance to win various cosmetic poe items. within the framework of the event, in each area, besides the synthesis itself, there will be three random mods from previous leagues, with a rotation every hour that will make it difficult for players to live. the event will be held in four modes - standard, one life, standard solo and one life solo.

the mixtures pf the following mods  in each area players could run into:

- 2 additional rogue exiles

- 2 additional invasion bosses

- 1 additional breach

- 2 additional strongboxes

- 3 tormented spirits

- 2 additional perandus chests and a 33% chance to spawn cadiro


- 3 additional rare monster packs with nemesis mods

- 3 additional magic monster packs with bloodlines

- 1 additional abyss

- 2 additional harbingers

path of exile synthesis flashback event start date & end date

the competitive poe synthesis flashback event starts from 9am saturday may 11th (nzt) until 10am tuesday june 4th (nzt), lasts for one month.

9 am on may 11th and ends 10 am on june 4th (nzt)

12am on 11th may to 1am on 4th june (cet)

3 pm on may 10th to 4 pm on june 3rd (pst)

poe 3.6 synthesis flashback event prize

what prize you can receive among the poe synthesis flashback event. for the development of the first character up to level 35 within the event, you will receive the “glimmerwood mystery box” which contains respective effects, auras, pets, wings, cloaks, hideout decorations, and for the best players in each mode, the developers have prepared “demigod's immortality”, normal and with alternative appearance. in addition, we are waiting for a huge number of other cosmetic items that will be played among all the characters who have reached a certain level. here are path of exile 3.6 flashback builds for you.

you can check full list of the path of exile flashback event prize on the picture:

path of exile synthesis flashback event - release date, prizes and more details


-ascendancy class respecs will be disabled for the event

every character you level will be independently in the pool for the prize-draw at the end of the event

if you delete your character, you won’t still get a prize

you can migrate from standard ssf flashback to standard flashback

at the end of the event your characters and items will be migrated to their parent league

poe 3.6 synthesis flashback event prize send time:

mystery boxes will be rewarded automatically when you reach level 35 in the event. 

the other microtransactions and demigod's immortalities will be awarded at the end of the event. 


check out the official post here, also, do not forget that in the period from may 17 to 24 grinding gear games studio promised to announce the new path of exile 3.7 league, you can check the confirmed details of the new league on path of exile 3.7.0 patch release date, synthesis league end date, new event, melee rebalance and more info

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